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All In The Timing
David Ives îşi confruntă spectatorii cu un univers atât de absurd, atât de bizar şi nemaipomenit de amuzant, încât după o perioadă nu ne mai poate mira nimic. Simţul pentru limbaj, ritmul şi sunetul, şi, mai ales, comicul stau în centrul atenţiei. Şi în cazul în care limbile existente nu ar fi suficiente, se va inventa în scurt timp o nouă limbă...
Ancient History
Ruth and Jack, both in their mid-thirties, believe themselves perfectly suited to each other. But when Ruth suddenly mentions marriage, a subtle but ominous change is felt in their relationship. As it happens, Ruth is Jewish, Jack is a lapsed Catholic who scorns religion; she is career oriented and bent on success; he is a poorly paid teacher who is happy to settle for what he has; she fears her stern parents would never accept her marrying a non-Jewish man; he has already been through one failed marriage and is wary of repeating his mistake. And while the mood at first is light-hearted and filled with brightly humorous lines, it is also punctuated by the random ringing of an unseen phone-at which times the protagonists quickly vary the mood and express their secret feelings and recriminations in brief, often caustic, monologues.
Arabian Nights
Utterly normal Norman walks into utterly ordinary Flora's shop looking for a souvenir of his travels and together they find whirlwind romance, spurred on by a wacky translator.
Babel's In Arms
Two blue-collar Mesopotamian construction workers are handed a provocative task: Build the Tower of Babel-or else. How many stones does it take to get to heaven, anyway?
The Blizzard brings Salim and Natasha into the country house of Jenny and Neil on a fateful night when the house's owners must decide whether to put their trust in a pair of strangers
Captive Audience
A cautionary fable tells how Rob and Laura face a menace in their living room: a television that talks back to them and threatens to swallow them whole.
A play that hilariously depicts the endless variations of boy meets girl and the ensuing pick up lines. You meet someone in a cafe. You\'re interested. What next? Two main characters experience an abundance of problems associated with dating.
Degas C'est Moi
A man wakes up one morning and decides to be the French artist Degas. The best place to do that is in New York City where he encounters all that makes great art
Don Juan In Chicago
Don Juan is a handsome, rich, sexually naïve nobleman in sixteenth-century Spain. His servant, Leporello, urges him to find a girlfriend and lead a normal life, but the Don is more interested in finding the meaning of life through books and alchemy. Afraid he won't have time to find it, Don Juan calls up the Devil and cuts a deal that grants him (and Leporello) immortality-as long as Don Juan seduces a different woman every day. Unfortunately, the first woman he seduces is Dona Elvira, his true love. Infuriated by the Don's abandonment, Elvira cuts her own deal with the Devil: She won't die until she sleeps with Don Juan a second time. Four hundred years later, exhausted by endless sex and still pursued by Elvira, Don Juan and Leporello grapple with the sexual mores of contemporary urban America as embodied by Sandy, a woman of wide and wild sexual experience. Don also meets the young and innocent Zoey-who happens to be his daughter by Sandy. With never any time to pursue the meaning of life, Don Juan swears
Dr Fritz
Vaudeville reigns as an American tourist in pain seeks medical help from a wacky souvenir seller named Maria who channels an even wackier German surgeon named Dr. Ringsvwandl. The comedy steps up when the doctor recommends an operation
English Made Simple
A young man and woman meet at a party, and their immediate romantic attraction is translated into comically unromantic grammar lessons as they struggle to free themselves from the banal constrictions of party talk.
Enigma Variations
Zany hijinks as a pair of lookalikes named Bebe W.W. Doppel-gängler solve an identity crisis with the help of Dr. William W. Williams and his nurse Fifi, who may or may not be Aphrodite the Goddess of Love. Or is she a male gym-teacher in a dress?
Foreplay, or, The Art Of The Fugue
Chuck, a young man with a Don Juan reputation, brings his date to play a round of miniature golf and to seduce her. He philosophizes and jokes, slipping in as much sexual innuendo as he can. When they move to the second hole, a slightly older Chuck II appears with another date. His technique more slick, but his date is suspicious of him. Both couples continue their conversations and games, the dialogue comically interwoven. Finally a third Chuck, now in his late thirties, arrives with a young date. He is somewhat rumpled, tired and things are not going well for him. His latest date doesn't get his jokes and, worse, she is beating him at golf.
Is He Dead?
This is a "new" comedy by Mark Twain. Written in 1898, Is He Dead? remained unpublished until it was rediscovered in 2002 by noted Twain scholar Shelley Fisher Fishkin. "The original master of American humor dishes out a sly critique of the art world with acerbic wit and social commentary well ahead of his time. Is He Dead? is a fast-paced play about a struggling artist who stages his own death to drive up the price of his paintings. As the riotous scheme unfolds, Twain poses daring questions about fame, greed, and the value of art, and pokes his signature mischievous fun at everyone involved."
Ives Six Pack, The
The volume, presents six of Ives’s short plays, “an evening of one-acts in one act,”
Land Of Cockaigne, The
three poignant scenes depict a small family birthday party in a Midwestern yard on a summer day. Each scene presents a different angle on the group, what they say and who they may be. Is this the ideal American family, exactly the opposite, or something in-between?
Lives of the Saints
A tender and gently comic meditation. Two women preparing a funeral breakfast in a church basement muse on life, death, and the meaning of Polish jokes—and along the way achieve a kind of sanctity.
Long Ago And Far Away
a domestic drama of a troubled young wife who finds herself crossing through time-and identities-on a fateful winter evening in an empty apartment
Mere Mortals
eavesdrops on a lunch hour on a girder 50 stories over the street, as three construction workers share increasingly amazing secrets of their past
Moby Dude: Or the Three Minute Whale
a stoned-out surfer of seventeen proves to his teacher that he has in fact read "Moby-Dick" over the summer by summarizing the book in under two minutes. It is only a short piece, but it is very funny.
Mystery At Twicknam Vicarage, The
A body on the carpet, three ridiculous Masterpiece Theatre-style suspects and a bumbling Scotland Yard detective solve philosophical quandaries as they investigate: Who killed Jeremy Thumpington-Fffienes?
New Jerusalem
Focusing on the 1656 interrogation of the noted philosopher Baruch De Spinoza by the Jewish community of Amsterdam for his controversial ideas, New Jerusalem examines the clash between religion and modernity that Jews, Christians and Muslims are still, some 350 years later, struggling to reconcile. - press release
Other Woman
a dark drama of sexual obsession within a marriage, as Thomas's sleepwalking wife, Emma, becomes his mistress without knowing it
Philadelphia, The
part of "All in The Timing"; presents a young man in a restaurant who has fallen into "a Philadelphia," a Twilight-Zone-like state in which he cannot get anything he asks for. His only way out of the dilemma? To ask for the opposite of what he wants
Venus in Fur
An adaptation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's classic erotic novel, the story of an obsessive relationship between a man and his mistress to whom he becomes enslaved. In walks Vanda, very late for her audition and seemingly clueless, but she convinces him to give her a chance. As they perform scenes from Thomas' play, the lines between writer, actor, director and character begin to blur.

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David Ives

David Ives s-a nascut la data de 1950 in , SUA.

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