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Andrew Corder Thinks Twice
Andrew Corder doesn't own a car and he speaks some words of a second language, and hates the fact he used to know a lot more. He has deceptively strong arms, and walks to work the same way every day. Andrew Corder does not think about Palestine every day. This morning, however, he does. 'a complex work that sparkles with a humorous nihilism and takes us directly into the white man's burden: choosing to connect with human suffering or to simply drink wine. . .
At Sea, Staring Up
Emma the Greek will sail the seas alone to save her father; Noah will search for his wife who flew off a bridge; Elise will fight the dragons snapping at her heels as she drives each night to lull her baby to sleep; Caleb, a curious misfit, will swim vast oceans to prove his love for Sylvia Wist.; Sylvia Wist can climb up waterfalls and jump time and space. She may not be ordinary but then neither is love. The play is a richly poetic magical relationship drama that follows the journeys of five characters all motivated by love. Set over three continents and one vast ocean this richly poetic, thought provoking play weaves together a world of people who have lost, or are looking for love.
Bastien Und Bastienne (Adapted Recitativo)
A newly adapted recitativo, for Mozart's first opera. Written when he was twelve, it is a look at the conflict between country and city ideals, in the context of a young love affair. Bastienne pines for her sweetheart Bastien, who has left for the city where he has been seduced by the glamour of both the bright lights and a wealthy lady. She complains to Colas, a magician, who advises her to arouse Bastien's jealousy, driving him to the brink of suicide. Following a lover's quarrel the two finally discard their pretences and reaffirm their mutual love for each other.
Big Smoke
Jimmy and Bethany live side by side on a street, under a bridge, in the middle of a giant city. When school is cancelled for the day, the pair has to go to work with Bethany's dad. Which is fine - unless Bethany has another one of her great ideas, and borrows dad's briefcase, and then gets it stolen, and has to make her way across the whole city and through rush hour and up the side of a building. and of course Jimmy refuses to join her. . . But of course he's coming along anyway.
Jof is born in a crow's nest and possesses the sailor's craft, of knot tying. When a huge storm destroys his boat and leaves his parents working in a circus, Jof returns to the sea, learning from the greatest fisherman of all, Okinawa Yukio. Upon Yukio's death, he leaves everything to his pupil. But sometimes boats don't want to be given, and Jof is shipwrecked again, on an island with poor Nicholas. Together they begin the journey home, using knots to solve problems and a message in a bottle to remind him of the beautiful harpist, Eliza Turk.
Books And Bites
Books and Bites divides the audience and popular children's authors into two teams to battle it out for ultimate victory. With an MC leading the teams through a series of readings, games, quizzes and challenges based on selected children's books written by the team of authors, the only question left to answer is. . . Whose team will you be on?
Boys Will Be Boys
Seven 12-year-old boys are followed over the course of a week as they prepare for the end-of-primary-school dance. Knowing that they are on the cusp of a new life of high school and adolescence, they discuss the roles men play, their relationship with fathers present and absent, facial hair, football and girls. When you start becoming a man, what's the boy supposed to do?
Con Artists
Max and Millie are the orphaned children of the greatest con artist that ever lived, Maximilian Montague Morris. When they are caught stealing a gold watch in London, the pair finds themselves on a convict ship bound for Van Diemens Land, a prison colony at the end of the earth. Sent to opposite ends of the island and forced to work for the awful Guard Grisholm, all the pair can rely on, are their cons. Using various disguises, trickery, sneakery and pokery, follow the brave pair's exploits as they overcome cannibals, invent the Tasmanian Tiger, rescue poor Clumsy Jane, and eventually discover that what lies at the end of so much badness, may be more than they ever dreamed. 'the play is part fairytale, part neo-Dickensian epic, written with skill and a spirit of lightness' - the Mercury
Dancing Back Home
Six outback stories uniting artists from Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.All revolve around the commanding central figure of a tree - it is at various times an anchor, a sentinel and a signpost pointing the way.
Libby and Tom are going to dinner at Helen's. Helen is the new boss. She likes Libby's novelty. Libby is blind. Tom wants to protect her. So he hits her on the head. Dinner explores the nastiness behind the social niceties, the power play behind the political correctness. It's dinner - mind your manners.
Escape From Peligro Island
Everything was normal on your flight over the ocean. . . until the plane went down and you crashed on an unknown island! Now there are vampires, time machines and superpowers to deal with, and any decision could mean life or death.
