Piese de Eduardo De Filippo

Bartholomew, senior landowner dying, is cared for by his sister Caroline, in a country house. Alberto comes to visit, an old childhood friend, but Bartholomew does not want to see this sign. In his delirium, however, asks to see Aunt Matilda, who died long ago. Carolina convinces Albert to pass themselves off as her aunt. Bartholomew then asked to see a policeman, a soldier of color and finally a notary. Albertosi lends itself to all these disguises, but when it is in the role of the notary, Bartolomeo him a parcel of letters and confesses his secret: he was the lover of the wife of Bartholomew and is the father of her child.
Bene mio e core mio
Chiarina mature sister of Lorenzo Savastano, a restorer of works of art, threatens suicide if her brother is getting married, because of fears of being marginalized. Lorenzo, in front of his sister selfishness, accepts an offer to work in America. During his absence, the greengrocer Filuccio Chiarina seduces and gets her pregnant. When Lorenzo returns, Filuccio, decided to marry Chiarina, asks the warehouse and the house which is located upstairs, under the pretext of settling the old stepmother Virginia. But Lorenzo discovers that Virginia is beautiful and rich and Filuccio would forfeit his possessions, taking advantage of the religiosity of Virginia, convinced her to be in touch with his late father, and that he was opposed to these other wedding. Lorenzo takes revenge: he married Virginia, intestandole the house and the warehouse.
Chi è cchiu' felice 'e me!
Vincent, a small landowner, avoid anything that might disturb its tranquility and is believed to be the happiest man in the world. But the misfortunes arrive just in the home: the young Richard, after a creditor injured in a fight, he took refuge in his house forcing Vincent, under the threat of the gun, to deny the presence of the police. Two months have passed and Richard, now settled its lawsuit, continues to attend the house of corteggiarne Vincenzo and his wife Margaret, fueling gossip. Friends try to warn Vincenzo and just when they are going to prove the fidelity of his wife, Margaret throws herself into the arms of Richard.
De Pretore
Vincenzo De Pretore este un tânăr hoţ de buzunare. Tocmai când se îndrăgosteşte de Ninuccia, o fată săracă şi inocentă, este arestat şi condamnat la 2 ani de închisoare. Când iese din închisoare, ea îl roagă să-şi aleagă un sfânt ocrotitor pentru a-l ajuta să revină pe cale cea dreaptă și el îl alege pe Sfântul Iosif. Din nefericire, el este omorât de un funcţionar pe care încearcă să-l jefuiască și, ajuns în cer, cere insistent să-l vadă pe Sfântul Iosif dar, acesta afirmă că nu-l cunoaşte. În acest moment, De Pretore îi aduce aminte de mulţimea de candele cu untdelemn şi de lumânările pe care le-a depus la statuia acestuia pe care tot el o renovase, cu bani de furat cei drept.
Ditegli sempre di sì
Michael, apparently cured of madness, has just been released from the mental hospital and returns home to his sister Teresa, the only one to know the truth. The woman, in her absence, he rented a room to a young actor, Louis Road. Michele, whose madness is hidden behind an apparent normality, combines a series of trouble, because it literally everything that is being said. In the second act the scene moves to the house of his friend Vincent, in dispute with his brother, with whom, he says, will make peace only after his death. Thus, during lunch for the birthday of Vincenzo, already cheered by a poem in which he performs cemetery Louis Road, comes a funeral wreath sent by his brother. Also Michael with a knife chasing the young Louis in an attempt to operate on him, because he believes crazy. But Teresa reveals that the real crazy is Michael, who returns to the asylum.
Divorţ în stil italian
Text adaptat după Filumena Marturano. Fostă prostituată, Filumena are 48 de ani și 3 copii: Umberto, Michele și Riccardo. Trăiește de 25 de ani cu Domenico Soriano care ar vrea să se căsătorească cu tânăra dădacă Diana. Anulează căsătoria cu Filumena, dar aceasta îi spune că unul din copii e al său. Nereușind să afle care dine ei este acela, după 10 luni se recăsătorește cu Filumena și va fi tată pentru toți trei.
