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Two caged people being experimented on by two others, exploring just how far we will go in our search for knowledge. A challenging, disturbing, and sometimes mildly humorous play, creating an evocative metaphor of our own attitudes towards animals - and to all beings we consider inferior. "Cavies" is the Latin term for "Guinea Pig."
Six overgrown infants romp around the stage 'playing' at being a fireman, a ballerina, a nurse, a rock and roll star, an actress, and a hockey player - all secure in their own individual worlds, memories, and dreams as dictated by "Doc" (a slightly sinister white-coated authority figure). Is this real, or have we been watching a session of regression therapy (with a wild twist at the end)? A fast paced ensemble piece, dealing with the sham and shame of growing up, the child inside, and the manner in which we all submit ourselves to authority and obedience.
Scenes From The Subjective Reality
Scenes From The Subjective Reality is the third part of a series of Vancouver Fringe Festival hits produced by Point Blank Players (Visions of Prostitutes, 1989 and Nuclear Family, 1990). Partially developed with input from sex trade workers, and street people - Scenes From The Subjective Reality is an amalgamation of sensual, sexual, and vulnerable moments as gritty, stylized reality.
Two Beers for Three People
A strange collection of seven people, (including an argumentative and obnoxious audience member) explores ALL the possibilities in this absurdist ensemble play - including the merits and relevancy of "sex, violence, and nudity" within popular entertainment.
Visions of Prostitutes
Based on the frightening reality of street prostitution, and the terrifying vulnerability of the women working the streets, the play follows a disturbed man named Bill who cruises prostitutes not for sexual release, but for something more sinister - they are an easy prey to vent his inner rage against women. Visions of Prostitutes is based on the real-life unsolved murders in Vancouver of over 50 women since 1983.

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David L. Young

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