Helena And the Journey Of the Hello
When Helena Bugosi was eight, her mother went to live inside a phone. And when she was nine, her father went into the forest and befriended the foxes. And when she was ten, he got into a small boat and went out to sea, leaving her to sing songs by the side of the road. These are not bedtime stories. Bedtime stories are for your parents to tell you. These are morning time stories. And they are the best ones. This story begins… now.
Human Geography
This city, like every city, is about geography - human geography. It's about where these humans are placed, and the effect this has on others. Where do they meet and where do they miss? Where does it matter? and through the middle of Wagga, weaving amongst the human geography, there flows a river. and for a long time it's been quiet - the water hasn't intruded. and the people have become seeds in a dry place, silent and patient, waiting. But on this day, a storm has arrived. and the river has filled, and the seeds are dampened and awoken. their husks break, their senses are shocked into action, and en masse, they come to life. they cease their silence. they grow and threaten to intrude upon one another, humans forgetting their geography. . . and between them all - carried on the water, sent on a journey over many miles - there rides the body of a man.
I'll Show You Yours (Formerly: South Of the Border)
If you're single, you chase it. If you've got it, you're constantly analysing it. If you don't analyse it. . . that's something nice.' Nine teenagers stand on a baseball diamond. Some are on first base, some have gone all the way home. But when the game finishes, the feelings remain. I'll Show You Yours sidesteps the familiar territory of teenage lust and reminds something equally sought after, but far more dangerous. Love.
If I Jumped, I'd Fly
That moment of launching: It is the caterpillar coming out of the cocoon and discovering it has wings. It's the first fish stepping out of the water and taking a breath of something new. It's the old man looking back at his child self, and the tree remembering its beginnings as a seed. It is what we could all do, if we forgot the impossibility of it.
If Only the Lonely Were Home
The Lonely hasn't been seen for a long time. His house stands quiet, on the furthest edge of town. He won't come out. So everyone brings to his doorstep the things they love - a photo of the wind, a song you sing in cars, a feeling of ferris wheels, some lightning in a jar. the Lonely is ignoring them all. But one girl stands at his door and won't go away.
Oslo Rogers has a very fun mum called Ruthy, and lives in a very fun town called Mellingong. But now a very unfun problem (called a big approaching storm) is forcing everyone to head for the Clondike, the big town hall on the hill. and they can only take a few important things each - 'love luggage', Ruthy calls it. But the thing is, Oslo's mum is a milk-lady, and owns a milk-float, and those can hold heaps of 'love luggage'. . . if you pack them right. So Oslo sets out to help the people of Mellingong, and to find out the things they love most, the things you would save from a storm.
Man Covets Bird
A boy wakes one day and finds he is a man. He can recognise the stranger in the mirror, but his parents, his town, they cannot. He finds a bird that cannot fly, and together they take off. In a city they come across, they begin to build a nest, a nest that will hold a man and a bird. But a city is a busy place and nest-building is a big job, and soon there are other things to do. Soon there are only other things to do. One day a man realises... he is ready to fly.
Moving Mountains
Every story has a hero. This one is a mountain. Over the 70 million years of Tasmania's existence, things have moved upon our shores - but not just the plants and animals. Right now the face of Mount Wellington is, ever so slowly, heading west. an entire mountain, migrating. Things have always moved this way, and the weather has moved with it. But now the climate is changing, faster than we, or our mountain, or the animals and plants that live around it, can deal with.
My Heart is a Hall
A show told in word and movement, inspired by the stories we remember, and the community halls that remember us.??At the heart of every town, there sits a building - where your grandparents danced and your footy team celebrated. People kissed in that hall, and danced in that hall, and went off to war, and moved to big cities, but the hall stayed. They came back, and the hall was still there. Because a heart keeps beating, and my heart - my town's heart - it's a hall.
My Mother Told Me Not To Stare
A dark operetta for curious children and their grown ups. Have you ever done things your parents told you not to do? Have you swallowed the pips of an apple and waited for a tree to grow in your belly? Have you made a face when the wind changed? Or turned your back on the sea? In Bobby Rogers' town everyone lives very normal lives. But Bobby has noticed that a child who was there one minute is gone the next. So he digs a hole through the earth, all the way to kangaroos and upsidedownness. and he may have stayed forever there, but vanishing kids does not seem fair, and there is nothing so fun as a grudge to bear, so one day Bobby Rogers returns to Upper Crumble to settle the score.
Plays For My Girlfriend
Nine women, from very different walks of life, present a monologue each.
Positions Vacant
A group of teenagers are caught in limbo. they've finished school and want to work, but jobs are scarce and the dole just seems easier. Written in hip-hop, Positions Vacant is an ode to the 'jobless masses, a mixed-up molasses of fellas and lasses.