Dolore sotto chiave
Rocco Capasso, an engineer in Sardinia, back suddenly at his sister Lucy, who for eleven months he deals with his wife Elena, dying, and prevents him from seeing her, because the excitement could kill her. Rocco, exasperated by the prolonged agony, enters violently into Elena's room and to my surprise he discovers it empty. Lucia tells him that the woman had died long before, but, not to cause him pain, he hid the truth. Rocco is furious, because for some time loves a woman about to give him a son, but this, tired of waiting, is now determined to leave with another man. Meanwhile, the neighbors come to bring their condolences, but Rocco has been stolen grief and bereavement.
È arrivato 'o trentuno
The setting is in a very poor house, New Year's Eve. While the family is having dinner Sardella, is the boyfriend of Mary Magdalene in the house, the daughter of the landlord, which brings with it what gift to present a radio. The radio announces the start of the show at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples, attended by the comedians of the Trio I De Filippo, and it is because of what the home of Sardella becomes theatrical stage on which consumes the singing performance of four artists.
Farmacia di turno
The pharmacist tells his friend Xavier Teodoro of the escape of his wife with another man, and that he had accepted philosophically. Teodoro buy, then, arsenic to kill rats, but forget the powder on the bench. La Carmela takes unintentionally, maid's wife Xavier, came to buy aspirin for the sick mistress. Xavier, though innocent, was arrested and charged with femicide.
The modest employee Gaetano Piscopo is concerned about the fate of his two daughters, Margaret and Mary, unmarried. In his house festival is held, which also involves two suitors of the girls. Cheerful kids but with some physical defects: Arturo is blind and Vincenzino terribly short-sighted. But love triumphs, is the one, and the other, ask and get the girls hand
Filumena Marturano
Fostă prostituată, Filumena are 48 de ani și 3 copii: Umberto, Michele și Riccardo. Trăiește de 25 de ani cu Domenico Soriano care ar vrea să se căsătorească cu tânăra dădacă Diana. Anulează căsătoria cu Filumena, dar aceasta îi spune că unul din copii e al său. Nereușind să afle care dine ei este acela, după 10 luni se recăsătorește cu Filumena și va fi tată pentru toți trei.
On the terrace of a building dialogue Gennareniello and the young schoolteacher Anna. Gennareniello Concetta is married and lives with her son Tommasino, slow and full of tics, and the spinster sister and painter. He is dedicated to useless inventions and allows Matthew, drawing-master, not to pay for the room rented in exchange for technical projects of his inventions. Driven by his friends, Gennareniello woos Anna, but is surprised by Concetta: when an argument between the two, after which Gennareniello leaves the marital home. His friends dissuade him and at the same time laugh at him, and the "acchittano" by dandy. The wife defends their dignity offended and riaccoglie at home.
Gli esami non finiscono mai
William Hope presents the representation of his life. To indicate the passage of time, it will serve three fake beards. The action begins at graduation. Boyfriend with Gigliola, undergoes the examination of future in-laws that claim from him a prestigious career. He married, has two children, but her life is always dependent people, who observes and judges. In fact, when falls in love with young Bonaria, clashes with the chorus of self-righteous, led by Furio La Spina and his best friend, who has a secret affair with his wife. William continues to age alone. To find peace, locks herself in the house in silence, pretending to be sick. The family members assist him, hoping in the liberating death. When it is time, not even for the funeral of its provisions are met. William followed his funeral crossing the stage as an actor who greets the audience in the theater of false pleasantries with relatives and friends.
