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Elixirul dragostei
Fosti iubiti, Adam si Louise traiesc la mii de kilometri departare unul de celalalt, el la Paris, ea in Montreal. Corespondand pe e-mail, cei doi isi evoca trecutul comun, ranile inca neinchise, momentele de bucurie, dar si noile relatii. Ceea ce-i apropie insa a doua oara este prietenia, construita de comun acord si insotita de o provocare: ar putea sa-si reinvie dragostea tocmai vorbind despre dragoste?
Frédérick ou le Boulevard du Crime
Paris is fascinated by Frederick, a larger-than-life, popular actor, an eccentric, a seducer and a revolutionary for whom nothing is too much. He seems ready for anything except love. On the stage, he is the embodiment of passionate love, whereas behind the scenes he has to buy ready-made love. When he meets Bérénice, a young and mysterious woman with no connection with the stage, he faces a crucial dilemna: love as an illusion or love as reality? The stage or real life?
Georges & Georges
After a few years of life together, Marianne and Georges can no longer bear one another. She hankers after the tender, innocent Georges of earlier days, while he dreams of a more titillating marriage. Into their lives comes Dr Galopin, a specialist in electromagnetism. The couple now come face-to-face with their dreams… And each has to hide them from the other. The nightmare begins. From a Paris apartment to the Embassy in Jakarta, doors slam and multiple misunderstandings trigger reversals and hilarity: six characters and their author in flight and hot pursuit.
Golden Joe
To be or not to be, Golden Joe had never asked himself the question. To have was his sole motto; to own the only thing he worried about. Heir to a financial empire in the City (London), he was brought up in a wild world and a materialistic empire. His only credo : dollars, and his sole "raison d'être" : profits. And yet, the spectral apparition of his dead father in the screen of his computer is going to upset his plans as well as his whole world.
Hotel des deux mondes
Hotelul dintre lumi (Hôtel des deux mondes) Text disponibil online
Nici un client nu ştie cum a ajuns la Hotelul dintre lumi. Nimeni nu ştie când va putea pleca şi nici care îi va fi destinaţia. În acest loc straniu, totul e posibil, chiar şi miracolul. Infirmii se pot mişca fără probleme şi mincinoşii spun adevărul. Enigmaticul doctor S., care are misiunea de a-i însoţi în timpul sejurului, nu face decât să amplifice problemele pe care şi le pun cei care au sosit la hotel. Un suspans metafizic între vis şi realitate, viaţă şi moarte, comedie şi tragedie. – Ileana Lucaciu
Kiki van Beethoven
Aventura unei femei sexagenare, care va reuşi cu ajutorul muzicii să-şi schimbe viaţa ei, precum şi a celor trei prietene ale acesteia. Fragmente din muzica lui Beethoven însoţesc povestea, marele compozitor devenind, de fapt, personajul principal al piesei. Christine (Kiki) şi prietenele ei, rezidente ale unei case de bătrâni, descoperă un bust al lui Beethoven şi pornesc în căutarea muzicii lui, plecând însă şi în căutarea tinereţii lor, a puterii de a iubi din nou. O fabulă despre tinereţe pierdută şi secrete îngropate.
L'Ecole du diable
The Devil has just been diagnosed as suffering from depression. Satan's complaint is that Evil has been completely normalised and the twentieth century has lost interest in him. His henchmen are concerned and look for a way of cheering him up. A play on the theme of Evil that acts like a tonic.
Copilul lui Noe (L'Enfant de Noé)
Belgia anului 1942. Micutul evreu Joseph se numara printre copiii care trebuie sa se ascunda. Trebuie sa invete sa uite, sa-si anuleze identitatea, povestea, amintirile, familia. In internatul catolic unde este inscris pentru a i se pierde urma, Joseph il intalneste pe parintele Pons, un om a carui misiune va fi sa-l ajute pe Joseph sa nu-si piarda nici speranta, nici credinta in existenta Binelui. In catacombele bisericii catolice, el construieste o Arca a spiritului pentru Joseph: o sinagoga unde pot fi studiate Tora si Cabala. Alaturi de parintele Pons, Joseph se va imbarca intr-o calatorie spre limanul vremurilor care se reasaza in matca.
L'Evangile selon Pilate
On the last day of Passover, Pontius Pilate hears that Jesus, the magician from Nazareth, has vanished from his tomb. To prevent the theft being used for political ends, Pilate launches an enquiry and tries to find the corpse. But it reappears… alive! Rejecting irrational explanations, Pilate trawls Jerusalem in search of a logical answer, interrogating Herod, Herodias, the disciples, doctors, and the High Priest of the Temple, but when he finds his efforts thwarted, he sets out along the roads of Galilee. Yet the further he goes, the more the mystery deepens.