Queen Of the Snakepit
Queen of the Snakepit is a theatrical collage of Flinders Island, and the women who have shaped it. "the men go out to sea each day. and their life is tough, but at least they have that. It's the women who stay. and sometimes it's hard to see a thing from the inside. So you send them away - you send them away, not forever, just so they can look back". This is one woman's reflections on those who have come before her: Myrtle and her cats, the girl Rosie standing at the window, and the matriarch Queenie, sitting in the back of the bar, in the Snakepit, there where the wind won't touch her. In here, the bar is always open, and there's a secret waiting at the bottom of every glass.
Ruby Bruise
Ruby Bruise is magic, superheroic, invincible: she can read others' thoughts, outrun her own reflection and see through walls. a lush landscape of madness, laughter, revelation, heartache and body fluids, this new work by the Misery Children examines one woman examining herself. Sometimes, when there are no bruises to show your life's journey, you make your own.
Ruby Bruised
Ruby was magic. At aged 4, she discovered she spoke twelve languages. Her favourite game was to ring people in other countries, and find out what their hobbies were... at 12, Ruby found she could clone herself as she saw fit. In her first school photo, she took up eight of the twenty-one seats... Ruby Bruised could see through walls. By the time she was 16, she had seen her parents have sex over a thousand times... at 18, Ruby discovered jealousy and decided she wanted what everyone else had. For one day in June, she possessed all the world's sickness... at 22, Ruby found a magic lamp, and rubbed it. the genie that came out saw her and all her power - and he told her what he wished for... at 27, Ruby Bruised completed the life-long construction of a metal skin, borne from an early desire to protect an aching heart. On its debut wearing, her boyfriend dumped her. By the following morning, her cheeks had rusted... at 30, Ruby Bruised lost her reflection. No one noticed... at 34, Ruby Bruise told herself the truth - and all her powers were gone...... Come meet Ruby.
Shadow Dreams
Dale has one life, living on a hill in the bush. Pete has another, living on a hill in the city. Both boys are eleven. One boy is Aboriginal. Both have a best friend. One has a scooter. Both keep their hands down in class, because they never know what to say. One fishes, one sails. Both sleep, both dream. This story is about what happens when two boys, in two different parts of Australia, go to bed one night and accidentally have each other's dreams.
She Beside Me, Sitting
A woman waits calmly in a car. A man arrives, nervous. Their first meeting and furtive conversation belies something illicit and titillating. And at the point of what seems to be the certainty of new love, it becomes apparent that this is something else entirely, something dark.
She Would Walk the Sky
Open up a clock, you will find cogs. Open up the world (the way we work, the things we do, the tides that rise and fall) and you will find them. A birdlike troupe who perch on wires, and fall from heights, and ruffle feathers, and walk on hands - who challenge gravity so we don't have to. Theirs are the tricks that keep our time. But when a bird takes flight, a trick is missed, a cog goes missing, then things they start to crumble. Our clocks begin to stop.
Simon's Final Sound
Simon is going deaf, and longs to visit an island of childhood memory where music abounds, and needs a boat. Michael has a bank job, and a wife who dislikes him, and a strange man who's going deaf and is asking for a loan because he longs to visit an island, and needs a boat. Ginny has a husband that she doesn't dislike, but that she just doesn't feel surprised by anymore. Until he surprises her - by teaming up with a strange man who's going deaf and longs to visit an island, and needs a boat.
We know their actions, their regicide, their infamy. But it is in watching the events behind closed doors - when it is only a man and a woman, slowly growing apart - that we meet them as a couple. Smackbeth explores the domestic breakdown that is the impetus for a king's death, an unraveling which can only end with two people laid bare.
Combining six works by three playwrights and two animators, Snapshot looks at the effect the war on terror and its rhetoric of fear is having on suburban Australia.
Suzette Who Set to Sea
In a small seaside village where men build boats and women do not, young Suzette knows she is different - she longs for the sea and believes she is meant for something greater than just a life on land. So when a mysterious event occurs, Suzette is forced to do that most difficult thing - prove herself worthy of her destiny. Loading her loved ones onto a boat she has secretly built, Suzette, she sets to sea. What follows is an adventurous, imaginative tale exploring courage, community and the possibility that sometimes it only takes the actions of a single person to change everything.
