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April, 1984. Winston Smith, thinks a thought, starts a diary, and falls in love. But Big Brother is watching him, and the door to Room 101 can swing open in the blink of an eye. Its ideas have become our ideas, and Orwells fiction is often said to be our reality. The definitive book of the 20th century is re-examined in a radical new adaptation exploring why Orwells vision of the future is as relevant as ever. Adapted from novel by George Orwell
Climate change is a matter of importance to everyone, but what to do about it is mired in controversy. What’s needed is a conversation. What do we owe future generations? How can we protect our children and grandchildren?
An alarm clock goes off and a girl wakes in the middle of the night. there is a boy in her room, he is covered in dirt. He tells her that her parents are missing but not to panic. . . What is security? Afunny and revealing look at the story of "Girl", and what happens when her security and what she believes in begins to crumble.
Come to Where I am From
A theatrical tapestry of the UK, woven by writers asking if home is really where the heart is.
Don Juan comes back from the War
Don Juan’s back from the War and he’s got some catching up to do. Berlin is crumbling, but after years of abstinence, the Don is ready for more of the debauchery that once made his name. Amidst political and economic upheaval, Don Juan finds himself increasingly at odds with the man he used to be. Is this notorious lothario about to experience a sudden change of heart? Ödön von Horváth’s startling tale of displacement and isolation in the aftermath of the Great War is presented in a bold new adaptation.
Every Brilliant Thing
A play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love.
Respirații (Lungs)
I could fly to New York and back every day for seven years and still not leave a carbon footprint as big as if I have a child. Ten thousand tonnes of CO2. That's the weight of the eiffel Tower. I'd be giving birth to the eiffel Tower.' In a time of global anxiety, terrorism, erratic weather and political unrest, a young couple want a child but are running out of time. If they over think it, they'll never do it. But if they rush, it could be a disaster. They want to have a child for the right reasons. except, what exactly are the right reasons? And what will be the first to destruct - the planet or the relationship?
Mistakes Have Been Made
One man show about a shady, smooth talking Manager whose rambling party speech told the story of an ailing company struggling with corruption throughout its ranks. Filled with office anecdotes of desk sabotage and mockery of other offices, the audience played the part of his employees, raising glasses and allowing him to interact, creating a far more solid office party experience. It ended with real sabotage as audience members bundled him into a back room for a beating:
England: a country frightened of its young, a country of ASBOs, hoodies and happy slapping. How has our youth got so out of control? In a classroom somewhere a teacher, Tom, is alone with Darryl, an excluded boy, in an effort to teach him where all else has failed.
People, Places and Things
About surviving the modern world. Emma was having the time of her life. Now she’s in rehab. Her first step is to admit that she has a problem. But the problem isn’t with Emma, it’s with everything else. She needs to tell the truth. But she’s smart enough to know that there’s no such thing. When intoxication feels like the only way to survive the modern world, how can she ever sober up?
Lewis is falling through the air. Sonny is running away. Dinah can't move. This small town is changing fast.
The Forbidden Zone
About women, science and war in the first half of the 20th century. At the heart of the play is a young woman, Claire Haber, a scientist and refugee from Nazi Germany, who is embarking upon adulthood in the aftermath of the Second World War in a world dominated by weapons of mass destruction. She is a chemist, the daughter and granddaughter of chemists, one of whom was awarded the Nobel Prize. Claire is trying to find antidotes for chemical weapons but when her efforts are thwarted by political decisions, her thoughts become increasingly drawn back to the First World War of 1914-18, when poison gas was deployed for the first time, and to her grandparents, Fritz Haber and Clara Immerwahr, who held deeply opposing views on this issue. How did these weapons come to be used? What was the cost? What more could have been done to prevent their use? The more Claire thinks about what must have happened between her grandparents, the more urgent and fundamental are the moral questions she is forced to ask and the more difficult her own choices become. She becomes convinced that war must be stopped at any cost. But what can she do? What reasonable course of action can any human being undertake in a world that seems hell-bent on war?
The Most Humane Way To Kill A Lobster
It's 2005, the sun is shining and Loretta is planning to make her daughter's favourite meal. But when Sophie stops talking to her, children start vanishing, and rooms begin to cry, Loretta can't help feeling that something is up and that she might have something to do with it. a play about one woman's journey back to her childhood, to stop her past flooding into the present.

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