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Adam Geist
O poveste de iubire dintre doi tineri bărbați ne conduce spre realitatea neînfrumusețată a vieții, despre fragilitatea ființei umane, despre umilință și dezumanizare. Mesajul este că nu trebuie să lăsăm ca întâmplări pline de sadism, drogurile, moartea să ne ocupe viețile, ci dragostea.
Barbă albastră, speranţa femeilor
Camera Olgai
Piaţa Roosvelt (Das Leben auf der Praca Roosevelt)
Praça Roosevelt is a square in the heart of Sao Paulo: offices, brothels, bars, a bingo-hall, a tailor who does alterations ... The jobless Raimundo, known as Mundo, simply sat down on this square and stayed there. He is almost completely covered by a black plastic bag and sometimes he smokes a cigarette. The life-stories of individual characters criss-cross, mostly by chance and often only fleetingly, on this plaza and around Mundo who is a good listener. Here there gets under way the story of the policeman who doesn't involve himself in dirty business but one evening sees his son selling drugs. Here Concha, a secretary with cancer, meets her best girl-friend, Aurora, a transvestite. Here Concha's boss, a weapons manufacturer who has dismissed all his employees, falls in love with bingo. We also meet a man wearing a suit and carrying a case and a mobile phone, Maria and her double, a man with elephantiasis, Susana a supernaturally beautiful transvestite, a woman with bones ... Dea Loher's play describes life in a big city where everyone is lonely and yet all keep an eye on one another. But when a husband and wife see something like a black swan on the plaza, the fateful end of a father's search for his son announces itself". (Thalia Theater Hamburg)
Das letzte Feuer
On the day when Rabe, the stranger, moves into the recently developed urban neighbourhood, an accident takes place in which a child dies. Rabe is the only witness. But there is something not quite right about him, and the more the people around him try to get close to him and track down his secret, the more fragmented and precarious their own circumstances seem to become. (Thalia Theater, Hamburg)
Der dritte Sektor
Anna is a dressmaker, Martha a cook. Both are old. So too is Meier Ludwig, the chauffeur (according to the stage directions represented by his dog). Only Xana, the foreign cleaning lady, does not seem to have been around when the house was built, and it has to be asked where this pale and silent woman belongs. They are all servants - without a mistress since she does not make an appearance. And they wait. Wait and remember, wound one another, and through the words which pour out of them they create a life of their own for a few moments. They are simultaneously tragic and comical in their pitiless rituals of memory and malice. All that has remained of their life is a bent backbone, a sick soul, and the prison of their own story. A deformed existence which when viewed from a distance can often only be laughed at. (Verlag der Autoren)
Hoți (Diebe)
Finn, an insurance broker, opens his eyes and knows he will never walk again. His sister Linda has seen a wolf and hopes her spa hotel, which is threatened with bankruptcy, will soon be located in the middle of a nature protection area. Erwin, the father of the two, would like just once to have a normal conversation, about the weather or the stars. Monika, a supermarket assistant, has been promised a promotion by her boss. Maybe to manage a branch in Holland. Her husband, Thomas, a policeman, would go with her. Mr and Mrs Schmidt feel they are being observed. By an animal? The pregnant Mira does not want to have her baby. Josef, the father, is really keen on the idea. Gabi and Rainer are looking for a flat or at least going through the motions. Ira, an elderly lady, misses her husband. Did he just want to go for a walk? (Deutsches Theater, Berlin)
Legaturile Klarei Text disponibil online
Klara îşi caută un job sau vrea să împrumute o sumă de la soţul surorii ei (Gottfried). Ea se aruncă cu capul înainte într-un joc de relaţii a căror logică o pierde, ale cărui limite i se par de nesurmontat într-un final. Un medic care însă nu dorește să își strice familia. dorește ca amantă la fel ca și cumnatul ei care plănuiește să fugă undeva în insule cu ea și cu banii băncii. Amantul oficial al Klarei e însă Thomas, un colecţionar de obiecte vechi, însă Thomas e şi gerontofil sau, mă rog, e mai comod aşa: are o amantă secretă septuagenară şi bisexuală care va deveni amanta soţiei lui Gottfried.
Inocență (Unschuld)
A European city by the sea. Elisio and Fadoul are illegal black immigrants. They saw a woman end up in the sea and didn't help her. One of them can't sleep any longer; the other finds a bag full of money. Absolute is a young blind woman who dances naked in the "Blue Planet" for men who can see her. Mrs Has-Enough seeks forgivenness for crimes she did not commit. Franz has found a life-fulfilling task: he works for an undertaker, looking after the dead. His wife Rosa would like to have a child from him. Rosa's mother, Mrs Sugar, is diabetic and abdicates responsibility to Rosa and Franz, moving in with them. Ella, an ageing philosopher, has burned her books and now believes in nothing but the world's unreliability. (Thalia Theater Hamburg)

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