The Boy at the Edge of Everything
In the middle of his over-scheduled 12-year-old life, Simon Ives dreams of a place where he can just stop and think. Meanwhile, at the farthest point of the universe, The Boy at the Edge of Everything lives by himself, lonely and bored. When Simon is rocketed into space (through an unlikely series of events involving "lots and lots of fireworks"), their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same. 'The Boy at the Edge of Everything has a canny, witty way of reflecting on worlds unknown, and day-to-day adolescent routines.
The Boy With the Longest Shadow
Adam and Atticus Brown have known each other since. . . forever. Since they sat in a belly together and waited to be born. And twins are all supposed to be the same. . . but they never are. When they wake in the morning, Adam's hair is nice and ready for the day, but Atticus' looks flat and stupid. When they catch the bus to school, Adam sits up the back with the older kids, and Atticus carries the books. When Atticus goes to say something clever to a girl, Adam always says it first, and better. And when they stand in the sun together, even though they're just the same height, even though they have been for every minute of their lives, Adam always seems to cast the longest shadow. But Atticus has a plan to change all that. . .
The Company I Keep
Interactive theater. The Company I Keep takes on many forms. at a doorstep, ten people arrive and prepare for a first date. at a sink, a Father teaches a son how to shave. On a bench, two people sit and leave it for us to know who they are, to each other. there are people with and without disabilities, just as there are people with and without brothers, or wives, or dancing partners, or company - the company I lack, and the company I keep: What you will know about me, is who I know.
The Falling Room And the Flying Room
Samuel Paxton has to share a house with his very moody family. and he hates it. So he heads out to the shed, which is full of all the electrical things his family has ever broken and thrown away - and he knows how those things feel. . . So Samuel starts fixing. But there is boring fixing, where you make a thing be able to do what it did before. and there is magic fixing, where you make a thing better than it ever was.
The Girl Who Forgot To Sing Badly
This is the story of Peggy, and the packing, and the blizzard, and the boat. Peggy O'Hegarty and her parents are packers. They pack one kind of thing, into another kind of thing. But one day the phone it forgets to keep ringing - because all of the people in her city are gone. So Peggy goes out to explore.
The Grumpiest Boy in the World
Zachary’s height is exactly the height of an average boy for his average age. Zachary’s hair lies exactly the way, of an average boy’s on an average day. And when he dreams at night, Zachary dreams the most average dreams. Because Zachary Briddling... is awfully middling. And it makes him so grumpy! Zachary wants to be different. So he thinks of all the other places out there – filled with giants, and miniatures, and hairy things, and flying things – places where he would not be middling at all. And so he sets out... to stand out.
The Hip-Hop Monologues
Written and performed entirely in hip-hop, this work voiced young peoples' attitude towards life, both in and out of juvenile prisons. Through interviews and workshops, I wrote and recorded hip-hop pieces with young men and women in a juvenile detention facility. the same process was then entered into with young, multicultural rappers, b-boys, b-girls, and singers who were not detained, resulting in a live performance. the subsequent work toured high schools, creating a dialogue between people of the same generation, who live in remarkably different worlds.
The Holey Book
A series of partial scripts, alluding to a larger narrative but only giving clues as to what this might be, and whom it might contain - a few lines or stage directions from each scene dotted across an entire play. On the night of each performance, both audience and actors receive the text for the first time. and after a short read, the show begins - the actors (aided by a director on side stage) take the structural and narrative offerings and craft full stories from them.
The House That Jack Filled
Jack McNally's Hotel has thirteen rooms each one is occupied by some sort of eccentric. Lionel O'Brien and his son Little Lionel talk about nothing but trains. Mr Truro plays the spoons. Mrs Chelsea is old and doddery. Then there are the Italian twins and Melanie who dreams of the sea and Jack who dreams of Melanie
The Minister's Children
I watch this woman. and I recognise her. and it strikes me as mad. We're two normal-looking tired adults, about to hit fifty, couple of kids each, nothing to notice if you weren't looking for it. But we've both been there. We've both gone through a couple of the worst childhoods you could have. I bet we both have the same kind of nightmares, and the same reaction when we walk into small rooms, and the same scars on our bodies. I bet she had the same problems with getting naked for her partners as an adult. I bet she's not religious. I bet she holds her kids too tight when she hugs them, and I bet she hasn't told them why. and either of us could blend so easily into any crowd, but if we saw each other for a second, we could probably read the last forty years of each other's lives. and I wonder how many of us there are, how many thousands of people sitting in parks, or working in offices. That's all I'm left with, after seeing her - what are the numbers? Who else knows? Just how many of us are there?'
