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O odisee comică a trecerii actorului prin jungla show business-ului în căutarea faimei și a împlinirii. Când e copil învață că dacă plânge este hrănit și alintat; dacă plânge prea mult este scuturat. Înarmat cu această lecție despre natura capricioasă a existenței, are multe roluri, merge la Hollywood și își găsește succesul în televiziune, are suișuri și căderi.
After the Ball
Stewart and Joanna, an old married couple, return home from a surprisingly festive funeral, an experience that leaves Stewart at first exhilarated and then forced to face some not-so-festive truths about himself.
Chain Mail
A man obsesses to his wife about an unopened letter and its consequences.
Chance Meeting, A
A man and a woman in a lounge glance, nod and speak in this bewitchingly comic piece. They have nothing in common but are attracted to each other. When another man enters and calls the first by a different name, he explains that the woman is really his wife and the pretense is merely to add spice to their marriage. The fur flies when the woman makes a pitch for the second man.
Christmas Spirit
It is Christmas Eve and Death comes for Julia Dowling. She persuades him to give her one more day and to be a guest at her Christmas Day party.
A woman and her brain injured brother at sea on a whale watching boat converse with each other and various passengers, revealing a great deal about themselves.
Crashing The Gate
Two young terrorists are stuck in a motel room, just killing time and getting on each other's nerves while they wait for orders. She is a fiercely committed revolutionary; he is self-involved and just interested in the perks. A phone call suddenly raises the stakes to a lethal degree. They is a sharp and scary comedy.
Designated Driver
O tânără femeie face pe bunul samaritean luând în mașină o străină care nu își amintește unde locuiește. În timp ce se învârt în cerc căutând casa acesteia, ea ține un discurs despre viață, iubire și bărbații din viața lor.
Do Again
As a young lady is preparing for a date, she discovers a young mans on her living room floor -- frightening her half to death! The man turns out to be her date, but he's twenty minutes early, and how did he get in, anyway? The truth comes out: he's not really in the apartment at all; he's miles and years away. He has appeared from the future to ask her not to keep their date, knowing that their love affair will not work out. The woman disbelieves him but he tells her things that would otherwise be impossible for him to know. A contemporary love story with a marvelous twist.
Do Over
"O perucă şi o mustaţă. Ea, apetisantă şi seducătoare, cu o lascivitate debordantă, el spilcuit şi pus pe agăţat. Par că s-au întâlnit întâmplător şi sunt atraşi irezistibil unul de celălalt. Un spectacol savuros, de un umor suculent despre un cuplu care încearcă să-şi salveze cu orice preţ căsnicia. Atunci când obişnuinţele şi plictiseala se instituie, orice tip de subterfugiu devine salvator. Cuplul recurge la cele mai ingenioase fantezii, printre care aceea de a se deghiza, pretinzând că se întâlnesc pentru prima oară. Şi asta pentru ca totul să rămână viu şi in(ex)citant". (Mihaela Michailov)
Domestic Violence
Michael, a desperately unhappy man, is at the brink of suicide. The reason: his wife Sandy is perfect. Too perfect. She caters to his every whim and he is sick of it. Sandy tries to prove that she is human and imperfect, but she can't. Michael finds that he has to leave her to preserve his own sanity, putting Sandy in a desperate situation of her own.
Fortune's Fools
rocky road to romance is trod by four people in their late twenties in this look at love and marriage
Glacier Bay
At a family affair, Connie has to contend with her husband Artie's advancing senility. Her struggle to keep a tight hold on his wandering mind is comically exasperating, but in a sudden revelation she discovers that their life paths are more similar than she suspected
Good Man, A
mortician presiding over wake is interrupted by son's amour and relatives fighting over will
Harvest Time
Mike este foarte bolnav și face dializă. Supraviețuirea lui depinde de faptul că fratele lui, Bill, ar trebui să îi doneze un rinichi. Dar acesta găsește un cumpărător pentru rinichi și trebuie să aleagă între legătura de sânge și securitatea financiară. Soluția o va găsi soția lui Mike.
A well-traveled hooker and a needy husband meet in a motel room. He has a maddening itch - in the middle of his back - and is willing to pay handsomely for relief. But is she that type of girl?
