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A Rose By Any Other Name
An anniversary dinner celebration spoiled by petty jealousy and redeemed by a bug up the nose.
Blurred Lines
Three women detained on probation for their part in an attempted payroll robbery are sentenced to three months community service. We meet them during, before and after the event that results in their detention. Their individual lifestyles and whatever they have been wishing and hoping for, is now determined in a particular moment. It presents the dilemma of a simple choice. What is right or wrong and the blurred lines often created by the seduction of cash in the hand
Dinner with Nigel
Arthur and Martha were known as a bon-vivant couple in their heyday. Now in their mid term years the good times are memories and they argue the details of what they recall. Arthur has recently been laid off work. Martha cajoles and persuades him to get off his butt and working. Stranded in this dreary relationship while trying to negotiate a moment of happiness, something has to be done to save their marriage. Hello to Nigel. The answer to their prayers ?. A robot servant (homebot) designed by The Hakiki Corp (Japan) to make life so much easier that one could ever imagine – at a price.
It was designed to be a perfect evening. A couple celebrating their anniversary at a restaurant for the upwardly mobile. Harry determined to be on his best behavior is asking for trouble walking into a place outside of his comfort zone. That he might have been able to handle but what happens when an alpha male meets a bug as resilient as he is and puts up one helluva fight before dinner is served?...
The Appointment of a Scapegoat
Immediately following the death of parents in a tragic car accident, two sisters Julia (the elder) and Charity (adopted) are reunited after 6 years estranged. The shadows of an old house and estate with family roots dating back to the Celts and their customs feature prominently in this story.
The Daemon Fridge
There are reports of the prototype of this ultra modern fridge having gone rogue in Pittsburgh. On exiting an all night doughnut shop four drunken teenagers were seen stepping into a large fridge unit standing at a nearby gas station. They have seemingly vaporized and not been seen since then. With a number of consumer models of this futuristic appliance already on the market, there is much cause for concern and speculation has gone viral.
The Forever Girl
Everyman JOE POPE has won the lottery for a lifetime supply of the HAHA Pill. Developed by HAHA Chemicals*. Their pill is claimed as a scientific breakthrough to extend life and reverse aging for the human race but has yet to establish any proven track record except in middle-aged mice. But with a little bit of luck JOE POPE could live for a thousand years. If the marketing plans of The Corporate Wringer run by Damien Allen don’t kill him first. Having become a valuable property to be educated, branded, toured and promoted we follow Joe as he steps into on journey of a lifetime and accompany him on his visits to the various offices of the powers that be.
The Frozen Honeymoon
The moment has arrived and Miriam Fitzmiller is about to defrost her husband 50 years after a near fatal accident. Having had his life suspended and stored in a cryonic container she is about to revive him in the hope that the interrupted consummation of their marriage can at last be fulfilled.
The Games That Angels Play
Geoff and Marion are victims of a car crash and have no idea where they are... The State of Limbo exists somewhere between Heaven and Here. It's kind of a waiting room for those who didn't quite make it upstairs but don't want to end up in you know where....
The Mosquitoes
Two gay men engaged in conversation. It takes place on a bench at the seaside in a chosen spot they have visited for the past eight years. This familiar location acts as a confessional and safe place to air and explore their relationship with friends and the world at large, and is occasionally interrupted by a mosquito or two...
Two Tickets to Kathmandu
A comedy that asks the question: What do we do with a truth as big as 'an elephant in the room' that we clearly recognize but agree not to talk about? The plot involves the developing and shifting relationship between a young man and an older woman. This relationship involves her dead husband who remains very much alive in her imagination and takes the form of a dead parrot. The outbursts of Mr Gluck, the dead parrot mostly take the form of Shakespearean style insults and can only be heard by (1) The Audience and (2) Mrs Gluck.

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