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Angel and Son
Poetic reflections on manipulation and self-defence in a mother-son relationship.
Do You Speak English?
Using only English, the playwright convinces us that Mark and Gina are mutually unintelligible, as Gina is fresh from Italy.
A playful exercise in non-verbal communication.
Friday Always Wanted To Be Tuesday
This play is centred around a crisis in the life of Ben Crayshaw, an actor. Living with him is like walking on an emotional tightrope. His identity crisis is so deep that characters he has played come back to haunt him.
Getting On
39 short sketches in all moods, "suitable for acting courses, revues and shows". 17 are monologues, and only 3 sketches need more than 4 actors.
Going Back
The Lawson family have regathered for the first time in many years due to the serious illness of Mary Lawson, the mother. An interweaving of past and present gradually reveals the secrets within the family and why the youngest son, Joe, left home so suddenly. Tinged with comic pathos, the characters are forced to confront their past.
History’s Over
It's the last lesson of the last day of school for five young women. To their surprise, it is also their history teacher's last day. Miss Carruthers arranges to meet them in the pub.
I Didn't Ask To Grow Old
Diane is adamant that her tyrannical mother-in-law Louise must go into an old people's home after her heart attack, and nothing will change her mind. Devastating home truths are exchanged.
Three women are having a meal and get together at the home of Fay who is married to the delectable, but devious, Adrian. One of the women is a newcomer and unwittingly reveals a surprising secret that brings Adrian home to a situation which soon gets beyond his control. A hilarious comedy on sexual relationships.
Playing Molière
Based on the story of Charlotte Delbo, a political prisoner in Auschwitz during WW II. Without the S.S. knowing, the prisoners rehearse and perform The Imaginary Invalid by Molière. As the Russians advance from the East the play builds to a powerful climax. A story of the triumph of the individual and of imagination.
A complex web of relationships unfolds as a group of old school friends meet for a reunion eighteen years after they have left school. With flashbacks to the sixties, old jealousies and antagonisms emerge in this fast moving, sometimes satirical, non-naturalistic play.
Five sketches in which male and female stereotypes are reversed. Doubling possible.
The Wilson family is thoroughly confused about real life and the TV soaps (which is which?) and whether their 17-year-old child is male or female. Wall-to-wall coincidences and revelations.
What Sort of Coffin Would You Like?
Set in the home of George and Liz. Beryl, who went to school with Liz, visits her school friend to find George remark that his job is selling coffins. George takes out a tape to measure Beryl for a coffin, telling her it is better to prepare for these things.

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Gary Langford

Gary Langford s-a nascut la data de in Christchurch, Noua Zeelandă.

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