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Rogues and Vagabonds
Set at the close of the nineteenth century, Rogues and Vagabonds tells the story of three out of work music hall actors who conspire to carry out a daring scam. The Boer War is raging, arousing patriotic fervour for the Empire, and rumblings of discontent, in almost equal measure. The long depression of the 90s has hit the poor hard. As the new century approaches there is talk of Armageddon and the Second Coming. Against this background Maud Peach, Male Impersonator, Bridie O’Faolin, Queen of the Emerald Isle, and Little Tom Higginbottom, Juggler and Trick Cyclist, devise a scheme that will see them beat the poorhouse, and live in comfort for the rest of their lives. The resolution of the story brings together the themes of female liberation; sexual and economic oppression; history’s uncanny ability to repeat itself; and the enduring capacity of human beings to believe in miracles.
The Cave of Winds
Set on the island of Crete in the aftermath of the Allied evacuation in 1941, tells the story of two soldiers, one Pākehā the other Māori, left behind in the confusion that followed the now legendary Battle for Crete. A badly wounded Pākehā officer is carried through the mountains to the safety of Anemospĩlia - the Cave of Winds - by a Māori soldier. While they await rescue, or death, their developing relationship reflects both the attitudes ‘back home’ current at the time, and the ways in which the shared dangers and challenges of war made those attitudes redundant.
Three Degrees
Two young women meet, in dramatic circumstances, at their children’s pre-school. An unlikely friendship begins, despite the fact that they have almost nothing in common. Nella is a hard-headed business woman, with a rocky marriage and unreliable childcare. Morag is a stay at home mother married to an Aid worker. As the friendship develops Nella’s steely exterior begins to crack. Her revelations strike repeated chords with Morag. There are unexplained synchronicities between Nella’s story and her own background.

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Elspeth Sandys

Elspeth Sandys s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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