Judgement Call
Three umpires limber up for the coming season. One is at the top of the league and driven, one is a low key veteran whose confidence is waning and the third is an enthusiastic newcomer.
Louie's Daughter
At Louie's, a typical corner bar, regulars A. G. and Woody enjoy the male camaraderie of friendly insults, unsolicited opinions and pointless conversation. But their comfortable everyday routine is disrupted by the unexpected presence of a pretty female bartender.
Mamet Women
Sally is in a bind. She has to host a Tupperware party and her babysitter has cancelled. A good friend graciously offers to help out, but the price she demands for her services is more than Sally can bear to pay. The play is a comic power scene performed in female Mamet speak.
Morning Coffee
Katy and David have been living together for five years, but now it's over. They can't stand each other. They have to split up, but who gets the apartment? Neither wants to leave and neither will give in. Their anger and frustration pour out in a final summation of their rocky relationship.
One Man's Vision
A young movie director finds the ideal producer, a money man who refuses to interfere in any way with his personal vision. But as the shoot proceeds, the producer's cheerful agreeableness slowly drives the director crazy.
Package Deal
In a chic L.A. restaurant, actress Starla Simmons meets her agent, Cody Jacobsen, for lunch. Starla plans to sever their relationship because Cody has done nothing for her career. Cody uses flatters, accuses and whines to change Starla's mind, then reveals that she is dropping Starla as a client. Starla is shocked, but she still has a literal ace in the hole.
Party Animals
In Soulmates, romance blossoms at a bar when two strangers find they have a unique vocation in common. A Sunday Drive spotlights the socially lethal combination of driving while using a cellphone. In Partridge in a Pear Tree, a drunken party-goer shows an uncomfortable appreciation for his host's teenage daughter. South of the Border puts two old friends at a festive birthday dinner, where a shocking secret slips out amidst the mojitos. And speaking of secrets, The Secret Thing reveals the pitfalls of telling your girlfriend just a little bit too much about yourself.nytheatre.com
Senior Moments
Click individual titles for descriptions and performance license fees.: After the Ball ; Glacier Bay ; Louie's Daughter; Sneeze; A World of Pleasure
Single And Proud
Steve, a thirtyish New Yorker, shows up at a singles' seminar. The only other attendee is Sylvia, a 60 year old grandmother. Seminar leader Jackie Johansen outlines various bizarre programs and strategies but Steve is only interested in getting his money back until a beautiful young woman enters. Aided by Jackie's gambits, the newcomer gets to know Steve in an original and intimate way.
Two women stand outside a Manhattan office building grabbing a quick cigarette. One is a gabby middle-aged suburbanite who is proud to be a big boss's secretary. The other is a young, ultra-hip Goth, so laid-back she's practically comatose. The unlikely companions chat about urban development, music, oral sex and other conundrums of modern life in a delightedly quirky comedy.
Abby and Martha, two elderly women, sit on a park bench, discussing philosophy, literature, and the vagaries of life, as they wait for a larcenous squirrel to pass by
O femeie și un bărbat încep o conversație într-un bar din New Jersey și vorbesc despre profesiunea lor comună: crima.
Tangled Web
Într-o cafenea, Ruth, o femeie singură din New York, așteaptă să întâlnească un bărbat cunoscut pe internet. Apar tot felul de complicații atunci când o femeie cu același nume, mult mai frumoasă, vine în același loc, să întâlnească același bărbat și descoperă că au în comun mai multe decât își pot imagina.
Tree World
Într-un viitor nu foarte îndepărtat, când experiențele nucleare au afectat natura, iarba și frunzele, un cuplu din suburbia merge la cumpărături la Tree World. Acolo, un vânzător îi ajută să să-și aleagă copacul perfect stilului de viață și bugetului lor.
Twenty Years Ago
When Joan accompanies her husband to his high-school reunion, she is accosted by a strange man who insists that she is someone else, a classmate he had an intense crush on twenty years ago.
World of Pleasure, A
After thirty-three years, Stanley and Emily are finally closing down their mom-and-pop corner store, which happens to be a porno shop. When a customer drops in to make a purchase, they regale him with stories of the old days and recall the good times as they pack up their singular merchandise

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