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Blue Vein
Zac is an addictive personality who gets trapped in a spin cycle with cheese.
Stress release tips for the emotionally disturbed. With chorus work; characters may be played by any gender.
Conversation Pieces
Conversations involving Dave and his friends and family centred around theatre, Christmas and the Rugby World Cup.
With funny and intense revelations this popular script taps directly into the relationship concerns of contemporary young adults everywhere.
Saving Grace
Gerald and Grace meet in the Social Welfare department office and form a dangerous bond. Gerald says he is the son of God - should Grace believe?
A monologue with additional non speaking role (one of three that makes up Blue Vein & Other Twisted Tales) in which Tracy she reveals herself to be very special and in most surprising ways through a stream of consciousness.
A monologue in which a twelve year old boy examines his life so far and his relationship with family and friends.

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Duncan Sarkies

Duncan Sarkies s-a nascut la data de 21 iulie 1970 in , Noua Zeelandă.

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