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Marine Snow
An absurdist comedy drama about humans, fleas, love and loss.
My Dad's Boy
A young man writes a play about his father. Partway through the writing, his own girlfriend gets pregnant and he is faced with fatherhood himself.
One Night Only
The world's most famous boy band, FourEver, is nearly ready to take the stage for their only New Zealand show. All that stands in their way is each other, their fans, the media, and the ghosts of their dodgy past. Making it out of the green room alive would be a miracle, let alone lasting the rest of the tour...
Reading Lamouche
An amateur theatre company wrestles with the unwieldy new script from avant-garde French playwright, Hubert Lamouche.
The Non-Surgeons Guide to the Appedectomy (and other games)
Neil's brother died. No one wants to talk about it. So Neil comes to an idyllic Coromandel bach to spend time with his sister-in-law, Jackie. A week of relaxation turns into a panicked couple of days where Neil gets swept up in a current of anxiety by the locals, who are transformed by boredom and grieving.
ive ushers hang around outside the theatre door, counting down the seconds left for the show to end. With nothing in common but an eye towards the end of their shift, and a weird feeling about their supervisor, the ushers turn to more and more extreme ways to pass the time.

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Finnius Teppett

Finnius Teppett s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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