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Big Sur
A middle-aged man, Jeremy Chester, having won a car in a raffle, decides to take to the road and head west, his intention being to "talk to people, not to pass them to dialogue." His journey becomes an odyssey as, along the way, he picks up nine passengers of varied types and backgrounds an Italian, a hippie, a black militant, a policeman-and finds the essential humanness in each. Ecology, the military, racism, old age, protest: all are explored and illuminated as we come to understand that the incongruities and anachronisms of contemporary life are more than merely annoying or depressing-they are lethal. Yet the journey goes on, heading for Big Sur and the redeeming state of naturalness which may already have escaped us forever.
Father Uxbridge Wants To Marry
Begins on an elevator, where the operator is about to lose his job through automation and is appealing to his passenger, who happens to own the apartment house where he is employed. It then turns to his memories, which are chiefly preoccupied with his mother, his wife, the women he is living with after the marital split-up and his mute daughter, until he starts thinking of the two priests who are important to him. Father Uxbridge is actually the less important of the pair, a somewhat casual cleric who believes the celibacy of the clergy will soon be a thing of the past. But Father Ongar is a much more dynamic figure. He is really a sardonic, darkly Satanic type, who sees no mercy nor love-kindness in God, no goodness in mankind. It is he, with his savage bitterness, who has the important influence over the mind and soul of the troubled, simple-minded elevator operator." and it is an influence that, unhappily, fails to provide the solace and guidance so needed to achieve purposeful understanding of this world and resigned acceptance of the next. So the "little man" is crucified in the name of the modern humanity-defiant in the face of forces he cannot comprehend, but powerless to avert their pernicious control of his destiny.
Night Of The Dunce
Roads End Branch of the public library is a decaying, ominous place, where no one comes to borrow books any more, despite the efforts of the staff to keep it a going concern. But the tension that hangs in the air affects them too, and they bicker among themselves, egged on by the scheming young temporary staff member who has wormed his way into the head librarian's confidence. Then mysterious phone calls are received, shadowy figures lurk outside, and a pair of unknown young men drop in and prowl aimlessly about the stacks. The head librarian, Mrs. Vickers, is willing to believe that their interest is reading-until the moment of seizure suddenly threatens, and the two young men turn out to be members of a gang of toughs calling themselves the Dunces. Their purpose is to take over the library and destroy it. Surrounded and besieged, Mrs. Vickers and her staff wage a seesaw battle to protect what they have and hold back the tide of ugliness which threatens to engulf them. In the end the night of threatened evil continues unresolved, but the courage and resourcefulness which have come forth to stave off destruction remain resolute as the lights dim and the defenders wait uncertainly for the attack which is sure to come.
The Farewell Concert of Irene And Vernon Palazzo
On a snowy night in Bodoni County, the songwriting team of Irene and Vernon Palazzo attempt to finish their new and final song — and wait for a long-lost daughter to return. Lyricist/Faculty wife Irene Palazzo is plunged into an over-theedge, wine-induced monologue of rage, of regrets, thwarted expectations, self loathing, outrageous and raunchy humor, fear, guilt and pain; a tidal wave that breaks on a series of shocking discoveries; receding, finally, to a calming flow of love and reconciliation. And all underscored throughout by original and standard songs, and by the improvisations of Irene’s brilliant, unable-to-speak, composer/accompanist husband, Vernon.
The Happy Journey
The play is set in a car, chronicling a cross-country road trip.
The Hide-And-Seek Odyssey Of Madeleine Gimple,
Madeline Gimple is an orphan who invents herself parents (Hansel and Gretel Gimple) and concocts all manner of outlandish stories about them to convince herself-and others-that they truly exist. She is also set upon by the Balloon Man, a villainous creature who is responsible for any number of nefarious schemes, including making people buy things just to create litter. This, of course, complicates the life of the Litterman who, with Steve, Chris and alphonse (three versions of the same character and played by the same actor) contrives to save Madeline from the Balloon Man and give him his comeuppance. Filled with fast-paced action, charming songs and dazzling magic tricks, the play is a constant joy and a theatrical event unique of its kind.
The Resurrection of Jackie Cramer
The protagonist returns from the grave to look at their past lives.

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Frank Gagliano

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