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Best Interests
A mutual attraction to a waiter helps mother and son come to terms with their relationships and each other.
Black And White
Two puzzles argue over which of them should be solved.
Cake Top This
Rhonda and Juliette agree they want to get married, but didn't realize they had different reasons for doing so.
Cockeyed Today
Maureen Stanton is the editor of a soap opera magazine, and her workplace is an appropriate backdrop for her life, which has been one of accidental happenstance. When Maureen finally decides to make life happen, she does the wrong thing, which ultimately may be the best choice.
Face Time
Two old friends find catching up in person is a recap.
Flowers In the Desert
After 14 years of marriage, Britt and Joe called it quits, so Joe is surprised when two years later, Britt asks him to try again. Cheater Joe still loves his ex and their triplet boys, but Britt has an agenda: Her cancer is back, and she wants a stable home for her children, as well as a Father who will raise them properly once shes gone.
Gift Horse
A con man helps a woman buy a gift for her estranged son, and the two form an unlikely alliance.
Greater Good
Robbie is headed back to Afghanistan, and his girlfriend Jennifer pulls out all the stops to get him to stay-or does she?
Hard Cell
An atheist convict on death row has his final showdown with the prison chaplain.
Last Call
A brief portrait of three people at the end of the evening, when melancholy, life's wisdom, and self-knowledge intersect.
Life Lines
When a mother discovers her late son's journal, she fights her conscience over her right to read it.
Lost At Sea
As a family prepares for a war hero homecoming, they explore their feelings about loss with help from an unexpected source.
In 1986, Nancy everett is a sheltered high school girl and if her best friend, Brett, is gay - - well, she'd rather not know about it. When Brett disappears, Nancy swallows her guilt at being unable to stand up for him in the face of her controlling Father and the school bullies. In 2011, Nancy is married to the controlling Kirk and the mother of an infant and a teenage son, Rex, who takes his cues from his Father and bullies not only his mother, but Todd, a gay classmate. When Todd commits suicide, Nancy is tormented by her culpability, which compels her to face her fears.
Single mom Josephine has three children from different dads; identical and infertile twin Marjorie is pretty sure she's ready to be childless--until Jo offers to be her egg donor surrogate.
Slice of Life
Beginning with teens and ending with octogenarians, these eight plays present contemporary scenarios for each decade of life.
A wannabe art collector learns a lesson about the value of art from a savvy historian.
Stage Whispers
Grandma finds packing to move to a patio home fraught with memories and pragmatism.
The Couple Next Door
When suburbanites Sadie and Vance try to remedy their marriage by hooking up with the swinging-savvy Janet and Rich, all four find that nothing - even chocolate - is as simple as it seems. This sexy, adult comedy asks: Can marriage survive a night with the Couple Next Door? and will there be awkwardness at the mailbox the morning after?
The Pee Test
Darla takes Matt's rideshare with an agenda but to carry it out, she must pass Matt's strange test.
Two Puzzles Walk Into A Bar
Two puzzles vie for the attentions of the hot pencil at the end of the bar.
Write This Way
A writer allows characters to take the lead and, in doing so, not only breaks through writer's block but learns a thing or two.
You Haven't Changed A Bit
Len Hopes that Lottie will show up at their 70th renuion so he can finally have a date with her.

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Donna Hoke

Donna Hoke s-a nascut la data de 1964 in , SUA.

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