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Blonde Bombshell
A 15 year old schoolgirl in Paeroa believes she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, and acts on this belief with life-changing consequences.
Lashings Of Whipped Cream
An hour in the bondage and discipline dungeon of a suburban dominatrix. Mistress Dominique shares the secrets of her profession with the audience, a block booking of prospective clients.
One Flesh
An old man in mourning for his wife arrives at an inner city boarding house and changes the lives of the misfits and losers who live there.
The Liar's Bible
A would-be entrepreneur, a house painter, an ambitious film maker, a depressed student, a doctor and a poet on the brink of a lifetime achievement award are connected in ways none of them suspects. A near-fatal car accident sets off a chain of events and encounters that reveal the connections as they all grapple with success and failure and the thin line that divides them. Why do some people sink and others swim? What makes a happy life?
The Wedding Party
The New Zealand way of getting married is explored on Heather and Rob's wedding day, with flashbacks to Peggy and Archie's experience, 20 years earlier. One night before her wedding, Heather dreams that her hair turns to glass and shatters and all her teeth fall out. Is she doing the right thing? Wedding guests of all ages and beliefs share their hopes and fears about romance, sex and marriage as Heather and Rob navigate their wedding day. A play with songs. Can be played with 9 actors doubling.

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Fiona Samuel

Fiona Samuel s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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