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Lig & Bittle
Lig, who is big, and Bittle, who is little, each receive an invitation to Perfeckt Phitt, a mysterious place where they are told they will fit in. They embark on a journey and encounter all sorts of adventures, learning something about each other and themselves along the way.
One Block Radius
After a woman is stalked and attacked, her female neighbours are interviewed about the event to share what they know.
Souvenirs of Home
The lives of three Chinese women intersect in the 1960s on the Canadian Prairies as each of them search for the meaning of "home".
Eight years after Kim's older brother went missing, a stranger arrives at her family's door claiming to be him. Once he's invited in, he upends everything the family thought they knew about themselves and each other.
Surface Tension
An ironic exploration of surface appearances and the tensions created by the undue importance attached to them.

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Elyne Quan

Elyne Quan s-a nascut la data de in Edmonton, Canada.

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