La Nuit de Valognes
The action takes place one night in a large manor-house in the middle of nowhere on the moors of Normandy. Don Juan is going to be tried by five women. They are all his former lovers and victims and they all want him to marry his latest conquest. Oddly enough, Don Juan agrees. Has life finally caught up with him? Has the myth come to an end?
La Nuit des oliviers
On the hill of the olive groves, a few hours before his arrest, Jesus wonders how he has come to this. Is he really the Messiah? How did he end up believing it? Is it for this that he has to die? An age-old tale told from an original angle that dramatises Jesus's own doubts and self-questioning. The Incarnation is challenged by the Incarnate himself. The result is a poignant monologue with far-reaching implications.
Tectonica sentimentelor (La Tectonique des sentiments)
"Tectonica sentimentelor" ne dezvăluie un joc al orgoliilor, în care un bărbat devine miza pentru patru femei însetate de dragoste pură, speranţă, şansa pe care niciodată nu au avut-o sau dovada că îşi pot depăşi condiţia. Povestea pătrunde în viaţa intimă a Parisului zilelor noastre, cel sofisticat, al băuturilor fine şi al hainelor scumpe, dar şi cel al străzii, al luptei dure pentru supravieţuire. Sursa: Port.ro
Trădarea lui Einstein (La trahison d'Einstein)
On the banks of a lake in New Jersey, two oddballs meet and strike up a friendship. One is Albert Einstein; the other, a vagrant and a drop-out. To this chance acquaintance, Einstein presents his dilemma. As a militant pacifist, he knows the terrible consequences of his theoretical works and is afraid that Hitler and the Nazis will make the first atomic bomb. Should he renounce his convictions and warn Roosevelt, so that America wins the race to the lethal weapon? How should he react when the FBI starts to suspect him, a German with leftist sympathies and possibly a traitor?
Le Bâillon
We live on life day in, day out and it's all too easy to lose a taste for it. 'For a long time, I lived without realising I was living,' says the character of this monologue, in the course of telling his life story to an imaginary listener. The Gag is about a man with an incurable disease - a disease with a stigma attached to it, as though love and its consequences, albeit tragic, can be stigamtised. The man's life becomes precious because he perceives that it will end. Faced with the incomprehension of family and friends, he seeks refuge in the woods…
Le Journal d'Anne Frank
It is 1945 and Otto Frank, recently returned from the camps, spends his days on the platform of Amsterdam station, waiting for his two daughters. When he learns that Anne and Margot will never come back, he resolves to open the diary of his younger daughter, Anne, and he discovers to his stupefaction that he never really knew his daughter. Recounted by Anne, the years in hiding that brought nine very different people (three families) into close confinement in the Secret Annex, become funny and poignant, full of moments of panic but also of joy. To her father’s surprise, Anne reveals depth, wit and sexual maturity, and sometimes, too, a rebellious spirit that he had never suspected. The story of the love between a father and daughter goes on.
Le Libertin
Inside Baron Hollbach's shooting lodge, Diderot, half-naked, is sitting for Mme Therbouche. They are engaged in a delicate and witty tête-à-tête, when Diderot's secretary comes in and brutally puts an end to their badinage. The famous philosopher has to write the article on morals for the Encyclopedia as a matter of the utmost urgency. This is the starting point of a crazy day for Denis Diderot, who will meet with constant interruptions in his philosophical as well as his sentimental ventures.
Ma vie avec Mozart
A troubled adolescent happens upon a rehearsal of “The Marriage of Figaro”. Through the voice of the Countess Almaviva, Mozart saves his life: you don’t leave a world that contains such marvels and beauty.
First chapter of the Cycle de l'Invisible. Every night, Simon has a recurring dream to which a mysterious woman will give him the key: he dreams that he is the reincarnation of Milarepa's uncle, the famous eleventh-century Tibetan hermit who bore his nephew an implacable hatred. In order to escape from these endless cycles of reincarnation, Simon must tell the story of both Milarepa and his uncle, identifying himself with them to the point where his identity merges with theirs. But where do dreams begin and reality end? In this play, which is both soliloquy and fairy-tale in the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt reflects on one of his favourite philosophical themes: does reality exist beyond what we perceive?
Mille et un jours
Un cri du cœur et du corps. Un corps que François, allongé sur son lit d'hôpital, dans le coma, ne ressent plus. Un corps devant lequel s'assoit Suzanne, sa femme, qui lui fait la gazette du quotidien sans même savoir si elle est entendue.