Il cilindro
Two pairs of poor, under threat of eviction, they resort to a trick: Rita, the wife of the younger couple, pretends to be a prostitute in the house and attracts customers. After the prepayment, shows the bed, which, however, is occupied by her husband just died, causing the flight of customers. Antonio, the last customer conned back to get back his money and find the "dead" Rudolph, who has just got out of bed. As always, when the trick fails, intervenes Augustine, the other appears, the former custodian of the theater, wearing a cylinder and is able to send him away with the authority that comes him. Then Rita luring Attilio, an elderly widower who discovered the trick, offering half a million, to lie with Rita. But at the height drowsy. The four make him believe that everything happened according to his wishes. Attilio believes the staging and pay. But Rita, tired of that life, decides to join him in hopes of a better life.
Contractul (Il contratto)
Geronta Sebezio lives in rural areas, and farmers consider it a miracle worker. Here comes the sergeant, accompanied by a journalist, who warned by anonymous letters, performs investigations. Geronta says that fame comes to him from when he "resurrected" from apparent death, his servant Isidoro. Since then, many have turned to him to resurrect relatives and his studio is filled with expressions of gratitude. Geronta attributes his power to the "chain of love" that should surround the dead, by his family. In fact, to its beneficiaries is to sign a contract that commits them to love their relatives and to treat them with justice at the time of the will. It is then called by the family Trocina, which declared dead the head of the family, signing a contract, they are ready to fight for the inheritance. Geronta, falsely selfless, he manages to get them to agree, pocketing the money. Also want to give a large sum to the poorest of the family who, struck by luck, it is believed to be miraculously cured Geronta and demonstrating a "new life" given to him by miracle worker.
Il figlio di Pulcinella
In a Pizzeria Renato meet the young and the old and rich Nicola, suitors Mimmina, daughter of Baron Vofa-Vofa. It seems that the girl is persuaded to marry Nicola for interest. Meanwhile, the old Pulcinella, alone and shabby been expecting death, sitting on the balcony of his master, the Baron Vofa-Vofa and interacts with a lizard, Catarinella. The Baron remembers him simply to help to gather support in the election campaign; also other candidates are trying to use it for the same purpose. Nicola dies and Mimmina runs from Renato, with whom, we learn from a letter then, lives with little, but happily. Meanwhile, the son returns from America secret, John, born during the war and sold to an American. He also has the mask as his father, but with a gesture of rebellion, he decides to take it off. The old father dies now clear, as it is born the new Pulcinella, no more servile and submissive.
Monumentul (Il monumento)
Ascanio Pen is a former marshal, loyal to the monarchy. For twenty years, lives with his wife Sabina, a monument in ruins, from which refuses to quit because they do not accept the changing times. Sabina you keep doing the prostitute and selling loaves of bread and wine. The monument is frequented by marginalized, and in the evening turns into a hangout of the equivocal. Arturo, a drifter, try to take advantage of Sabina, but she defends herself threatened with a gun. The man takes his revenge by calling the Brigadier and accelerating practices for eviction. In fact, the eviction arrives and the monument is to be demolished to make way for the headquarters of a company. Ascanio refuses to leave and is allowed to die.
Il sindaco del rione Sanità
The "mayor" of the district Health is Barracano Antonio, who, with the help of his doctor, Fabio Della Ragione, which, however, intend to shirk collaboration, uses his charisma to administer justice according to their personal criteria, in the outside the state and above the parties. The targets Rafiluccio Santaniello, who confesses to wanting to kill his father Arturo, since these kicked him out of the house and forced starvation, along with girlfriend Rita pregnant a few months. Arturo Antonio convenes but the man does not accept that is interrupted by a stranger in his work. The mayor went personally by Arturo reduce it to more merciful, but these, scared, wounded him to death. Antonio prepares the crime is concealed and his death declared "natural causes" in order to avoid retaliation, and, at a dinner in which they participate and benefited murderers, takes leave to go to die. Fabio Della Ragione decides to continue the mission of Antonio, but to expose the truth, according to his conscience.
