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Carnegie Hill
Six real estate saleswomen under pressure to succeed on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
Ireland, 1987 - Two young American women decide, against one's better judgement, to hitchhike through the West Country. they are picked up for a very wild ride by a man who may, or may not, be a member of the IRA.
Femmes Fractale
A series of comic monologues, and scenes between the characters that link the monologues together, culminating in a final scene.
Hanging by a Thread
Sketches and monologues, all challenging the validity of cultural and religious stereotypes.
Panic and Persuasion
A young man entertains the object of his affection - picnicking in a corporate bomb shelter.
Peter Pan Gets It
Two young sisters lay in wait for the return of Peter Pan - to get their revenge.
The Actor's Fans
Two fans of a famous actor struggle for domination.
The Softer Stone
After a messy divorce and during a lull in her theatrical costuming career, Martha needs a temp job to pay the bills. Rupert needs a temp - and, it seems, a costumer; in addition to being a high-powered hedge-fund manager, Rupert is also a closeted cross-dresser. Rupert's wife is not best pleased about his obsession with dressing "en femme" and though Martha is a bit more open, she gets a bit more than she bargained for when she begins exploring a relationship with a "gender-flexible" older man.
Vehicles - an Evening of One Act Comedies
An evening of five short plays, all taking place in the front seat of a vehicle.

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