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Audition For Life
An all women team use a cartoon approach to look at the worries/myths/laughs we all know and secretly share about our body image.
Bitter Sweet
Katherine loves both boys, who are quite different. Max is kind and dependable while Aiden is more the dare devil and exciting to be with. A very physical play about 3 friends - Katherine, Aiden & Max - growing up together. The play moves from the present back in time to when they were at Kindy, Primary School, amd then at the end of their high schooling. They explore their relationship and look back on the stages they went through.
A satirical look at why the 'pigs' left home and the impostion of boundaries when events affect us. Music, dance, mime and puppets could be added.
Crossed Words
A slightly surreal play that looks at the misuse of words to give offence. An opportunity to play parts non-naturalistically.
Dance To Your Own Tune
Life is full of patterns even though we reject them. A journey for young women through the mine traps of growing up until they become the mirror image of their mothers.
Deliciously Different: Is This How Wars Start Or Are Avoided?
A short, sharp open play for ten or more students in which the players choose their own lines (and costumes, and actions) and act out how group psychology works, who is in and who is out, and how humans as either school students or as nations make war - or peace.
Don't Talk Soft
Three young people discuss relationships.
Double Standards/Double Stranded
We know young people have sex, educate them about sex and still label girls as sluts.
Fall Off The Ceiling
A group of young people in a detention centre jockey for position and form new alliances to gain personal strength.
Family Secrets
Facing up to a family secret of incest is not easy and the collective guilt of the community is there as well when they find out the reason why a young woman is disturbed.
Five Finger Discount
Is shop-lifting a socially accepted epidemic that we are silly to worry about? Everyone does it so they say - for the buzz - so what about getting caught?
Greener Than Grass
A girl and her friends have a school project to learn the importance of re-cycling.
He Hou Toku Moemoea/This Is My New Dream
Pregnancy - not a new thing among the young - but here we have the added dimension of a Maori girl and a Pakeha boy who find they do not share the same values after all.
I Will If I Want
Three women want to go to the formal and the lack of a partner feels formidable.
It's All A Show - Life!
Nine students are studying clowning for a semester and tomorrow is audition day. They explore their feelings utilizing their clowning and face up to who they really are. Has the clowning helped them in this? Are we all clowns at some stages of our lives?
It's In Your Own Hands
A play about suicide from the point of view of those who have. They are being joined by some who are trying.
Life's Laughter
Love's Mazes
There are no straight rules for the game of love no matter what the magazines say. A group of young women harass a boy in their neighbourhood as they practise the art of getting a boyfriend.
A drunken aftermath of a party when defences are down and deep affection is portrayed between the group of young men and women. For one it is too much, the Mirage is just that.
More Than Wearing A Bone Carving
Understanding another culture or another person takes more than just wearing a bone carving. Acceptance often comes hard when people are faced with realities that affect them.
Myth Makers
Looking at the myth Information fed to us by the business world about smoking. A send up on advertising.
Out of Reach
Based on the beginning of Juliet’s odessey of love; from the point of view of the girl Romeo has left her for. Jo and her friend’s reactions and thoughts explore loyalty, friendship, courtship, cheating and the downside of love.
Party! Party!! Party!!!
Four girls plan for yet another Saturday might. Reality and dreams never quite match up but they are ever hopeful. Excitement turns to uncertainty, promises made are forgotten, friendships are tested and good sense flies away.
Poorman Orange
An improvisational play for a large cast which allows the cast and director to explore and put their own ideas into the text. The simple remembrance of the use of 'Poormans Oranges' opens up a very mixed reaction from all involved directly and indirectly. Cast of 25 can be made up of women or men.
Rites Of Passage
The gang starts to grow up at different paces and stumble on to have moments of triumph on the way. Strong character parts for a larger group of players assisted by a chorus.
Scratching the Surface
Three young women meet up to try on their costumes for Karaoke – they have been friends since Kindy days. From an initial excitement they ride a rollercoaster of discovery about facing the truth, ending up with a deeper understanding and bonding.
Shifting Sands
A year out from school and five girl friends spend a day at the beach together and find their positions have changed in that year.
Spirals Of The Mind
A composite play exploring the issue of anorexia in a surrealist manner. Some chorus roles can be played by males.
String of Dreams
A high-school class of teenagers explore how much they pretend around each other, and how much they avoid being open about having dreams.
Stuff Images
Plenty of room for improvisation and comedy in this exploration of image vs reality and high school politics.
Test Blues
Society insists on testing us academically and socially all the time instead of looking at us as a whole.
That's Hardly Fair
This play takes an irreverent poke at some of the foibles of both men and women in our changing society. A comic send up.
The Boy With Glitter In His Eyes
We often cannot see the truth because of the glitter in our eyes which masks reality, especially in the field of love. Letting go and holding on to friendships contradict one another and emotions become raw.
To Drive Sadness From The Mind
Pip and Melissa share the wonder of a 'new' sister.
Too Many Frogs or Not Enough Princes
A group of girls live life through their Barbie dolls and find it is not all smooth sailing when they outgrow the dolls and face life as young women.

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