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4-Speed Blenders
Mack the Hacker and Skulldust (aka Vic and Jerry) are the heavy metal band Secular! They eat bile and blood and chicken heads, and go rank and lose themselves fully. Mad's audition rocked, but she's a chick, and there's no chicks in metal. But they can't play in the local band comp without someone on bass. So they take her on. They blitz the band comp. But Vic's a weak singer lost in drum roll heaven, Jerry's power chords turn into tantrums, and Mad won't play the Babe or pretend to be a Hag from hell. And they take themselves so seriously! If they don't find a groove, become a unit, they won't win the big play-off.
Aurora's Lament
Aurora, a young migrant from the Philippines, fell in love with Luke, another cash-in-hand cleaner. She moved in with him, and his mother, Joan. But one morning, Luke was gone, and Joan badgered her into a trip to the south coast. Rented a caravan. Left Aurora stranded and confused.
Caylee's Ukulele
s a busy ten year old, Caylee’s life is full of changes and challenges. But each morning between cartoons and breakfast Nana Mackey composes a new song that will prepare Caylee to face her Next Big Thing. Nana Mackey, a retired musicologist, lives in the loft inside the head of her beloved granddaughter, until one day, she just goes missing. Without her daily dose of confidence-boosting music, and with her loft invaded by an uptight professor, a kidnapped penguin, and a washed-up pop star, Caylee becomes confused and angry and deeply sad. On a family camping trip, when Caylee refuses to come out of the tent, Nana Mackey appears as a black bird and encourages Caylee to make her own music. Taking over where Nana Mackey left off, Caylee uses her creative instincts to face her Next Big Thing... accepting the fact that her Nana has passed away.
Circus Caravan
Marichka, a one-time famous high-wire walker, and Geordie, a clown and jack of all trades, have circus in their blood. Too full of life to retire, they co-opt the young Adele, almost against her will, and drive north to catch up with the circus. On the way, Adele is trained to join the act and witnesses the suspicion, prejudice and scapegoating that can occur when itinerant people bring their colourful caravan into town. The play ends with the first-night performance by Marichka, Geordie and Adele, who together now make up the Blustering Benetino Family.
Underwater, off the coast of Broome, an English deep sea diver suffers acutely from the bends. As he ascends slowly to the surface, in his fraying mind he wrestles with a Chinese Sea Dragon and reconsiders the myths that fuelled a failed push to rid the pearling grounds of "Asiatic" divers. It is 1913 and the White Australia Policy is tightening its grip.
Highest Mountain, Fastest River
The play is based on stories gathered together from the Hmong community in Hobart, and links these stories in a non-naturalistic way. The stories are told chronologically, beginning with village life in Laos. Their life is severely disrupted when in 1975 the communists took over the government with the intention of eradicating the Hmong people. The Hmong people flee their burning village, survive in the jungle, fight for their life and encounter massacres of their people. They cross the Mekong River to live in the limbo of a refugee camp in Thailand, before eventually settling in Hobart to begin a new life.
Quest is a mythic story evoked by troubadours. Set loosely in medieval times, a village watches its men go off to war. A magician, seeing a chance to take control of the village, manipulates the Overlord into cursing a newly born baby, the last baby likely to be born for many years to come. During the year that follows, the villagers sink into despair as they wait for the baby's impending death. When the baby disappears, most people believe that she is dead. However, the visions of one of their children coincide with the visions of a mysterious visitor, implying that the baby is alive. Six people undertake a quest, encountering mountains and monsters, forests and dragons, rivers and spells, monks, nuns and hermits. Quest is about overcoming despair by following hope. The characters discover the child and rectify the dark past of their village. They also discover that it is the quest, not its goal, that is the reason for living.
After their cruel owner tries to kill them, the Brighton Bulldogs flee their home and seek the help of the Hursey Heelers. The Heelers are fearful of this strange breed and confused by their different customs, but they agree to let them stay in the back shed. When a rumour starts that the Bulldogs have brought fleas, the Heelers take preventative action and scrub the Bulldogs clean. The humiliated Bulldogs retaliate, and the 'dogs of racism' are unleashed, until everyone becomes the very thing they fear.
Tales From the Arabian Nights
The King has beheaded his Queen. The desperate outsiders she hid in his kingdom have been locked up, and he has vowed to execute them, one by one, each dawn. But, disguised as the next outsider due to die, Shahrazad tells stories to the King. Strange and amazing stories about merchants and fishermen, Ali Baba and bandits, kings and professors, calligraphers and demons. The King ponders her stories of greed and foul play until, finally, his fury is subdued. Thanks to Shahrazad, he relinquishes his vow. The outsiders are released and anyone who seeks help in the King's land is now welcome.
The Daphne Massacre
About changing your body in order to fit in. Isabella is about to undergo the pre-marital extraction of all her teeth. Her Mother Figures, the Nurse, and a toothless bride-to-be called Daphne, nearly convince her of the economic and spiritual benefits of this age old custom. However, the Dentist's lusty Cook changes her mind by exposing her to a world of appetite and abundance. The central metaphor of this theatrical and non-naturalistic play is deliberately Absurd, and poses comparisons with extreme dieting and cosmetic surgery.
The Greatest Show on Earth
Tom Mack's Captivating Carnival is broke. They aren't drawing the punters like they used to, and Peter the accountant wants them to ditch the past and switch to things like virtual boxing, merchandising and ripping off the Wiggles. Secretly, Peter has lined up a buyer who wants to take over Australia's ageing carnivals and turn them into roadtrains full of things to flog. But Tom and his rodeo clowns, trick riders and feisty beauties in flying machines have got passion, a burning purpose, and a very different plan.
The Rood Screen
Theodora is a dyke with a yearning for the sacred. Her life with Celeste is abundant, bliss-ridden, made it heaven - but how can she find a home for her spiritual instincts when religions condemn the very love of her life? With her heart on her sleeve and her soul on the line, Theodora sets out to reconcile her two sources of joy. She'll push aside the popes, fundamentalists and born-again virgins to get to the core of this - are homosexuals really breaking the laws of the cosmos? Or is transcendence not about sex at all?
The Uninvited Voice
A dead white settler faces the truth about a massacre of blacks.
Tidal Voices
A band of travellers have become united by previous losses, and they try to help themselves by helping others. They arrive at a town devastated by flood. Despite initial resistance, everyone helps overcome another flash flood. In their loss each group has helped each other towards recovery.

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