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Darius has returned to the hotel room where a friend committed suicide. He is visited by angels Micah and Rafe, who want him to write a book, and the sinister Murmur, who wants something different…
Uncovering the lives of three very different women on Christmas Eve at Waterview Mall, in a suburb near you, Talent is a funny observation of mall life and Christmas consumer overload.
The Inept
Louise lives in Hampstead and is in her late 50s. On the occasion of her daughter's thirtieth birthday she records a cassette tape for her. During the recording she reveals that she suffered from post-natal depression.
Year of Grants
A year in the life of the Preston family as Robert (the father) tries to finish his novel, Georgina (the mother) tries not to give up on him entirely, and their two daughters, Iris and Sally, deal with being a teenager and a twenty-something respectively in a world which seems strangely overpopulated by men called Grant.

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Gabe McDonnell

Gabe McDonnell s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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