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Paul wants to be home in Scotland with his wife and kids on Valentine's Day. Instead he's in a small hotel in Damascus, the oldest inhabited city in the world, trying to sell his textbook on English as a foreign language to a Syrian college. When negotiations with the college's indifferent dean and the beautiful Muna break down before they have really started, Paul thinks he will soon be back in Scotland and his comfort zone. But then a bomb delays his departure, and Paul finds himself getting to know the city and Muna far better than he ever imagined, even if he still remains a stranger to himself.
The play is set in autumn, near an unnamed border, near a railway station in a 'small decaying provincial town in Europe.' The arrival of two foreigners, Sava and Katia, seeking shelter and safety at a deserted station where the trains no longer stop leads to very different responses from the locals. Adele the porter, yearns to travel, while the unemployed workers feel threatened by the new arrivals. Love and violence ensue as the trains rumble by.
Outlying Islands
There’s a beautiful uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland, about to be blighted by a long-term military experiment in germ warfare. There‘s a setting that resonates with a powerful if restrained sense of history; the date is the summer of 1939, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. There are three strongly-etched characters caught in a web of mounting sexual tension; this writer’s plays are often full of a powerful erotic energy. And – in the foreground – there are two British middle-class men, young naturalists recently graduated from Oxford, struggling with different understandings of their place in the world, and in their time. Their names are Robert and John; and they are subtly divided by the same conflict of ideas – between a fierce worship of nature in all its beauty and brutality, and an innate sense that human society requires a sense of morality, decency, restraint – that was about to tear the whole of Europe apart.
The play is a combination of love story; and fascinating intellectual conundrum, addressing issues of personal and national identity with a large dash of humour. There is a man who has lost his memory and thereby takes on a mythical significance, a oily proprietor of a Pyrenean hotel, himself a cultural magpie with hilarious views on the geography of sex, Anna - the epileptic representative from the British consulate in Marseilles, he is a puzzle to solve and a potential lover. This naive, young Welsh-born Essex Girl, who has as great a need to discover her own true self, easily empathises. This is well brought out by director Vicky Featherstone using mirrored body language between the pair.
San Diego
Inspired by playwright David Greig’s first visit to America, it is a surreal, comic and strangely resonant play. With a cast of eleven and a multitude of characters, it offers a weird, wonderful and occasionally nightmarish journey of discovery into the heart of the American dream and our universal longing for a sense of home and community.
The American Pilot
Un pilot American supraviețuiește unui accident de avion prăbușit într-o țară în care este război civil. Este rănit și nu poate să meargă, dar e salvat de un fermier. Soarta lui va fi decisă de liderul rebelilor și carernului susținut de SUA. La un moment dat este adusă o cameră video pentru a filma viitoarea execuție a pilotutlui.
The Architect
Leo Black was a successful young architect in the sixties. An idealist involved in re-imagining the city. Now he has an executive role designing car parks. His family are falling apart – his wife is full of frustration and brittle snobbery, his son wallows in anonymous sexual encounters and idle daydreams, his daughter spends her evenings hitch hiking along the motorway. Now the residents of his once prize winning tower block want his help to see the building knocked down.
Ultimul mesaj al cosmonautului către femeia pe care a iubit-o cândva în fosta Uniune Sovietică (The Cosmonaut's Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Soviet Union)
Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila and Lee
A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde tale that follows the fortunes of two teenagers on the run. Silent Leila is an introverted girl with a passion for celebrity magazines. Stag Lee Macalinden is the deadest of dead-end kids in a dead-end town. They never meant to get mixed up in a murder... but shit happens and now they need a place to hide.

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David Greig

David Greig s-a nascut la data de 1969 in Edinburgh, Scoția-MareaBritanie.

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