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Hermione is a beauty, a trophy men could kill for. But her fiance, Pyrrhus, rejects her for newly widowed Andromaque, who he wants with an animal passion. He would do anything to get her, even threaten the life of her infant son. When Pyrrhus winds up murdered, the two women must answer for it. This "Classic Cut" version of Racine's epic tale of passion and murder is retold by its two ferocious female protagonists.
Faith Fall
Adam's girlfriend, Christina, is dying. He knew she was dying when he met her at a faith healing where they were paired together to pray for each other. A reporter, he attended the healing under false pretenses and his faithless prayers were hollow. Months on, he loves this woman whose body is failing but still hasnt told her of his deceit. He is convinced that he let the devil in that day and now the devil is following him.
Rachel isn't looking to change the world. then her daughter, Joy, is born. Joy is angry. Really angry. This baby thinks the world can do better and Rachel has to help her to prove it.
The Misanthrope
Al has had enough. He is surrounded by pretenders who smile to his face and bitch about him behind his back. He wants no more part of it. The only problem is that he is in love with Selina who is the biggest player of them all.

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Frances Poet

Frances Poet s-a nascut la data de in , Marea Britanie.

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