The Tragical Life Of Cheeseboy
Inside a magical traveling theatre tent, discover a storyteller who shares an enchanting and timeless tale. Cheeseboy's home planet has been reduced to a bubbling fondue. Where are his parents? How did he become marooned on earth? and where has the tide gone? Edward Scissorhands meets Oedipus and the Little Prince.
The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You
Sixteen-year-old Connor is angry. He doesn't know why, and he doesn't know where to direct it. People and things he once liked annoy him. His parents, his best friend, his once-cool uncle now officially suck. Then, the outburst. Connor is dropped in a forest... for a week... by himself... to calm down. But his anger has travelled with him. Then a girl called Lotte walks into the woods. And she is angry too...
This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing
Triplet sisters are left in the middle of a forest by their woodcutter father. From this fairytale beginning, three resolutions are made - one sister will walk one way, one the other, and the third will stay right where she is. Twenty years later, having circumnavigated the globe, fought battles, crossed oceans, tamed wilds, braved horrors and achieved greatness, they meet again as women.
This Much Of Me
I would show you this much of me - when I want to impress you. When I want to frustrate you. When I feel I trust you. We are constantly choosing how much we want to give away, unveiling too much, or too little. Cold in jumpers, outside in a kitchen, alone with a group, ten performers play a game of show and tell.
This Uncharted Hour
Luka is going to get coffee, when he hits and kills a dog. Trying to find its owner, he catches the eye of an unknown woman. And suddenly he is remembering his mother, and the looks she gave, and the brother that came before him, who was gone before him, who he should have been. And now he is driving back to the family house...
Those Who Fall In Love Like Anchors Dropped Upon The Ocean Floor
From a Cold War Russian Submarine to a Parisian street and an Appalachian snowfield, this is a tale that transcends time. A story about fleeting moments, chance encounters and the shattering consequences of firing blind.
Tough Beauty
There's the girl who's new. There's the quiet girl. There's the girl with no boyfriend. And the one with too many. There's the girl who looks different, the girl who's asking for it. And there's the girl who's just. . . just looking at me wrong. She doesn't even know she is - but she is. And then there's me. The girl who's scared of nothing. The girl they say rumours about. Like the time she put Stef Chamber's head through the screen door, or the time she got caught carrying a knife, or the time a massive year 12 hit her in the mouth, and the blood ran between her teeth, and she just smiled. She smiled like it was just someone saying hello. And then she said hello back. 'Tough Beauty deals with a heavy, but important issue, teen girl violence.
Trouble On Planet Earth
A choose your own path show, the audience votes its way through innumerable scenarios and genres. Jane Douglas is the eighth in a long line of Douglas women to leave the familial farm and go it alone. But before long you (for you are now her) find yourself in a car accident, a man's briefcase your only point of reference, but your memory gone.
When the Penny Drops
An exploration of gambling addiction among 18-24 year olds.
When the Pictures Came
Four people sit in four rooms and try to make themselves better: the opera singer wants to sing louder; the strongman wants to be stronger; the martial artist wants to be more artful; and the kid wants to play with them all. But one day two deliverymen arrive. and in their arms is a box. and in the box is a machine. and in the machine. . . are the pictures. When the pictures came, they sucked in stories, and secrets, and four characters with no idea what they were in for - they spat out revelations, and magics, and impossibilities. Now the pictures are here, tastes can be heard, sounds can be seen, heads will roll (literally), and shadows abandon their bodies. Now the pictures are here, once upon a times will happen twice, and happy ever afters be gone in the blink of an eye.
When We Lived In Uncle's Hat
This is a play about how walls don't make a house, and doors don't make a house. It's a play about how a family makes a house. and it doesn't matter where you live - whether it's an up house or a down house, or an outhouse or a townhouse - who you live with is the important bit. 'aimed at children, while being smart and strange enough to please adult audiences.
If we don't confront our fears, will they come and get us anyway? Our hero finds herself falling from her waking life into a dense forest; the stuff of fairy tales and horror films. alone, afraid, she senses something is circling in the deep dark. Is it as bad as she imagines? Or worse? If she can outrun it, she'll never find out what she was fleeing from.
You And Me And The Space Between
Part picture book, part play and all wonderful fun, You and Me and the Space Between is a magical tale of an adventurous girl which unfolds live in front of your eyes as a cartoonist draws the pictures while the story is read aloud by the narrator. The Island of The Proud Circle has sprung a leak and its citizens must find a solution to stop their home disappearing forever. But it’s going to take all the ingenuity of their youngsters to ensure they don’t lose their way of life in the process.

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