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A Double Life
Celebrated stage actor Anthony "Tony" John, riding high on the success of his current comedy "A Gentleman's Gentleman," is offered the lead in a new production of Shakespeare's Othello by theatrical producer Max Lasker. Lasker also wants Tony's ex-wife, Brita, to co-star as Desdemona. Tony initially declines the offer to the relief of director Victor Donlan, who knows Tony becomes overly involved in his roles. Brita agrees with Donlan and warns press agent Bill Friend that although Tony's mood is delightful when appearing in a comedy, he is terrifying when appearing in a drama.
Adam's Rib
Domestic and professional tensions mount when a husband and wife work as opposing lawyers in a case involving a woman who shot her husband.
Born Yesterday
An uncouth, corrupt rich junk dealer, Harry Brock, brings his showgirl mistress Billie Dawn with him to Washington, D.C. When Billie's ignorance becomes a liability to Brock's business dealings, he hires a journalist, Paul Verrall, to educate his girlfriend. In the process of learning, Billie Dawn realizes how corrupt Harry is and begins interfering with his plans to bribe a Congressman into passing legislation that would allow Brock's business to make more money.
Do Re Mi
About a minor-league con man who decides to go (somewhat) straight by going into the business of juke boxes and music promotion.
From This Day Forward
Incidents of a marriage are recalled in flashback.
Hardhat & Legs
Attractive socialite falls for a construction worker with a gambling problem.
High Time
The plot is told from the perspective of a middle-aged man who enters the world of a new generation of postwar youth.
It Should Happen to You
About a naive young woman named Gladys Glover who yearns for fame. Strolling through Central Park, she meets a young handsome man named Pete Sheppard. He is a maker of documentaries (apparently equipped only with a handheld 16mm camera). He films Gladys feeding pigeons and introduces himself. And the adventure begins...
Pat and Mike
Pat is a women's sports sensation unless her fiancé is around. Her new shady manager Mike keeps them apart and develops feelings for her.
Some Kind of Nut
About a Manhattan bank teller who grows a beard when he develops a rash from a bee sting. He is promptly fired from his job while his co-workers stand behind him.
The Girl Can't Help It
A gangster hires a down-and-out press agent to make his airheaded girlfriend a singing star.
The Marrying Kind
Florence and Chet Keefer have had a troublesome marriage. Whilst in the middle of a divorce hearing the judge encourages them to remember the good times they have had hoping that the marriage can be saved.
The More the Merrier
During the World War II housing shortage in Washington, two men and a woman share a single apartment and the older man plays Cupid to the other two.
The Right Approach
The story of five fun-loving young bachelors who live together in a converted nightclub in the Hollywood Hills. Newcomer Leo Mack is a young Hollywood hopeful who stirs up trouble when he arrives, using his brother and their roommates and anyone else he can as stepping stones in his climb for fame and fortune as a singing and acting star.
Where It's At
A.C. Smith owns and runs the Caesars Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas. As pleased as he is to have grown son Andy pay a visit, he wishes Andy would express some interest in women or the hotel, two things A.C. values above all else. Andy stays to learn the business after losing a cut of cards to his dad. He soon begins flirtations with Molly and Diana, who respectively happen to be his dad's secretary and mistress. A chip off the old block, Andy saves the hotel for A.C. by winning a game of chance. He ends up with Molly, and his dad ends up with the family business in good hands.

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Garson Kanin

Garson Kanin s-a nascut la data de 24 noiembrie 1912 in Rochester -New York, SUA.

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