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A masterly inter cutting of three sets and stories, simultaneously presented, in which characters recall the reality of their past and try to find links with their present lives. 'Bonds' is a moving and highly theatrical drama of human relationships which avoids sentimentality but achieves intense emotional involvement.
Chook Chook
In a battery farm for hens, Valmai, Chrissy, Georgia and Bron refer to their cages as 'compartments' and eat the same food day after day under the same continuous 'sun.'
Hon and Darl's blissful camping holiday turns into a disaster when their territory is infringed upon by a large and obtrusive campervan. A fantastic twist at the end of the play ensures that this expertly handled exploration of the small acts that push ordinary people over the edge packs a strong punch.
In Confidence: Dialogues with Amy Bock
A moving and compelling drama documenting the career of Amy Bock, notorious confidence-trickster who used her creative talent on the wrong stage and succeeded in impersonating a wealthy landowner in order to marry for money.
The story of the journey to NZ of a number of young women, formerly in domestic service in England in the nineteenth century. With four original songs by Helen Caskie. Suitable for large all-women cast or girls' schools.
Waihi, 1912
Documentary drama which gathers a fine momentum on the big rock-candy mountain of Pukewa Hill. Problems over the Competitive Contract System result in strike action: Fred is beaten to death, a policeman shot, and 1800 men, women and children are forced out of Waihi. Slides and songs. Union political.

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Fiona Farrell

Fiona Farrell s-a nascut la data de 147 in Oamaru, Noua Zeelandă.

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