Io, l'erede
Amedeo Selciano is reunited with his family, always involved in charity work and talks about the recent funeral of Prospero Ribera, who thirty-seven years had been a guest in the house, thanks to the generosity of the old Selciano. It presents the son of Prospero, Ludovico, and requires that the place of his father, in his opinion rendered unproductive by the blatant magnanimity of the family. The logic of his speech, and threats, convince Selciano to welcome Louis and, like his father, will suffer the ridicule of the family, and he will, in turn, the clandestine love of one of the women.
L'abito nuovo
In Naples, where the modest employee Crispucci Michele lives with her daughter Assuntina, comes the ex-wife with his circus. The young Concettino confided to a friend that you want to give up the marriage with Assuntina, because the girl's mother twenty years earlier had abandoned the family and was enriched allowing himself to wealthy lovers. But while Concettino Crispucci and discuss the reason for the waiver, comes the news of the death of the woman, trampled by his horses. Crispucci decides to give the inheritance of women, to preserve the good name of his daughter. But the trunks with clothes and jewelry cometh to the house of Michael during his absence and Concettino, convinced by shareholders to marry Assuntina, pushes the girl to run away with him. Michele back, wearing a new outfit, which denounces the compromise now accepted, but when she saw her daughter adorned with jewels of her mother, ready to run away with her boyfriend, sees in her the wife and, struck by grief, dies.
Arta comediei (L'arte della commedia)
Campese, actor-manager of a company of strolling players, goes to De Caro, prefect of a provincial capital just settled, and exposes the problems of the company. The two discuss the crisis in the theater, on the role of the actor, on the repertoires and finally the relationship between fiction and reality, showing profound differences. Campese invites the prefect to his show, hoping that the presence of an authority can entice people to go to the theater; De Caro, however, refuses and dismisses him sharply. But Campese gets hold of a list of persons to be received and a challenge: De Caro will be able to distinguish between the real people and its actors dressed? By the prefect alternate the people who had asked for an audience by presenting their cases and he, again the place, can not figure out if they are real or if they are actors of the company. Not even when it comes Marshal should stop Campese.
La Grande Magia
Otto Marvuglio este un magician ambulant. Într-un număr de magie o face să dispară pe Marta, soţia lui Calogero di Spelta. În realitate, aceasta a fost o stratagemă pentru ca Marta să fugă la Veneţia cu el care îi este iubit. Soţului înşelat îi rămâne fie să accepte adevărul, fie să se iluzioneze că soţia sa a fost victima unui act de magie şi că se va întoarce la el.
La parte di Amleto
Franco is an old actor-manager of the province, now reduced even for the limited talent, to "serve" the company to theater. One evening the first actor threatens to leave the show and the actors Franco young people delude themselves into believing that it will take over the role of Hamlet. Franco at the beginning does not want to believe it, then lets himself be convinced. But the first actor returns and he, all dressed up, discovers the terrible insult.
La paura numero uno
Virginia, exasperated by her husband Matthew Generoso, which made life impossible for the family with his obsession of an impending third world war - justified by the tensions between the great powers - asks for help to his brother Arturo. This creates a fake radio news which announces the outbreak of a war. Matthew, paradoxically reassured by materializing of his phobias, back to being confident. A Luisa, however, future mother-in-law of the daughter of Matthew, the recent news has awakened fears and an archaic sense of ownership, so that the child has walled up in a closet, for fear of losing it. Maternity voracious and terror of the past weigh on the new generation who can not understand them.
La voce del padrone
The play tells of the troubled recording, in a room of etchings, song Adduormete Cu'mme, prevented by a continuous series of unexpected events and occasions of interruption.
