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Admit One
A 75 year old man places an advertisement in the lonely hearts column of a newspaper for a younger woman. They meet in an hotel room.
Avenue of Dream
Olga is trapped in a mean threadbare existence with a mother who taunts her for her plainness, her lack of marital prospects, and the fanciful stories which she writes in a pathetic attempt to transcend drab reality. Deserted by her husband, the mother believes that her latest boyfriend will marry her, and while Olga knows better, she cannot, despite their bickering, bring herself to shatter her mother's dream. So together they plan the bright future which a new home and new way of life will bring, and neither can speak the truth which they both know—that "he" will not be coming tonight, or perhaps ever. All they really have is each other and the need to keep alive even futile hopes against the consuming grayness of their lives.
Second Chance
About an elderly widow who decides to take up acting as a hobby and her prudish neighbor's effort to dissuade her.
The Cat Connection
Two old women who have nothing in common - except they feed a cat in the park each day.
The Marriage Museum
The play deals with a marriage of convenience between a jet-set couple who lead double lives and their involvement with a young couple

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Elyse Nass

Elyse Nass s-a nascut la data de 1947 in , SUA.

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