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Based on the opera of the same name by Giuseppe Verdi.
As the Crow Flies
About an African-American maid living in a Chinese home in Los Angeles and her double life.
Bang Kok
About two businessmen who share stories of prostitution rings in Thailand climaxing in one of the men confessing to his friend he has contracted AIDS. At one point the story is interrupted by the story of the Thai prostiute who passed on the disease.
In a Los Angeles S&M parlor, a dominatrix and her client are clad head-to-toe in leather costumes that conceal their faces and ethnicities. These elaborate disguises allow them to play out fantasies based on racial stereotypes and sexual mythologies: She pretends to be an African-American woman to his white, liberal man; he transforms into an Asian-American and she into a blond WASP, etc. Exchanging biting social observations with stinging humor, they progress through their power games to expose the arbitrariness of racially minded thinking. All the while, however, they are haunted by an awareness that in spite of their efforts, they may be moving towards the most terrifying reality of all—a true intimacy that transcends the bounds of race.
About an American businessman desperate to launch a new enterprise in China.
Grace și Dale sunt veri și locuiesc în Los Angeles și merg la același colegiu. Dale este american la adoua generație, iar Grace la prima și este încă o păstrătoare a tradițiilor chinezești. Steve, un nou coleg care sosește din China, îi face să aibă sentimente conflictuale referitoare la America, la China, la ei însăși.
Face Value
The main part deals with two Chinese-Americans, a woman and man, who plan to disrupt the opening night of "The Real Manchu" - a gli tzy, offensive, and politically incorrect musical that stars a silly Caucasian actor in yellow-face makeup. The Asian couple paint on white faces and become part of the white majority as they make their way into the theater incognito.
Family Devotions
Ama and Popo, two elderly and devoutly Christian Chinese sisters, escaped with their family from China just before the Communist revolution. Their younger brother, Di-Gou, however, believed in the revolution, and returned to China. The two curmudgeonly sisters now live in Bel Air, California, with their daughters, Joanne and Hannah, and their daughters' prosperous husbands, Wilbur and Robert. The married couples have completely embraced some of the worst aspects of being American, waste and total self-involvement. The whole family eagerly awaits a visit from Di-Gou, whom the sisters have not seen in over thirty years. When he arrives it is clear he is not the man his sisters remember: a religious young man who went out on a tour of China with a Christian evangelist and who had converted the family.
Flower Drum Song
A kind of history of being Asian in America.
Golden Child
In the winter of 1918, progressive Chinese landowner Eng Tieng-Bin's interest in Westernization and Christianity sets off a power struggle among his three wives, which will determine the future of his daughter, Ahn, Tieng-Bin's favorite, his "golden child."
Jade Flowerpots and Bound Feet
It deals with a Caucasian woman passing herself off as a minority for a book sell to a major publishing company.
Kung Fu
About international martial arts star Bruce Lee, and his journey from troubled youth to martial arts legend. Kung Fu follows Lee as he struggles to prove himself as a fighter, a husband, a father, and a man. The play blends dance, Chinese opera, martial arts and drama into a bold theatrical experience.
M. Butterflyv
Piesa a fost inspirată de povestea reală a lui Bernard Bouricot - un diplomat fancez - şi a lui Shi Pei Pu - primadonă a Operei din Pekin - , aceasta fiindu-i iubită timp de 20 de ani şi presupusă mamă a copilului lor. În 1986 acest cuplu excentric a fost acuzat şi condamnat de un tribunal din Franţa pentru spionaj în favoarea Chinei. Într-o memorabilă scenă, lui Bouriscot i-a fost dezăluită adevărata identitate a acestei prmadone: Shi Pei Pu era de fapt un bărbat. Este atât de şocat încât va încerca să se sinucidă.
About two filmmakers who lament the failure of their picture and the nature of merchandising in Hollywood.
Peer Gynt
Henrik Ibsen's classic is revisited with the use of contemporary metaphors and language. We follow Peer Gynt through his entire life, from delinquent youth to wealthy and bitter old man, as he encounters everything from trolls to his greatest love. One constant persists: his tragic determination to remain true to himself.
Rich Relations
About the rich WASP Orr family and the damage within from parent to child, with many religious overtones.
Telling the classic story of a boy washed up on the shores of West Africa, and raised by jungle animals, the musical explores the love story between Jane and Tarzan, and the ways in which his animal upbringing clash with his human instincts.
The Dance and the Railroad
O piesă inspirată de greva muncitorilor chinezi de la căile ferate americane din 1867.
The House of Sleeping Beauties
O adaptare a nuvelei lui Yasunari Kawabata. Kawabata, un bine cunoscut romancier, vizitează un bordel pentru a se documenta asupra motivelor care îi fac pe bărbații mai în vârstă să îl frecveteze. A ăsește o lume total diferită față de ceea ce se aștepta. Bărbații pur și simplu dorm alături de fete frumoase care nu sunt niciodată treze. Aici autorul își va găsi liniștea și inspirația să scrie noul roman, iar în final va muri alături de patroana stabilimentului.
The Sound of a Voice
A tragic story told through the mythic metaphors of Japanese literature. An attempt to explore some of the deepest, and sometimes contradictory, human emotions.
Tibet Through the Red Box
About a boy growing up in Prague into the 1950s.
Trying to Find Chinatown
Lost on his way to Chinatown, Benjamin asks Ronnie for directions. Ronnie, playing his violin on the street for money, is offended that just because he looks like an Asian he automatically knows where Chinatown is. Caucasian looking, Benjamin was adopted by an Asian-American family at birth. He revels in his heritage and is looking for the house where his father was born. Ronnie, on the other hand, throws himself into all things American and finds it hard to sympathize with Benjamin who, when he finds his father's house, is filled with a special elation.
Yellow Face
The lines between truth and fiction blur with hilarious and moving results in David Henry Hwang's unreliable memoir. Asian-American playwright DHH, fresh off his Tony Award win for

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David Henry Hwang

David Henry Hwang s-a nascut la data de 11 august 1957 in Los Angeles, SUA.

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