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All Men Are Whores: An Inquiry
"All Men are Whores" by David Mamet, portrays a haunting image of sexuality and violence in America. Three characters, two men and a woman, sit upon the stage and talk, relating their unsettling experiences and feelings of sexual rejection, violence and death.
Almost Done
a young mother to be reflects on the stories she will pass down to her child.
American Buffalo
In a Chicago junk shop three small-time crooks plot to rob a man of his coin collection which came to light when the collector found a valuable 'buffalo nickel' in the shop. The three plotters fancy themselves as businessmen pursuing the genuine concerns of free enterprise. In reality, they are Donny, the stupid junk shop owner; Bobby, a spaced-out young junkie Donny has befriended; and Teacher, a violent, paranoid braggart. But their plans come to naught and are futile, vulgar verbal exercises.
Blue Hour, The: City Sketches
Bobby Gould In Hell
The play shows Bobby Gould who is subjected to questions from a devilish personage referred to simply as "The Interrogator." The Interrogator has had to interrupt a fishing trip in order to question Gould and he is consequently displeased. Through the course of the play, Gould confronts whether or not he is a "bad man."
Bone China
This play couldn’t have lasted seven minutes, so it is one of those short sketches which Mamet used to create in abundance. Like those, “Bone China” has been so honed and refined, and is so concentrated, that seven minutes is a whole play in miniature, as if all the irrelevancies have been stripped away.
Boston Marriage
Anna and Claire are two bantering, scheming "women of fashion" who have long lived together on the fringes of upper-class society. Anna has just become the mistress of a wealthy man, from whom she has received an enormous emerald and an income to match. Claire, meanwhile, is infatuated with a respectable young lady and wants to enlist the jealous Anna's help for an assignation. As the two women exchange barbs and take turns taunting Anna's hapless Scottish parlor maid, Claire's young inamorata suddenly appears, setting off a crisis that puts both the valuable emerald and the women's futures at risk. To this wickedly funny comedy, Mamet brings his trademark tart dialogue and impeccable plotting, spiced with Wildean wit.
A new police chief arriving in a small New England town is plunged into the midst of its cozy secrets and uncovers the truth behind his predecessor's mysterious fatal hunting accident.
But So What
Cherry Orchard, The
the story of mortgage with the grounds of the proud house being sold to pay off debts
Columbus Avenue
Conversations With The Spirit World
Included in Dramatic Sketches and Monologues - a collection of short dramatic pieces by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, which are exceptional scene and monologue pieces as well as entertaining reading.
Cross Patch
Cryptogram The
A young boy, John, comes downstairs to tell about his upcoming trip with his dad to the family friend, Dell. Mother, Donnie, is in the kitchen making tea. Soon the three are discussing the excitement of the trip, why John can't sleep, and why Donnie's husband and John's father, Robert, is not yet home from work. Consenting to try to sleep, and on his way upstairs, John finds a note on the steps for Donnie: Robert is leaving her. Over the next month Donnie finds solace with her old friend Dell, as they try to comfort John, who becomes ill with fever. Still not sleeping, John consistently interrupts with his fears of not sleeping, and with questions about life and death. While John comes in and out of the living room, Donnie quizzes Dell about discrepancies she's noticed lately. Dell avoids her probes, but Donnie asks about her husband's Air Force knife now in Dell's possession. Saying Robert gave it to him on a camping trip, and finding out Donnie knows there was no trip, Dell finally admits to allowing his apartment to be used by Robert for an affair, with the knife being a payoff. Thinking Donnie will forgive him, Dell is jolted when she throws him out of her house. John still can't sleep, and worries more about death as he is now visited by voices. Realizing Donnie's thrown him out of her life, Dell tries once more to set things right. He visits and begins to convey his life and decisions he's had to make, and how he's relied on the relationship they have all had over the years. Donnie goes further into a state of panic and anxiety. She has been betrayed by all the men in her life and she's not willing to forgive Dell. John all the while keeps interrupting and telling his mother about the voices he hears and how he still can't sleep. He needs the blanket already packed; he needs her help to rid himself of the voices. So angry and annoyed, Donnie allows John to carry the Air Force knife, open, upstairs to cut the string on the box which holds the blanket. As John pleads for help to rid himself of the voices, he goes upstairs, knife in hand, as the lights fade.
