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Acts Of Deceit (Between Strangers Ina Room)
Paris 1953 young white American, David meets West African Ku-Jean in an underground gay bar. Despite the fact that David has a fiancee they begin a passionate affair which ultimately leads to tragedy
Downstairs At Gosford Park
Samson is a waiter. He works at upmarket events and cocktail parties serving drinks and canapes. Being constantly surrounded by the moneyed guests at such events makes him hyper-aware of the dismal role fate has in store for him. He knows he will always just be a waiter at these events, never a guest. The evening the monologue takes place he has been serving at an arts function involving various actors and writers performing pompous and pretentious performance pieces. He suddenly explodes forth with his own monologue which reveals his deep desire to be allowed on the other side of the tray, and how his female alter-ego allows him to fantasise about such a life.
Something Natural But Very Childish
Widely considered one of the best and most influential short story writers of the last century, Katherine Mansfield was a prodigious talent with an incomparable flair for portraiture. Virginia Woolf is quoted to have said of her, Hers is the only writing I have ever been jealous of. Something Natural But Very Childish is a unique theatre piece that carefully explores several short stories dealing with the theme of the fantasy of love. It delicately weaves moments from these stories together, creating a rich tapestry that darts and dives around three pairs of would-be lovers in Edwardian England, and the bitter hope that keeps them bound to each other.
Therese Raquin
Newlyweds, Therese and Camille, have just moved to Paris with Camille's mother. Paris is nothing but hard work for Therese. She's running a shop, humouring her mother-in-law and listening to her sickly husband's plans for the railway administration. It all changes when Camille's dashing childhood friend, Laurent, appears out of the blue. Therese and Laurent become lovers and plot Camille's murder. But once they've committed the dastardly act, their dreams of happiness could not be further away as guilt manifests into hate and hate into murder, yet again. In his adaptation of one of the 19th Century's first great modern novels, Gary Abrahams captures the monstrous ethical and proto-psychological landscapes of Emile Zola's writing. With sharp intelligence he distils class claustrophobia, mordant humour and haunting gothic suspense compel this unsettling contemporary drama of desire, aspiration and amorality.

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Gary Abrahams

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