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Love and Money
"The play focuses on the debt-laden misery of a married couple, David and Jess. When we first meet David, however, he's conducting a romance by email. Jess is already dead and David's new French lover, Sandrine, wants to know about his wife's demise. Sandrine prises the information from David in a kind of electronic interrogation. But once the disturbing information is imparted, the emails and the romance abruptly stop. The confessional mode is further developed when we join two bereaved parents who horrifyingly and graphically admit to the desecration of the neighbouring memorial where their daughter is buried because it's become too ornate, overshadowing their daughter's gravestone. Other scenes focus on Jess and her consumerist aspirations, and a strangely humorous conversation between a sex-obsessed man, and a girl who puts wallpaper paste in the office coffee machine, and sends out invoices with male genitalia photocopied on the reverse. " - The London Theatre
Orfani (Orphans)
he play centres around a woman named Helen. She is married to a man named Danny and they have a child together who is 7 year old Shane and are expecting another. Helen had a tough upbringing after she became an orphan due to a fire which consequently led her to be taken into care along with her brother. One night when she is home with her husband she is interrupted by her brother Liam. He too has had an awful past and was brought up in care. He is grateful to have his sister as the one stability in his life. He interupts his sister and brother in law when he arrives unexpectedly with his clothes covered in blood stating it's from a young man hurt on a street nearby. However after intense questioning about the event Liam's sequence of events begin to change leaving accusations as to whether he has had more involvement then they were first led to believe.
Osama the Hero
The play is about a naive young boy who believes everyone is tolerant and mature enough to understand that people have different opinions. However when he shares his views at school he realises that not everyone shares the same outlook as him. Conseqeuently Gary then gets bombarded with violence from young 'thugs' for being different and becomes victim to numerous arson attacks which he is blamed for.
Uciderea ritualică a lui Matromas (The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas)
Mastromas devine un om de afaceri de succes, se căsătorește cu Louisa și scrie o carte despre o ficțională copilărie abuzată. Fratele său mai mare este indignat că a întinat memoria tatălui lor și amenință că va dezvăui totul presei. Mastromas îl ucide pe Gel, este părăsit de Louisa, iar în detenție este vizitat de Pete, nepotul său neștiut, provenind de la un fiu nelegitim al său...

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Dennis Kelly

Dennis Kelly s-a nascut la data de 1970 in Londra, Marea Britanie.

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