Le bugie con le gambe lunghe
Free Crowned lives with his sister Constance in genteel poverty. Graziella loves the young, his neighbor with a past as a prostitute, but hesitates to marry her not to endanger the marriage of Constance with Roberto, mature man and right-thinking. A pair of neighbors, Olga and Benedict, after yet another quarrel, come to ask for advice: Benedict lives, to work, away from Naples and his wife wants to join him, the man's confession that he knocked up a waitress. Benedict departed, Olga trusts instead of wanting to run away with an American officer. The officer leaves Olga pregnant, and this, not being able to attribute the absent husband, deceives Free. Benedict, opportunities to accept the child is not his. At the party for the baptism of the child, Free, seeing the triumph of hypocrisy, Graziella presents as rich heiress, forcing the guests to accept it.
Le voci di dentro
Alberto Saporito complaint, with his brother Charles, the murder of his seedy Aniello missing for a few days, by Cimmaruta, his neighbors. But when the police stormed into the house Cimmaruta without finding any evidence, Alberto slowly realizes that he dreamed it all. The Cimmaruta, acquitted, one by one, confess to Alberto to believe the killing possible, and end up blaming each other, trying to find out what evidence in its possession. Meanwhile, the brother takes advantage of the situation to steal a few things from Alberto. It is also to miss the old uncle Nicholas, who, considering useless talk, communicated with a silent language based on barrels and fireworks. Alberto risk arrest for reticence, while Cimmaruta hatch up a plan to suppress it. Finally Aniello Alberto reappears and only now can vent his anger towards immorality daily, to those who believed possible before attempting the crime to bribe him and then kill him.
Mia famiglia
Alberto and Elena Stigliano live together with their children Beppe and Rosaria, indifferent to one another. Beppe, who refused secure a job on the radio, he escapes with a friend in Paris, hoping for a career in film. Rosaria poses as a reckless girl, while Elena, assiduous player, confesses his debt to her husband who, in turn, has an extramarital affair. Alberto, traumatized by the events, stops talking and walks away from home, Elena, left the game, now has a dressmaking workshop. Alberto leaves his silence only to report to the police the return of his son, suspected of a murder that took place in France. A year later he married and Rosaria Beppe, found innocent, he worked on the radio. Only after clarifying a dialogue with her daughter, Alberto feels close to family, and from the warm greeting that caters to his wife, seems to want to go home.
Minciuna are picioare lungi
Poveste despre trădări în iubire, în căsătorie. Trădătorii sunt trădați la rândul lor și trec prin situații comice care ascund de fapt adevărate drame sufletești.
Napoli Milionaria!
Gennaro Jovine, poor inhabitant of a "low" of Naples, during the war, helplessly the black bag that his wife Amalia and children are to survive, and, during an inspection of the police, is forced to pretend to be dead not to discover the goods . Gennaro was taken prisoner and Amalia maintains a friendship, not only for business, with the young Errico Settebellizze, while his daughter Maria Rosaria becomes pregnant with an American soldier, and the child becomes a car thief. Gennaro suddenly returns from captivity, while all the dead at his home celebrating the birthday of Errico. In the euphoria general nobody wants to hear his story. Gennaro leaves the room and goes to watch Rituccia, the youngest child, seriously ill. To provide the right medicine will be the accountant Spasiano, which Amalia, with the black bag, took away all that is good, "has to pass' a Nutt" to overcome the crisis of Rituccia, the family of Naples.
Natale in casa Cupiello
Luke Cupiello, like every Christmas, preparing the crib, between the disinterest of his wife Concetta and her son Tommasino, who despite the repeats that he does not like the crib. Then there are the constant bickering between the brother Pasqualino and Tommasino, both with the tic of the theft. Ninuccia, the other daughter, she decided to leave her husband for her lover Vittorio Nicolino, and to write a farewell letter; Concetta, in desperation, manages to have it delivered. The letter, however, happen in the hands of Luke, oblivious to everything, delivery in-law, who thus learned of the betrayal of his wife. During lunch on Christmas Eve, the two rivals, they found themselves faced by the carelessness of Luke, collide violently. Nicolino abandons Ninuccia and Luke, which had become suddenly aware of the situation, he falls into a state of unconsciousness. In the final delirium, Vittorio Luca exchanges for Nicolino and unintentionally ago reconcile the two lovers, and Tommasino finally say that the crib like.
