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O piesă provocatoare, plină de curiozități, cu un final învăluit în mister, alcătuită din mai multe povești: o tânără mamă care călătorește cu bebelușul ei spre un iluzoriu tată sau o fetiță care se joacă cu păpușile într-un vagon de tren părăsit.
Rutina intervenită în viaţa de cuplu îi îndepărtează pe parteneri. Hilda e bisericoasă şi uşor frigidă, iar Ottó, un mascul în călduri, o găseşte pe Mitzi pentru a-şi satisface în afara căminului plăcerile sexuale. Acest spaţiu al dorinţei e traversat de apaticul Fritz, fratele Hildei, recent ieşit din închisoare.
Norocul ii ajuta pe cei indrazneti
Fiecare caz în parte este fotografia unei renunţări sau a unei tăceri. Lipsa acţiunii echivalează cu o acţiune în sens negativ, cu o auto condamnare.
Request Concert Durch die Blaetter
O oră din viaţa a două femei în singurătatea, aşteptările şi ritualurile lor.
The mentally retarded and short-sighted Beppi is perceived by their parents, the farmers Staller and his wife, as a social disgrace and be ashamed of her. Especially the permanent pressure to which is exposed Beppi, strengthened its failures: Because they can not read without error a letter she receives slaps. Only when she is no longer monitored, she reads the letter correctly. Only the nearly 60-year-old servant Sepp is off with her. Sepp told her a hint Indians full story in which an ejected from their tribe Indian woman is rescued by a white man. The servant, who is oppressed by Beppis parents, yearns for freedom and independence, but finds no way to satisfy his social and sexual desires. Just opposite to his dog he can play yourself the Lord.
The 14-year-old Hanni is seen by her parents as a small child, even though they already confidently represent their views. When she meets the 19-year-old Franz, she sleeps with him, which earns him for seducing a minor nine months in prison and dismissal from his unskilled site. When he is released early for good behavior, scolds Hannis father about the government and wants the death penalty and the strict old regime back, even if "the one with the Jews" had been wrong. The parents are at a loss when they realize that Hanni does not want to give up the relationship with Franz. Franz and Hanni meet in secret. As Hanni becomes pregnant, they want an abortion, but fear that Hanni is then handed over to the police. As Hannis father threatens her with another meeting, see Franz, Hanni concerned a gun. She urges Francis to protect her and to kill the father. Hanni lures the father to a meeting with Franz in the forest where these shoots him. Both were arrested. Before courtroom experiences Francis of Hanni that their child died shortly after birth. Hanni turns away from him and says the relationship was just physical. Dejected Franz agrees with her that she did not involve real love.
A middle-aged woman comes home to her apartment and goes through her nightly ritual. She hangs up her coat, prepares a dinner for one and immediately cleans up after herself. In this tidy studio apartment and in this equally tidy single life, there is a place for everything. She has sanitized, deodorized and compartmentalized herself into an ordered, empty existence. After she leaves a room, she always turns out the light, conserving utilities as she conserves her emotions. Looking for distraction, she turns on the television set and then turns it off. She settles down with the radio, and when a telephone rings, she jumps. But it is not her phone; it is part of the broadcast. She is absolutely alone, and she never speaks, not even to herself.

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Biografie Franz Xaver Kroetz 

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Franz Xaver Kroetz

Franz Xaver Kroetz s-a nascut la data de 25 februarie 1946 in Munchen, Germania.

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