Dark Pony
Disappearance Of The Jews, The
In Dodge city there was a man named Keystone. How he got his name and how he died is now passed on to the next generation, though the story has changed.
Dog, The
Included in Dramatic Sketches and Monologues - a collection of short dramatic pieces by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, which are exceptional scene and monologue pieces as well as entertaining reading.
Duck Variations
Meandering, speculative talk from two old men philosophising on the twentieth century in fourteen "variations".
A successful business man leaves his family on the advice of a fortune teller, he is mugged, robbed and imprisoned for murder then sodomised by his black cell mate, but ends by kissing him goodnight.
A modern retelling of the classic tale of pride, folly and the ultimate wager. 'I covet fame - Yes, I would have fame. For my works, and fame surpassing them, till Faustus's renown shines free of accomplishment.'. Faustus has it all - fame, success, a loving family. But a careless wager with a beguiling magician threatens everything. In Mamet's retelling of the Faustus story a famed philosopher in the prime of life claims to have reduced the secret of life to a mathematical equation. With the arrival of a mysterious magician, he agrees to wager the life of his family on the accuracy and authenticity of his discovery. This timeless retelling of a classic legend explores one man's discovery of life's most important and fragile treasures. In language, scope and theatrical sensibility, Faustus represents a big departure for Mamet, melding resplendent language and metaphysics in an eerie and moving retelling of the tragedy of Doctor Faustus.
Film Crew
two friends try to remember the story of the fish who traded wishes for the immortal soul.
Five Unrelated Pieces
for the immortal soul.
Four A.M.
Frog Prince, The
the classic tale of an arrogant prince serving time as an amphibian
Glengarry Glen Ross
Cut-throat real estate salesmen compete for the money of unwary customers.
Goldberg Street
a series of brief plays and sketches that deal with relationships between men and women, the past, communication and mortality
Hat, The
House Of Games
Margaret Ford is a psychiatrist. She has published a book which has made her financially well off. One day, she's in a session with Billy, a compulsive gambler who informs her that his life is in danger. He owes $25,000 to a criminal figure and if he doesn't pay, he will be killed. Margaret visits a pool hall and bar and confronts the man Billy owes, Mike. After a brief conversation, Margaret sizes Mike up as a tough talker, but not a violent gangster. Mike reveals that Billy's debt is only eight hundred dollars and agrees to forgive the debt if Margaret accompanies him to a high-stakes poker game as his girlfriend, using her to help spot the tell of another gambler.
In Old Vermont
In The Mall
Interview, An
A sleazy lawyer forced to defend himself and his profession upon interrogation.
Jade Mountain, The
It's a dense, angular piece in which a middle-aged man remembers incidents from both Vietnam and his childhood. He responds to, or ignores, the promptings of another man, presumably a psychiatrist.
Joke Code, The
Looking for "wisdom," 2 friends find their paths lead them to "sadness."
Joseph Dintenfass
An older man and younger women meet and reflect on the small and constant things in life that loom large.
Keep Your Pantheon
A series of scenes which may no, probably, take place in the industry town of.
L.A.. Sketches
Eight men working a merchant ship on the Great Lakes, conversations shift and change as the men slowly come together in their concerns
An evocation of the relationship between two Actors, an older and a younger man, seen in sequence of dialogues, both onstage and backstage
Life In The Theatre, A
A man and a woman relive the times when the joy in each of their lives died away.
Life With No Joy In It, A
Nineteenth century melodrama about an English explorer living with Red Indians despite blandishments of disgraced expedition leader who returns to find him.
Lone Canoe; Or, The Explorer
The lost explorer and the found explorer gradually reverse the lost and found roles during the course of the play.
Luftmensch, The
Maple Sugaring
Concerning the persecution of the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition
the speaker runs a gamut of thoughts leading up to the condemnation of self and questions over the perception of God
Monologue February 1990
In MONOLOGUE (FEBRUARY 1990), the speaker runs a gamut of thoughts leading up to the condemnation of self and questions over the perception of God.
Morris And Joe
Included in Dramatic Sketches and Monologues - a collection of short dramatic pieces by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, which are exceptional scene and monologue pieces as well as entertaining reading.
Mr Happiness
Museum Of Science And Industry Story
one friend tries to explain to the other why he stopped a flight from taking off, claiming he left his baby behind.