Non ti pago
Ferdinand Quagliolo, manager of a bank lot passionate about the game, but eternal loser, house hunting in a bad way Bertolini, one of his employees, paid a visit to his loving daughter Stella and instead is always a winner. But the young man announces that it has even won a set of four in a dream, gave him precisely the deceased father of Ferdinand. Ferdinand steals the ticket because, in his view, his father simply wrong person: Bertolini in fact, lives in the former apartment of Quagliolo. After disquisitions with the pastor and furious quarrels with his family, accompanied by a gunshot, Quagliolo sells the ticket, but a curse in front of the portrait of the deceased whenever Bertolini will attempt to collect the win, they get it a disgrace. After a series of accidents, Bertolini decides to abandon the ticket. Satisfied, Ferdinand "withdraw" the curse and let Bertolini married Stella. The payout remains in the family.
Ochelarii negri (Occhiali neri)
Mario Spelt has returned from the war and blind, with her sister Mary, is awaiting the outcome of an intervention that could restore his sight. He warns, however, that the girlfriend of the Assumption, where would remain blind, I would marry only out of pity. When you take off the bandages and discovers that the intervention has failed, pretends to have regained his sight and cast away the Assumption, not to force her to spend her life next to a crippled.
Ogni anno punto e da capo
A customer walks in the barbershop Rafele, but the owner is not there. Sister Filomena tells him that when approaching the Piedigrotta festival, Rafele is dedicated to writing songs. The client asks the boy to serve him, but the boy, as he prepares for his beard, prides itself on being a good mandolin. Enter the barber, but just begins shaving burst Giorgetta manicure, an aspiring singer, and a young poet. Immediately you start to talk about songs, ignoring the customer. These furious but is silenced: the people of Naples was born to sing and everyone must keep this art alive.
Pacoste şi dragoste
Quei figuri di trent'anni fa
Gennaro, owner of illegal gambling "Circle of hunting", takes on the new "post" Luigi, whose task is to assure the victory of Don Peppino "chicken" on duty, in words and deeds conventional. But Louis, stupid and honest at the same time, does not understand that every sentence has a double meaning and can not remember the signals. Thus the victim, due to constant errors Luigi, instead of losing, triumphs. With the arrival of the police Gennaro, with a ruse, gets rid of any evidence, but Louis messes all over again.
Questi fantasmi!
Come to live in an apartment Lojacono Pasquale and his wife Maria. Unbeknownst to Maria, Pasquale has an agreement with the owner, to which, in exchange for lodging, will dispel the rumors about the existence of ghosts in the house. Pasquale runs into Alfredo, his wife's lover, and mistakes him for a ghost. With his next-door neighbor, Professor Santanna, silent and invisible witness of what happens in the house, maintains long monologues. Gifts Alfredo allow the couple some benesssere and Pasquale, feeling benefited from the ghost, does not arise too many questions. Could not stand the equivocal connivance demonstrated by her husband, Maria decides to run away with Alfredo, but his family come from Pasquale to denounce adultery and are in turn mistaken for ghosts. Alfredo comes back with his wife and Pasquale, without donations, is in trouble: when reunited with Alfredo, eager to embrace Mary, recognizes him as "ghost" and reveals his love for his wife and the pain of not ensure them a dignified life. Alfredo, moved by these words, it is to the game and gives the money to Pasquale desired.
Quinto piano, ti saluto!
A group of workers is demolishing an old house. After several gags between the masons and any buyer of materials resulting from demolition, get out of breath a gentleman who says she lived there as a child. Reviewing the old walls, remember the past with nostalgia that now, years later, he seems more beautiful, then rips by a wall three or four layers of wallpaper, until you get to that of his house, he takes a piece and slowly walks away.
Requie a l'anema soja...
