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Boy Called Flag
A boy is on trial for a crime. His parents are on trial for raising this boy. 'Boy Called Flag' is a stylised performance piece that explores nationalism, fundamentalism and flag waving in an exciting and unusual way.
Eating Ice Cream With Your Eyes Closed
A bus terminal in a country town in the middle of the night. Three men thrown together by circumstance. In one extraordinary night of drinking, talking and fighting, they search for common ground.
In A Mosh Pit No One Can Hear You Scream
Sam and Lexi have been friends since Year 12 and are now in their first year at university. Lexi has asked Sam to help her get elected to the university students' union. But Sam has something troubling him...something about the way the world is using words like 'terrorist' and 'war' and 'boat people'. Lexi hasn't got time to worry about those sort of issues, she's too busy trying to win the approval of her new university friends. She doesn't realise it, but her friendship with Sam is in serious trouble.
Keep Everything You Love
A powerful yet sensitively handled insight into youth suicide and how it impacts on those who are left behind.
Something Like Lost, Something Like Found
What is it that makes us different? The play follows a group of young people brought together through a series of interconnected experiences, forced to deal with personal and family relationships. In doing so, they learn about themselves and each other and come to realise that it can leave you 'something like lost, something like found'.
The Estimator
Martin is an estimator for a removal company, professionally trained to help people with the stressful process of moving house. But no amount of training can prepare him for his latest job… Yonni and her granddaughter Sharday share a clutter-filled home in the suburban outskirts, surrounded by mementoes of their past, until Yonni’s daughter Karen decides it’s time for a change. As Martin desperately tries to assist with their move, comic misunderstandings pile up and connections are revealed that turn his life upside down.

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David Brown

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