No One Will Be Immune
David Mamet's new Oval Office satire depicts one day in the life of a beleaguered American commander-in-chief. It's November in a Presidential election year, and incumbent Charles Smith's chances for reelection are looking grim. Approval ratings are down, his money's running out, and nuclear war might be imminent. Though his staff has thrown in the towel and his wife has begun to prepare for her post-White House life, Chuck isn't ready to give up just yet. Amidst the biggest fight of his political career, the President has to find time to pardon a couple of turkeys - saving them from the slaughter before Thanksgiving - and this simple PR event inspires Smith to risk it all in attempt to win back public support. With Mamet's characteristic no-holds-barred style, November is a scathingly hilarious take on the state of America today and the lengths to which people will go to win.
The play centers on President Charles Smith (Lane) several days before his second election. Metcalf played Clarice Bernstein, Smith's speechwriter, and Baker played Archer Brown, Smith's advisor. Phillips portrayed The Turkey Representative, and Nichols portrays Indian Chief Dwight Grackle.
Oh Hell
when Bobby returns to the old neighbourhood, the people and places of his past cast shadows over the present
Old Neighborhood, The
Mamet's book is a searing fictionalized account of the lynch-mob murder of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory owner in Georgia. In 1914 Frank was wrongfully accused of the rape and murder of a white Southern girl. He was tried, convicted, and lynched by a mob. David Mamet reconstructs the inner consciousness of this doomed figure, and in the process, powerfully challenges the assimilated American Jews of today by dramatizing the disastrous consequences of Frank's attachment to secular society.
Old Religion, The
A college student, Carol, drops by her professor's office in an effort to gain his help to do better in class. John, the professor, in the midst of buying a house to celebrate his nomination for tenure, at first seems distant. As the first meeting progresses the two discuss the nature of understanding and judgment in society, as well as their very own natures and places in our society. It seems as if a bond has been made. When next they meet we find that a report has been filed to the tenure committee. Carol has joined a "group" and has decided that John sexually harassed her during their first meeting. Their second meeting dissects the first; every word, every nuance of the first meeting has been twisted into something else. Or has it? John's unsuccessful attempts to convince Carol to retract her accusation escalate to a more dangerous level. The third meeting, one the court officers warned against, climaxes violently leaving John and Carol both physically and emotionally devastated.
Oleanna Text disponibil online
supune atentiei complexitatea relatiei dintre un profesor universitar si studenta acestuia. Plecat din pozitie de forta, de autoritate, profesorul sfarseste ruinat profesional si personal dupa o confruntare cu tanara de 20 de ani al carei examen ratat o aduce in biroul sau.
Imagine meeting the perfect mermaid: the body of a fish and the head of a fish. Was she real?
Perfect Mermaid, A
Pint's A Pound The World Around
Included in Dramatic Sketches and Monologues - a collection of short dramatic pieces by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, which are exceptional scene and monologue pieces as well as entertaining reading.
Poet And The Rent, The
Power Outrage
was originally a radio drama. They are written to be performed on a bare stage, using only a chair or two, and without props or special costuming."
Prairie du Chien
Prologue: American Twilight
Red River
A 25 year old lonely woman meets her long unvisited ex-alcoholic father, an extraordinary sense of pain and loss fills their reconciliation
Revenge Of The Space Pandas, The; Or, Binky Rudich And The Two-Speed Clock
Romance is an uproarious courtroom farce which lampoons the American judicial system and exposes the hypocrisy surrounding personal prejudices and political correctness. Wildly humorous and often gob-smackingly outrageous, the play is set in a modern-day courtroom in New York during a week when there are Middle East peace talks being brokered in town. The court case at hand is unrelated, but the defendant and counsel come up with a plan to solve the conflict in the region. A pill-popping judge, a defendant and lawyer (on the same side) who hate each other, and a prosecutor with a troubled personal life are part of the picture.
The main action of the play occurs in a courtroom presided over by a judge whose allergy medications make him, in the first act, so drowsy he repeatedly falls asleep, and in the second act so manic he eventually ends up stripping in the middle of the court. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has to deal with his flamboyant and often difficult-to-control boyfriend Bernard. The gentile defense attorney is swapping racial slurs with his Jewish client, who suddenly comes up with a brilliant idea to solve all the problems in the Middle East. The question is, can he cut through all the courtroom drama in time to make the plan work?
