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1926 and former Cossack General Bounine discovers a patient in a mental institution. She claims that she is anastasia one of the daughters of the Czar and that she survived the execution of her family. Bounine thinks he can make money by exploiting her and her claims but anya starts to get better and remembers things only the real anastasia could know. She is introduced to the Dowager Empress, the grandmother of anastasia and she claims that it is indeed her grand-daughter.
Beat The Band
A band leader returns to the US after the War. He is out of money so cannot afford to reassemble his band. He poses as an Italian voice coach to raise money
alented dancer Roy Lane is upset that his dance partner, innocent and beautiful Billie, is showing special interest in rich and handsome Steve Crandell, a good customer at Nick's Paradise Club where Roy performs together with Billie and other chorus girls, Mazie, Grace, Ruby, Pearl and ann. Once attractive Lil Rice plays the piano and is being wooed by Porky, once of Steve's cronies, but neither Porky nor club owner Nick are around when secret bootlegger Steve is visited by fellow mobster 'Scar' Edwards, angry with Steve for homing in on his territory. Steve shoots Scar in the back and together with accomplice Dolph dumps the body pretending that it is a drunk.
Norma has three young men in tow - Robert, Stanley and bad boy Michael. Naturally, it is Michael that she falls for. They run away together pursued by her father with his gun
Damn Yankees
The Washington Senators are not doing well - they have lost to the New York Yankees. Joe wishes he could help. He is heard by Mr applegate who has a proposition for Joe
The story of New York Mayor and Congressman Fiorello LaGuardia. LaGuardia a lawyer in a poor and deprived part of New York decides to do something to help the local people and runs for Congress
Flora, The Red Menace
Is Flora a "Red menace" or just a girl in love?
High Button Shoes
Conmen Harrison Floy and Mr Pontdue cheat the Longstreet family out of all their money. Pursued by the police the make a getaway to atlantic City taking Fran - Mrs Longstreet's younger sister with them. Fran has fallen for Harrison. In atlantic City Pontdue tells Harrison to put all the money they have stolen on a bet. Harrison makes a mistake - he was supposed to bet on Princeton in a football match - they loose - instead he put the money on a horse called Princeton - it wins. The conmen now have more then enough money to pay back everyone they conned
Lilly Turner
Carnival performer Lilly Turner marries a bigamist.
Love'Em And Leave'Em
Two sisters trying to make their way in the world. One wins a craps game and is able to set her sister up
New Girl In Town
Anna has been a streetwalker for fifteen years but when she contracts tuberculosis she returns home to her father, Chris a retired sailor. Chris is unaware of his daughter's past. anna meets another sailor Mat and they fall in love. But Chris and Mat find out about anna's past and Mat leaves and goes to sea. anna becomes a farmer. Much later Mat returns. Chris tries to keep him and Anna apart.
On Your Toes
Phil "Junior" Dolan III teaches music at a university. He persuades the head of the Russian Ballet to put on a jazz ballet - "Slaughter On Tenth avenue". Phil becomes involved with the prima ballerina Vera Barnova. Her jealous boyfriend gets to thugs to murder Phil. Meanwhile Phil has been forced to take over the male lead in "Slaughter"
Pajama Game
About strained labour relations in a pajama factory
Pal Joey
Joey a second rate dancer and club MC has big ambitions - he wants his own club - "Chez Joey". He meets naive Linda and impresses her with his big talk. Later at the club bored married Vera arrives. Joey insults her and she leaves. Joey is ordered to apologise and the next time Vera is in the club she is so charmed they start an affair. One day when Joey is out with Vera at a shop where she is buying him new clothes Linda meets them and is shocked at what Joey is doing. Vera buys a club for Joey. On opening night two of the staff plot to blackmail Vera - Linda overhears and tells her. Vera calls in the police. Vera decides that Joey is not worth the bother and closes the club. She tells Linda that she can have him - but Linda does not want him either. Linda and Joey meet - but he ignores her to chase after another woman.
Sweet River
Adaptare dup[ nuvela ”Coliba Unchiului Tom” de Harriet Beecher Stowe
1890s. The Reverend Doctor Brock wants to clean up the Tenderloin district of New York and get rid of the prostitutes who ply their trade there. He enlists the help of a young newspaper journalist, Tommy - who also sings in one of the bars in Tenderloin - to help him. But Tommy is in league with a dishonest policeman and they fabricate evidence that the good Reverend had other interests in the girls. Then Tommy meets choir girl Laura and is converted. He refuses to give evidence at the trial of Rev Brock.
The Boys From Syracuse
Identical twins - both get named antipholus are separated when very young when the ship they are travelling in sinks. One twin ends up in Syracuse and the other in Ephesus. Both boys have a servant - both called Dromio who are also identical twins. The twins are now young men and the Syracuse antipholus and Dromio go to Ephesus where they get mistaken for the other two.
Three Men On A Horse
rwin Trowbridge is a modest young writer of greeting card verses living with his loving wife audrey in Ozone Heights, New Jersey. Unfortunately, meddlesome brother-in-law Clarence is a pain: he built their house and he despises poetic Erwin. as a hobby, Erwin plays the horses - but only on paper. He never actually places a bet but he always wins. One day, after a set-to with Clarence he drowns his sorrows and meets a crowd of gamblers who pick up on his talent. Led by Patsy and his moll Mabel, the gang encourage Erwin to abscond from work while he makes their fortune.
Tree Grows In Brooklyn
A family in Brooklyn. Johnny is a singing waiter who spends all his money in a local bar. His wife Katie is hard working but fed up with Johnny's behaviour. Their daughter Francie idolises her father. and then there is aunt Sissie with a string of live in lovers that she calls each one John as that was the name of her first love.
Where's Charley?
Oxford. Charley Wykeham has gone to the station to meet his aunt from Brazil. His room mate, Jack Chesney, is pleased that the aunt is coming because that means she can act as chaperone when their young ladies come over. The young ladies arrive early and do not stay as there is no chaperone. Charley arrives back from the station but with out aunt Donna Lucia. She is coming on a later train. Charley goes to try on his costume for the college play. Jack's father arrives and tells him they have lost all their money. Jack wonders if Donna Lucia might make a rich wife for his father. Charley shows off his costume. The girls arrive and think that he is Charley's Aunt

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George Abbott

George Abbott s-a nascut la data de 25 iunie 1887 in Forestville - New York, SUA.

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