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Eloise In The Middle
Eloise is a seven-year-old girl who is small for her size but has a lot of love for her parents. Her parents, Karen and Dennis, are divorced and live in different cities in New Zealand. Eloise is invited to visit her father on her own for the first time. This includes travelling by plane as an unaccompanied minor and meeting her dad’s new girlfriend. While the trip does not go as everyone had hoped, and Eloise has to be careful about how she manages her parents, she is assured that they both her love her very much.
Fallen Angels
Taylor and Jayden had their fifteen minutes of fame on the reality TV programme Max’s Angels, but the outcome was not what they bargained for when their daughter is removed from their care. To right their perceived wrongs and to get revenge on the show’s host, Max Angelis, they decide to take him hostage along with his teenage children, Nicole and Brendon. Assisted by their friend Levi, Taylor and Jayden are intent on getting back their daughter as well as giving Max a ratings boost. When things don’t go to plan events turn sinister and the show has to play out to its deadly end.
Hold Me
1954, October 31st, Sunday. Moka Bar, Soho. London.Grace is an aristocratic wife and mother. Her husband is having an affair and she has been compensated with a fur coat. : 2007, October 31st, Wednesday. Café du Lac, Regent's Park, London. Erik is meeting with his ex-girlfriend Stanza with the intention of telling her that her close friendship with his mother must end because it upsets his new partner. Stanza has her own scores to settle. 1975, October 31st, Friday. A flat in Rotherhithe, London. Erik and Grace are having an affair. Their ménage is interruptted by Stanza who arrives in Erik's flat to model for him. 1922, October 31st, Tuesday. Arbour Hall, The Cotswolds. Erik is confined to a wheelchair having been wounded in the war. He is also being cuckolded by his wife, Grace, and is aware that Stanza is not his biological daughter.
Le Sujet Parle: And Then He Shot Me
Six photographic subjects express and expose the stories, truths, lies and ethics behind their images.
Erin is seventeen and has responded to the abuse and self-disgust that has built up in her life by attempting to amputate her own lips. This action has resulted in her being admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward where she and the three women in closest proximity have to choose between asking and trying to answer the history and implications of the situation or letting it lie. The play is to be performed as a series of monologues.
Palliative Care
Ron Pederson is a World War II veteran and widower who is estranged from his adult daughter, Theresa. He has an unconventional relationship with his nurse, Doris, who, despite his quarrelsome temperament, strives to fulfil his needs and wants. The various strands of his life come together very gradually but are they strong enough to hold when tragedy strikes?
A mother and her son living in Christchurch, New Zealand, who have had to overcome many adversities in their lives already including the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, are visited by a scientist who alerts them to their gradual poisoning by lead.
Southern Comfort
The play is set in Mike’s run-down and filthy flat. He arrives home ready to settle down for a night in with a few beers, fish ‘n’ chips and some telly. His night is interrupted by urgent text messages and then a visit from his ex-partner Andi.
Sweet Meats
It's the 1880s and a slave boat from Guinea is going to dock in Bristol the next day. The slave trade has been abolished yet there is one piece of human cargo on board. The three men on the ship: a captain, a sailor and the slave have different fortunes awaiting them when they arrive. The Captain maintains his status touting the slave as a black face actor until they find themselves in gaol. The conscience of the sailor nails his downfall in the gutters of a Victorian street. The play should be performed in the style of black comedy/pantomime. It can be played by male or female actors.
When You Were Mine
Erik is meeting with his ex-girlfriend Stanza with the intention of telling her that her close friendship with his mother must end because it upsets his new partner. Stanza is seemingly ignorant of any distress that she may be causing and misconstrues the meeting as a sort of date.

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