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Blonde Tulips
A series of scenes are repeated and dramatically deconstructed in this harrowing look at twenty-five years in the life of a mother and daughter. The play moves across time, starting in the present, moving to the past and finally into the future, as mother and daughters struggle for power in a household caught in the grip of secrets about the daughter's rape by her father.
Full Frontal Diva
Tour de force role in which a man, preparing to attend a funeral, transforms into complete drag as he describes, in a witty, sarcastic style, his relationship to the deceased. Surprises, clever dialogue and a poignant confessional. Partial nudity.
Good-bye and Keep Cold
Two sisters uncover lies and truths about their family after the death of their mother.
Playing with Angels
A man and a woman confront sins from years ago. She looks for absolution. He prefers the familiarity of hell.
The Cancer Club
Four patients, with little else in common beyond their diagnoses, meet each week to vent their frustrations with cancer and AIDS, the medical establishment and with each other.

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Donn Short

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