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In The Lobster Capital of the World
A young man returns to his New Brunswick home with his gay lover in tow.
Rubber Dolly
Two sisters from Newfoundland battle poverty in Toronto's East End. Marie maintains a level of stability while Fern plunges into a world of crime and tragedy.
The Cave Painter
Dianne is a printmaker who derives her imagery from pre-history-Neanderthal teeth, the Jericho skulls, old bones. Too many people close to her have passed away, and her only son has rebelled by embracing a life of religious fundamentalism. The Cave Painter is a one-woman show about a ribald, feminist Job; a funny, moving play about being an artist, dealing with loss and the intersection of art, grief and faith.
The Wedding Script
An English rock singer needs to marry in order to avoid deportation, but his girlfriend isn't interested. His housemate decides to help him out while his transsexual landlady oversees the ensuing complications.
The Woodcutter
A scruffy, exhausted man is lost in the woods at nightfall with only a few sentimental objects in his pockets. Alone in a clearing he unloads his thoughts to the surrounding wilderness, ranting and raging, unraveling a story of a troubled past and of the family he adores, eventually coming to terms with the impossible truth of what he's done.
While We're Young
A young soldier goes to Afghanistan, another to Passchendaele. A family splits in two when a Protestant falls in love with a Catholic; one hundred and twenty years later, it could happen all over again for a whole new set of reasons. In this poignant play, six generations of young men and women move into adulthood filled with emotional and dramatic surprises.

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Don Hannah

Don Hannah s-a nascut la data de in Shediac, Canada.

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