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They come from Morocco, Russia or Columbia, they earn their money as dishwashers or drug dealers, prostitutes or carers in nursing homes. No one knows exactly how many illegal immigrants there are living in Germany. Anyone who gets by here without the right papers has learned to make themselves invisible. What is it like in the shadows of society? Feridun Zaimoglu and Günter Senkel have collected the voices of people who officially do not even exist, but nevertheless are right here among us. Full of confidence and far from any tearful sentimentality, they report on the daily strategies of survival, of disappearing and how, in spite of everything, they stay themselves. Presented as snapshots from the hidden world of migration, the nine monologues shed light on existences with which most of us never consciously come into contact, at the same time casting a glance back at Germany and the Germans from an unaccustomed perspective. (Rowohlt Theaterverlag)
Schwarze Jungfrauen
The writing duo of Zaimoglu and Senkel have adapted the radical statements of women who could be described as “neo-Muslims” for the stage in a series of ten monologues. These reports from real life are based on interviews the authors conducted with a number of women. In these discussions, in which the two interviewers mainly acted in a listening role, the women were able to give free rein to their sometimes very extreme views. Their ideas have been preserved, but Zaimoglu and Senkel have recast their words, transforming the women’s “voices” into an artistic, literary language. All the more do we feel the force with which the “black virgins” shamelessly demolish every aspect of the politically correct image of Muslim women who live in Germany. There is the law student who grew up with the Western education system, but also reveres Bin Laden and dreams of an Islamic revolution in Europe, which she would like to serve with her knowledge. The young woman who has run away from her village due to an affair with a neighbour displays an ambivalent attitude towards Islam. She may have left the traditional faith of her parents’ generation behind her and may live a supposedly modern, sexually liberated, self-determined life in the metropolis of Berlin, but passionately advocates the creation of a radical Islamic theocracy. The German Christian who has converted to Islam and believes she has to defend her new faith against foreigners is another contradictory figure.

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Feridun Zaimoglu

Feridun Zaimoglu s-a nascut la data de 4 decembrie 1964 in Bolu, Turcia.

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