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After Service
Following the funeral of a close friend, Kelvin, Sandra and Victor decide to meet up and reminisce about old times. However when there are questions to be asked about Peter's unexpected and sudden death it seems there's more to this catch up than what first seemed.
In a world of pyramid schemes, dodgy builders and Nigerian internet scams, the con artist is the fastest growing career path of the 21st century. Stevie and Earl are conmen, they're good at it too, they get people to do what they shouldn't. And now here's their chance to make money like never before. They have been waiting for it for years, all the tricks and their schemes have built to it. A con so wicked it's totally irresistible. Will they pull it off and what will be the consequences when love walks in the door?
Hamlet Dies At The End
ow is a group who can’t stand each other, and have the attention span of a four year old boy drunk on Red Bull, ever going to stage "the play about the first emo?"
Handy Man
A psychological thriller about isolation, love...and a leaky toilet. We join Richard and Claire at their remote 'super-bach' as they divide up their possessions in preparation for their divorce. Things are already fraught, and then the toilet breaks – they need a plumber. Enter Dom and in no time he has it fixed. With his purpose served this urban couple can't wait to see the back of this unusual tradesman but Dom has other ideas – he's been waiting for tonight for a long time...a leaky toilet, a remote bach and a captive audience. For just one night Dom wants to be heard, to close the gap between rich and poor, but Richard and Claire hide a dark secret, that will change Dom's life forever.
Holding On
Phone sex. Death by misadventure. A horrible discovery. All these charming factors are what holds a therapy group together. Pitch black insights as people try to move forward in their lives.
Shipwrecked Beneath the Stars
Patrick's a security guard that lives on the 'King Kong' boat for insurance purposes who has to contend not only with Adrien Brody's pretentious stand-in and a childhood friend-turned hooker...but also something that lurks away in the depths of the Kong boat.
Stand Up Love
Freddy and Ana. Stand up and girlfriend. Love and trouble. Jokes and pain. Freddy has a drinking problem, Ana has something she doesn't want him to know. Their relationship has problems but they love each other and isn't that enough?
Under the Hood
Greg, 28, is in a room he shouldn't be - a 16 year old girl's. What's worse is Natalie wants him there and she wants one thing from him. One thing that will change both of them forever.

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Gavin McGibbon

Gavin McGibbon s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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