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A Village Wooing
On a cruise liner, A, an aesthetic young man, is writing. Z, a young woman, appears and tries to engage him in conversation, which he resists. He explains that he is writing about the cruise for the "Marco Polo Series of Chatty Guide Books". Z asks whether she will be included in his account of it, and replies that she will. She says she is thrilled, but must now give an account of herself, explaining that her father was a man of letters, as he was a postman. Second conversation: In a village shop, A enters. He is served by Z, but does not recognise her. He gets into a conversation with her, and talks about having met a persistent woman on a cruise. Z asks him to tell her more about this woman. She eventually persuades him to buy the shop. Third conversation: In the village shop again, A is now the owner of the shop, and is working on writing a checklist of reasons for staying there. Z argues with him about whether he is a shopkeeper or a poet. Eventually the pair decide they ought to be married. Z phones the church to make the arrangements. The play ends as she is about to tell the church their names.
Androcles and the Lion Text disponibil online
În Roma anului 161, Cato il anunta pe Editor (un gladiator) ca intentioneaza sa-i adune pe toti crestinii din Syracusa pentru a-i arunca in arena. Megaera isi convinge sotul (Androcles) sa fuga din oras. Pe drum cei doi se intalnesc cu un leu, iar in timp ce sotia sa e lesinata Androcles scoate ghimpele din laba leului. In timp ce vorbeste cu leul el va fi capturat de soldatii trimisi dupa el, dar sotia sa va reusi sa fuga. Capitanul insarcinat cu pazirea crestinilor pe drumul spre Roma se arata nemultumit de faptul ca soldatii se arata prietenosi cu prizonierii, dar se simte atras de frumoasa Lavinia. In afara de ea si de Androcles,va aparea un al treilea personaj interesant din randul crestinilor- Ferrovius. Chiar daca stie ca martiriul crestinilor in arena va duce la noi convertiri imparatul e decis sa-i omoare pe toti cei adusi, dar neprevazutul isi va juca si el rolul sau.
Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress Text disponibil online
The play is obviously influenced by the Russian Revolution that year. It takes place in an imaginary country which has recently experienced a similar revolution. The two main characters are the daughter of the ruler, who once ran away to join the circus as a girl, and now supports the revolution, and an army officer who opposes it.
Arms and the Man Text disponibil online
despre divizarea Europei, despre naționalism și xenofobie, despre iluzia păcii, dar și despre iluzia dragostei de a înfrumuseța realitatea;
Augustus Does His Bit Text disponibil online
Lord Augustus Highcastle tells his secretary Horatio Beamish that the war is a very serious matter, especially as he has three German brothers-in-law. He soon learns that a female spy is after an important document in his possession. A glamorous woman visits him. After flattering him by saying how important he is, she tells him that she suspects her sister-in-law of being the spy. She explains that Augustus' brother, known as "Blueloo", has made a bet that Augustus can be easily tricked, and intends to use this woman to prove it. If she can get the document, a list of British gun emplacements, and take it to "Blueloo", Augustus's incompetence will be exposed.
Back to Methuselah Text disponibil online
Buoyant Billions
Subtitled, "a comedy of no manners", the play is about a brash young man courting the daughter of an elderly billionaire, who is pondering how to dispose of his wealth after his death.
Caesar and Cleopatra Text disponibil online
Despre relația acestor două puternice personalități și implicațiile ei istorice.
Candida Text disponibil online
The play is set in the northeast suburbs of London in the month of October. It tells the story of Candida, the wife of a famous clergyman, the Reverend James Mavor Morell. Morell is a Christian Socialist, popular in the Church of England, but Candida is responsible for much of his success. Candida returns home briefly from a trip to London with Eugene Marchbanks, a young poet who wants to rescue her from what he presumes to be her dull family life.
Captain Brassbound's Conversion Text disponibil online
About the relationship between law and justice. Sir Howard Hallam, a judge, and his sister-in-law, Lady Cicely Waynflete, a well-known explorer, are at the home of Rankin, a Presbyterian minister. Rankin, knows Sir Howard as the brother of an old friend, Miles Hallam, who moved to Brazil after marrying a local woman. Sir Howard tells Rankin that his brother's property was illicitly seized after his death by his widow's family, but Sir Howard has now recovered it. Lady Cicely decides to explore Morocco with Sir Howard. They are advised to take an armed escort. This can be organised by Captain Brassbound, a smuggler who owns a ship called Thanksgiving. When Brassbound arrives, he warns Sir Howard that in the mountain-country justice is ruled by codes of honour, not law courts.