Amalia mourns the sudden death of her husband Gennaro. Henry arrives unexpectedly, traveling salesman and tenant of a room of the house. He would like to go to bed, but his room has been transformed into a funeral home. Henry confesses to the doctor was afraid to sleep in the room that hosted the corpse. The doctor reassures him that we should not be afraid of the dead, now unarmed men, but of the living. At that moment, in fact, violent cries are heard on the stairs. Two men were stabbed for trivial reasons. Henry apologizes to the dead, and fearing an attack from the outside, barricaded himself in the house.
Sâmbătă, duminică, luni
Acțiunea se petrece în atmosfera mediteraneeană de la Neapole, într-o familie tipic napoletană formată din trei generaţii, adunată mereu în jurul unei mese. Piesa este, de fapt, povestea simplă a unor iubiri violente, nestăpânite, nebune, ridicole, dar adevărate și profunde, evidențiind ironia, comicul situațiilor dar și duioșia relațiilor dintr-o familie.
Sik-Sik, l'artefice magico
Sik-Sik performs as a magician in a third-rate theaters with his wife, Georgetta, visibly pregnant. One evening appears Nicholas, who confused among the spectators, ensures the success of his numbers, missing the appointment and the magician is forced to replace it with Rafele, the first happened. At the last minute presents Nicholas. The two "shoulders" quarrel among themselves and lose, unbeknownst to Sik-Sik, the padlock made up, by the number of the disappearance of Georgetta, and the white dove. The games fail miserably: Georgetta, a prisoner in the trunk, is liberated by her husband with a hammer and a chicken in black appears, under the hat of Rafele, instead of the dove. The curtain falls.
Tommaso d'Amalfi
In Naples, in 1647, the young fishmonger Thomas D'Amalfi, said Masaniello, driving the revolt against the "tax collectors" to protest against the high taxes imposed on the people. The revolution is spreading, and the Viceroy is forced to make some concessions. Behind The evil of the cardinal, the Viceroy ago convene Masaniello in court, however, imposing on to dress like an aristocrat. The young man falls into the trap, while the people begins to suspect the loyalty of young rabble rouser. The Viceroy, relying on the distrust of the rioters, he spread the word that Masaniello is crazy and people are clamoring imprisonment. But the cops of the Viceroy end up killing him. Only the funeral, the people understand that they have suffered once more devious games of the oppressors.
Uno coi capelli bianchi
The scene opens on yet another argument between Josephine, daughter of rich industrialist Battista Grossi, and her husband Julian. The contention is subtly fueled by their Baptist, who, behind the mask of serious professional, never misses an opportunity to plot, for no reason, behind family and friends. Also betrays the trust of his nephew Francis, which he had entrusted to him to solve a delicate issue with a woman. Victim last baseness of her father, Julian, unable to shoot him, slaps him publicly, showing the true face of man, defended by the respectability of his white hair.
Uomo e galantuomo
Gennaro, actor-manager of a company of strolling players, is located in a hotel in Bagnoli, where test the drama "Mala nova" Libero Bovio for the vacationers. Its history is intertwined with that of the impresario Alberto, in which the lover Bice reveals she is pregnant. Alberto wants to marry her, but she escapes. So the man comes home and discovers that this Bice is already married to Count Carlo Tolentano that inferred it the affair, gives in outburst. To avoid scandal, Alberto pretends to be crazy. To complicate matters comes the testimony of Gennaro. Alberto ends up at the police station to be interned. But Bice discovers that her husband cheated on her and these also pretends to be crazy in order not to confess to adultery. And Gennaro, in the police station because he has not paid the accounts of the hotel, do you believe mad at his time.

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Eduardo De Filippo

Eduardo De Filippo s-a nascut la data de 24 mai 1900 in Napoli, Italia.

Actor, dramaturg, scenarist, poet, regizor de film. A inceput sa joace teatru de la varsta de 5 ani.

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