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400 Kilometres
The third play in Taylor's hilarious and heart-wrenching identity-politics trilogy. Janice Wirth, an urban professional who has discovered her rooms as the Ojibway orphan Grace Wabung, is pregnant and much come to grips with the question of her true identity.
A very liberal contemporary couple - Angel, an urban Native science fiction writer and Colleen, a "non-practising" jewish intellectual who teaches Native literature - are having a dinner party. The guests at this little soiree are couples that represent what by now have become the cliched extremes of both societes - Angel's former radical Native activist buddies and Colleen's environmentally concerned vegetarian/veterinarian friends. The menu is, of course, short-hand for the irreconcilable cultural differences about to come to a head: moose roast and vegetarian lasagna.
Bootlegger Blues
Martha, a 58-year-old church-going woman who finds herself in possession of 143 cases of beer she must bootleg to raise money for the church. She also has to contend with the romantic activities of her two children.
Dead White Writer on the Floor
A funny yet thought-provoking play about identity politics in which Pocahontas, Tonto and other First Nations characters rewrite their stereotyped roles.
Education is Our Right
Examines the repercussions of a government policy limiting the amount of money available for Native students to go to post-secondary educational facilities. The Spirits of Education Past, Present and Future attempt to show the Minister of Indian Affairs the error of his ways.
Girl who Loved her Horses
Lures us deep into the imagination of shy little Danielle, a girl no one seems to know except for the magical horse she draws on the "Everything Wall". Through art, dance, and the efforts of an unlikely trio who try to adopt her, Danielle's imagination is unleashed for the briefest of moments.
God and the Indian
While panhandling outside of a coffee shop, Johnnym a Cree woman, is shocked to run into Groege King, who was a priest at the Indian residential school that she was sent to as a child. Desperate to hear him acknowledge the injustices endured by children at the school, she follows him to his office to confront him.
In a World Created by a Drunken God
In the middle of packing up his Toronto apartment in order to move back to the reserve where he was born, Jason Pierce, a half-Native half-white man, is visited by a stranger, Harry Dieter. Dieter claims to be his brother, the legitimate and acknowledged son of the white American man who fathered and then abandoned Jason. Dieter also has a specific motivation for finding Jason: their father is dying from kidney failure and they want to know if Jason is a possible match.
Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth
Janice Wirth, a Native woman adopted and raised in the city, must come to grips with the death of her birth mother when her blood sister shows up at her condo with her boyfriend and her brother.
Anne Wabung's daughter was taken away by children's aid workers when the girl was only a toddler. It is Christmas time 35 years later, and Anne's yearning to see her now-grown daughter is stronger than ever. When the family is finally reunited, however, the dreams of neither women are fulfilled.
Sucker Falls
An aboriginal musical influenced by the work of Brecht and Weill. A family sets up a casino on a Native reserve and three men arrive to sample its pleasures, with disastrous results.
The Baby Blues
Noble, an aging fancy dancer, finds himself at a pow wow where the sins of his youth catch up with him and force him to re-evaluate his life.
The Berlin Blues
Concluding Taylor's "Blues Quartet", German developers here show up on the Otter Lake Reserve proposing "OjibwayWorld", a Native theme park designed to attract European tourists to this destination resort.
The Boy in the Treehouse
Deals with the dilemma of being from mixed parentage, specifically native and non-native. When one of those parents dies, the world truly becomes a confusing place for poor Simon.
The Buz'Gem Blues
The Buz'Gem Blues is the third installment in Drew Hayden Taylor's Blues Quartet plays, which offer up a zany, often farcical examination of both Native and non-Native stereotypes.
Toronto at Dreamer's Rock
A teenage boy's magical encounters with two members of his tribe - one from four hundred years in the past and one from a hundred years in the future - make him aware of how little he has thought about what it means to be an Indian.

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Drew Hayden Taylor

Drew Hayden Taylor s-a nascut la data de 1 iulie 1962 in Curve Lake -Ontario, Canada.

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