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America '87
The story of an Irishman's travels from coast to coast in America, on a greyhound bus.
Checking for Squirrels
In search of an answer to the question "Why do squirrels hibernate, Daddy?", Eoin travels through contemporary Ireland and encounters a would-be rock star, a schmoozy agent, a politically correct fanatic, a right-wing fundamentalist, and golf obsessed uncles. But his real journey is only beginning.
O piesa alcătuită din intersectarea a două monoloage. Doi soți - Billy și Breda - nu au mai petrecut de mulți ani o noapte împreună. Brenda a slăbit, are un look nou, a angajat o babysitter pentru cei doi copii și vrea sa petreacă cu Billy la Flanagans. Dra el are alte planuri, cele maimulte dintre ele fiind legate de Imelda Egan. Timpurile bune în care cei doi își promiteau să fie veșnic împreună au trecut…
On the closing night of Edenderry's Savoy cinema, three men have gathered for an unusual wake to remember the life of the cinema and its place in their lives. From the spectre of the multiplex that has sounded the death knell of the local cinema, to the town's inhabitants and A Fistful of Dollars, O'Brien creates a picture of the life of a provincial town. By turns comical and elegiac, the men's shared memories finally expose the fiction and frailty that lie at the heart of their relationships.
Set in contemporary Dublin, Scorpion is an exploration of sex, relationships and secret games. The perfect couple Paul and Eleanor are invited to their friends' house for dinner. Linda dutifully prepares the meal. Ken, the enigmatic host, is determined to make the evening an unforgettable one.

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Eugene O'Brien

Eugene O'Brien s-a nascut la data de in , Irlanda.

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