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A Ring Of Roses
The Great Plague 1655. A small farming village on the outscrits of London faces a harrowing decision as the first signs of the Plague threaten their idyllic life. When the villagers are forced to quarantine their children on a nearby hill to protect them from the terrible disease, the children become a community in their own right whilst the families they leave behind anticipate a reunion that in some cases will never come.
Garden Plot
The gnomes who live in the garden are upset when the new owners decide to tidy things up.
Sieze the Day
About the London newspaper strike.
In World War Two British children were evacuated from the cities into the countryside where it was thought to be safer for them.
The Ivory Forest
The effects of farming on the rain forest.
The Legend of Noble Norris
Norris has one dream - he wants to be a knight in shining armour.
Their Scarves Were Red
About the Hillsborough football disaster.
When Saturday Comes
About Teenage gangs battle it out.

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Darren Vallier

Darren Vallier s-a nascut la data de 1968 in , Marea Britanie.

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