Sanctity Of Marriage, The
When relating the story of how an acquaintance was killed by her husband, the speaker ponders her fate had she accepted a date long ago with the same man
Scene, A,: Australia
Sermon, A
Nine weeks in the life and loves of Bernard Litko and his protege, Danny Shapiro; Deborah Soloman, Dan's new inamorata; and Jane Weber, Deborah's roommate. "The human organism perceives the passage of time because of its limited understanding of the essential immortality of the germ plasm. We are restricted in our understanding because we pro-duce bisexually and the individual organism is not complete unto itself. This is why we refer to sexual experimentation as making time
Sexual Perversity In Chicago
about a man who sets himself up as a clairvoyant, examines the fine line between faith and deception in a game of wits where the healer's role is clearly only one of showing the client what they want to see.Helen Rose, Time Out
Shawl, The
The play concerns two men, John and Charles, who plan on defrauding Miss A out of her inheritance.
Spanish Prisoner, The
Savage indictment of the business and personal politics surrounding America's film industry.
. The action takes place in New Orleans in the "dirty" 1 930s, in a run-down brothel, where the girls are a bit too brassy and the house madam, on the wrong side of forty, has a much too young "loverboy."
Part screwball comedy, part showbiz satire, State and Main is the story of a big-budget film production that wreaks moral havoc in a quaint New England town, sowing a bumper crop of corruption, vanity and greed
State and Main
Havoc is wrought on the inhabitants of a small New England town by a troubled film production. After the leading man's penchant for teenage girls gets them banished from their New Hampshire location, a film crew relocates to the small town of Waterford, Vermont, to finish shooting "The Old Mill." The film's leading lady refuses to do her contracted nude scene unless she's paid an additional $800,000, while a foreign cinematographer offends the locals by messing with a historic firehouse. Meanwhile, the leading man, Bob Barrenger, dallies with Carla, a crafty local teen. Everything comes to a head after Barrenger and Carla are injured in a car accident, which leads White to another emotional quandary and into the arms of local bookseller Annie Black. Meanwhile a powerful movie producer comes to town to help Price with the ensuing mess.
Steve Mcqueen
Two men try to understand their place among the planets when a woman friend enters having accidentally cut her hand with a carving knife. Will she be all right, and did she bleed on the ham?
Sunday Afternoon
Three Sisters, The
Two Conversations
By ridiculing someone else's story, 2 friends dissect life, death, God, baseball and aliens.
Two Enthusiasts
Two Scenes
story of an uncle in love with a young lady who is married to an old and ill man, she is attracted to the doctor who attends her husband
Uncle Vanya
Vermont Sketches
a portrait of a wealthy family coming apart when it is revealed that the aging father has amassed the family fortune by secretly embezzling money from his clients. As his son tries to put things in order, he discovers that the family is more than willing to perpetuate this way of doing business rather than sacrifice their comfort and luxury.nytheatre.com
Voysey Inheritance, The
Edward's highly principled world upturns when he discovers the family business he is inheriting has been defrauding its clients for years because his father has been illegally speculating with their money. To compound matters, he quickly discovers his large, scandal-fearing family knew of the crime but allowed it to continue rather than face the shame of public disclosure.
Waitress In Yellowstone
The story of the title service worker who, on the eve of her trip to the national park to celebrate her son's 10th birthday, discovers a Congressman stealing her tips and reports him to the police.
Wasted Weekend
Betrayed to 'big business' the inventor of an engine which will run on water is tortured and killed, but his plans have been passed on to a small child.
Water Engine, The
The play is set in 1934. Its central character, Charles Lang, is a young amateur inventor, who designs an engine that runs on water. He plans to patent it, make a fortune, and live happily ever after with his sister Rita Lang, but his dream begins to unravel when he finds himself up against two hoodlum-like attorneys, Morton Gross and Lawrence Oberman.
We Will Take You There
Danny and Mike, partners in an unusual “taxi service to the wilds," offer themselves as guides to the most remote areas of the world.
Where Were You When It Went Down?
A city couple escape for isolated romance in a log cabin, she wants commitment, he has less in mind. Argument and violence erupt leading to a fairy tale ending.
Codrii (Woods, The)
The play involves a young couple's weekend at a lakeside cabin. It takes place at Nick's family summerhouse, specifically on the porch.

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