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'They are cheaper than low-wage workers and have no rights of any kind. They are called Olanka, Anjuschka, Olga and Irina, and come from countries on the borders of Centropa. Countries that do not offer them any prospects, countries like Slovenlia, Cheatnya, Stolen, Rustland and Ukulele. The land of their dreams is a country of ski jumpers called Ditchland. They arrive there hoping for a better life, a more agreeable life, an exciting life. They are the serving maids of globalisation and call themselves 'au pairs'. 'Au pair' means 'on a par', which implies a reciprocal relationship between equals. However, it is others who dictate what this looks like in practice. In addition to their board and lodging, the young women receive one lesson after another in the ecobourgeois dilemmas of individuals who once used to be so committed to left-wing causes.'
Kaspar Häuser Meer
Their colleague Björn is burnt out. No one knows when he will able to work again. He leaves behind 104 incompletely documented cases. Three social workers at a Youth Welfare Office, Barbara, Silvia and Anika, take it in turns to deal with them. Germany’s Youth Welfare Offices are one of the most dramatic and most publicly scrutinised theatres of war in a Federal Republic that is tearing itself apart in the wake of the Agenda 2010 social security reforms. While they are restructured to death by management consultants, they are held responsible for everything that happens: for neglected, ragged, starving children, just as much as for flat doors being smashed down and families broken up. In a breathtaking flood of language, Felicia Zeller approaches the epicentre of the catastrophe, the impossibility of regulating human tragedies with paragraphs and institutions. (Munich Kammerspiele)

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Felicia Zeller

Felicia Zeller s-a nascut la data de 1970 in Stuttgart, Germania.

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