Domnul Ibrahim şi florile din Coran (Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran)
Momo, un tânăr dintr-un cartier mai sarac al Parisului,trăieste doar cu tatăl său, pentru că mama sa a plecat când el era foarte mic. Singura bucurie a lui este mersul la prostituate unde își cheltuie toate economiile. Viața lui Momo se îmbunătățește atunci când îl întâlnește pe Monsieur Ibrahim vânzătorul turc de alături. Acesta îi arată ce înseamnă să fii fericit și cum să-l înșele pe tatăl său pentru a avea mai mulți bani. Dar tatăl își pierde locul de muncă și se va sinucide la scurt timp după asta. Momo rămâne singur și fără bani. Într-o zi apare mama sa, însă el nu vrea să meargă cu ea. Acum Momo trebuie să se descurce, noroc că îl are pe Ibrahim care îl va ajuta și îl va învăța ce scrie și în Coran.
Oscar și Tanti Roz (Oscar et la dame rose)
Oscar, un baiat de 10 ani, are o boală incurabilă și va muri peste puțin timp. Pentru a-l face să accepte inacceptabilul, o vizitatoare a spitalului – Rosie – îi sugerează să scrie câte o scrisoare pe zi lui Dumnezeu.
Mici crime conjugale (Petits Crimes Conjugaux)
Un barbat amnezic si sotia sa. O explicatie intre ei. Apoi barbatul ii spune sotiei ca s-a prefacut ca si-a pierdut memoria, pentru a intelege ce isi dorea ea de la el. In final, cuplul rezista. Cine va fi ucigasul? Ramane de vazut...
Si on recommençait
Alex is returning to his childhood home? By a strange phenomenon, he finds himself facing his past on a critical day. Forty years later, he sees again the young women he loved, his doting grandmother, and possibly, himself… Would he make the same choices now that he knows what his life was? Do we do what we like in life or what we can? Do we choose? Are we free? What if we had our time again?
The Guitrys
For 15 years in the inter-war period, the legendary couple formed by Sacha Guitry and Yvonne Printemps reigned unchallenged in Paris and throughout the world. Imagine a play that Sacha Guitry might have written in his lifetime, commissioning Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt to produce the script. The result, behind the witty words, is a love story full of happiness, quarrels, betrayals and jealousies – those of two sparkling and impossible lovers – about the passion of a genius for a nightingale who could not bear her cage.
Un homme trop facile
Alex, an immensely popular actor, is about to make his first appearance in The Misanthrope, when a figure looms up in his dressing-room mirror. The intruder is Alceste, Molière’s grumpy misanthrope, who forbids Alex to embody him, on the grounds that the actor is too agreeable, too likable, too tolerant and generally too dissimilar. After the initial shock, conversation gets going between Molière’s character determined to change the world and the actor who accepts it as it is. Despite frequent interruptions, as actors burst in excitedly from their first night, a sparring match ensues that pits the protestations of the outraged idealist against the easy-going libertine who laughs off society’s failing. And, naturally, each wants to win for himself the favours of the elusive Célimène…
Variations enigmatiques
Piesa are ca temă amorul prin corespondență. Abel Znorko este laureat al premiului Nobel pentru literatură și trăiește izolat pe o insulă din marea Norvegiei unde își trăiește pasiunea pentru o femeie cu care a purtat o lungă corespondență. Erik Larsen este ziarist și, sub pretextul unui interviu, dorește să îl întâlnească pe scriitor. Dar, se pare că are o legătură secretă și cu femeia pe care acesta o iubește, iar interviul se transformă într-un joc al adevărului crud și sinuos.
Vizitatorul Text disponibil online
Viena în anul 1938. Faptul că fiica sa Anna este interogată de Gestapo, îl face pe celebrul Sigmund Freud, grav bolnav de cancer la gât, să fie dornic să părăsească cât mai curând posibil o Austrie nazistă. El primeşte pe neaşteptate vizita unui personaj bizar, care pare a fi un cerșetor, dacă nu chiar un infractor, dar pretinde a fi însuşi Dumnezeu. De aici se naște o discuţie plină de controverse ale cărei linii de forţă pot fi rezumate prin două întrebări: de ce permite Dumnezeu astfel de aberaţii istorice precum coşmarul nazist şi, respectiv, de ce nu le-ar permite câtă vreme Lumea însăşi pare a se fi lepădat de Cel Sfânt?

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Eric - Emmanuel Schmitt

Eric - Emmanuel Schmitt s-a nascut la data de 28 martie 1960 in Sainte- Foy- les-Lyon, Franta.

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