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A Father and a Daughter share a small bed. He talks frantically about his extraordinary past in furniture sales; she talks no less compulsively about anything at all, to fill the terrible silence in her head. Everything is frantic and broken and ugly because they can't stop talking. If only they could stop and sleep.
Set in a series of internet chatrooms, where a group of adolescents show off, flirt and play power games, all at a safe distance; though it seems the distance may not be safe enough for the vunerable.
Hilarious, brutal and tragic, Delirium is a radical re-interpretation of The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky's classic and compelling tale of family rivalries . . . The Karamazovs are a train wreck waiting to happen. A hated father and his sons battle it out over women, money and God - they don't so much live as burn up. Behind them lurks a servant, taking note of it all and to the side, two beautiful women, clinging onto impossible loves
Disco Pigs
Two friends set out to celebrate their seventeenth birthdays through the nightclubs of Cork, a city lost in dance and pounding rave rhythms. Pig and Runt are two inseparable violent creatures, who have developed their own language from birth. This night they are about to separate, and which one will survive depends on which one can break free.
Fishy Tales
A story of an arrogant little prince who is being punished for his bad behaviour. He is sent on a journey and on the way he meets other children who have special needs.
Gentrification: A Conversation With My Neighbour Henry
Something terrible has happened in the ordinary London street where Henry lives with his lovely partner and their perfect little daughter, Ada. Ordinary social tension over different lifestyles and income levels has erupted into something more political, targeted and sinister: middle-class children are being taken and held hostage until their families return the streets to the local people who once owned them. - Joyce McMillan, Scotsman
Ginger Ale Boy, The
Set in Cork, The Ginger Ale Boy traces the life of Bobby, an ordinary young man who discovers he has talent and ambition as a ventriloquist, but that other forces may conspire to deprive him of his dreams.
How Much Is Your Iron?
A mixture of cabaret and morality tale, a corrosive satire on the international arms trade.
How These Men Talk
Love Underneath
Lyndie's Gotta Gun For Artistas Unidos
Thomas Magill is Misterman - the self-appointed guardian of Inishfree's moral welfare. Thomas lives inside his own head but today that safe place is beginning to doubt itself. Mammy's full of a cold and the cat is awfully depressed. An old rub down with Vick and a packet of Jammie Dodgers should sort the situation out there. Outside, the people need to be watched though. What was Eamonn Moran up to in his garage? Someone's got to keep their eyes peeled for the bad. But when all the words have stopped inside his head, will Inishfree and Thomas survive Thomas's judgement day?
New Electric Ballroom, The
A dark fable of the emotionally stultifying effects of small-town life. Three sisters in a remote fishing village, trapped in the years that have passed since their halcyon days at The New Electric Ballroom, are still obsessed by darker memories of something resembling romance.
Small Things, The
Two chairs, a table, a high window. An old woman, an old man. Prompted by their alarm clocks they tell their story. They tell of a village in which people's tongues are cut out, making them 'the Silent'. They tell of a ten-year-old boy lying in the woods, battered to death, his tongue cut out. They tell of children lined up outside the local pool - blue with cold in their swimming costumes - waiting to have their tongues cut out, then to be immersed in the pool. It's clearly a story they need to tell. . .
Suckling Dublin
A fierce and uncompromising account of five young people tormented by a rape in a claustrophobic, drug-infested Dublin
Walworth Farce, The
A remarkable play from the author of Bedbound and Disco Pigs, about what can happen when we become stuck in the stories we tell about our lives. Visceral and tender, The Walworth Farce combines hilarious moments with shocking realism. It's 11 o'clock in the morning in a council flat on the Walworth Road in London. In two hours' time, as is normal, three Irish men will have consumed six cans of Harp, fifteen crackers with spreadable cheese, ten pink biscuit wafers and one oven-cooked chicken with a strange blue sauce. In two hours' time, as is normal, five people will have been killed.

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Enda Walsh

Enda Walsh s-a nascut la data de 1967 in Dublin, Irlanda.

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