Cymbeline Refinished
Shaw writes a new final act to Shakespeare's play Cymbeline. The drama follows from Shaw's longstanding need to reimagine Shakespeare's work, epitomised by his play Caesar and Cleopatra and his late squib Shakes versus Shav.
Fanny's First Play Text disponibil online
In a country house, Fanny O'Dowda, the daughter of the Count O'Dowda, is putting on a play she has written. She has hired professional actors and invited major critics. Fanny, who has studied at Cambridge, is keeping her authorship secret. She expects that her father the Count will disapprove of the play, as he hates the vulgarity of modern life. He has only just returned to Britain from living in Venice.
Farfetched Fables
A collection of six short plays by George Bernard Shaw in which he outlines several of his most idiosyncratic personal ideas. The fables are preceded by a long preface. The ideas in the plays and the preface have been called the "violent unabashed prejudices of an eccentric".
It describes a summit meeting designed to contain the increasingly dangerous behaviour of three dictators, Herr Battler, Signor Bombardone, and General Flanco (parodies of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco).
Getting Married Text disponibil online
The play analyses and satirises the status of marriage in Shaw's day, with a particular focus on the necessity of liberalising divorce laws.
Great Catherine Text disponibil online
La curtea imperială a Rosiei soseşte un tânăr căpitan englez, Edstaston, care îi stârneşte împărătesei un viu interes de natură erotică. Cu o solidă educaţie, format la Cambridge, viteaz în luptă, tânărul se dovedeşte prea puţin dispus să-i facă reginei pe plac. Cum nici Ecaterina nu este femeia care să se dea bătută cu una cu două, se vor crea dispute încinse.
Heartbreak House Text disponibil online
Ellie Dunn, her father, and her fiancé are invited to one of Hesione Hushabye’s infamous dinner parties, to be held at the house of her father, the eccentric Captain Shotover, an inventor in his late 80s who is trying to create a "psychic ray" that will destroy dynamite. The house is built in the shape of the stern of a ship. Lady Utterword, Shotover's other daughter, arrives from Australia, but he pretends not to recognise her. Hesione says they are running out of money. Shotover needs to invent a weapon of mass destruction. His last invention, a lifeboat, did not bring in much cash. Ellie intends to marry businessman Boss Mangan, but she really loves a man she met in the National Gallery. Unfortunately, her fiancé is a ruthless scoundrel, her father's a bumbling prig, and it turns out that the man she's in love with is Hector, Hesione's husband, who spends his time telling romantic lies to women. Marriage to Mangan will be the sensible choice.
How He Lied to Her Husband Text disponibil online
The play is set in the drawing room of a flat located on Cromwell Road in London. Henry Apjohn is "a very beautiful youth, moving as in a dream, walking as on air," while Aurora Bompas has "an air of being a young and beautiful woman but as a matter of hard fact, she is, dress and pretensions apart, a very ordinary South Kensington female of about 37, hopelessly inferior in physical and spiritual distinction to the beautiful youth." The third character is Aurora's husband Teddy, "a robust, thicknecked, well groomed city man, with a strong chin but a blithering eye and credulous mouth." Aurora is distressed because she has misplaced some poems, in which she is identified by name, written for her with declarations of love by the impetuous Henry. She suspects her sister-in-law Georgina stole them from her workbox and is concerned she will read them to Aurora's husband Teddy.
In Good King Charles's Golden Days
A discussion play, the issues of nature, power and leadership are debated between King Charles II ('Mr Rowley'), Isaac Newton, George Fox and the artist Godfrey Kneller, with interventions by three of the king's mistresses (Barbara Villiers, 1st Duchess of Cleveland; Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth; and Nell Gwynn) and his queen, Catherine of Braganza.
John Bull's Other Island
The play is about with Larry Doyle, originally from Ireland, but who has turned his back on his heritage to fit in with the English and Tom Broadbent, his business partner. They are civil engineers who run a firm in London, but go to Roscullen, where Doyle was born, to develop some land. Doyle has no illusions about Ireland while Broadbent is taken with the romance of the place and he becomes a favourite of the people. He will marry Nora Reilly, the woman waiting for Doyle and become the area's candidate for Parliament after Doyle refuses to stand.
Major Barbara Text disponibil online
About an idealistic young woman, Barbara Undershaft, who is engaged in helping the poor as a Major in the Salvation Army in London. For many years Barbara and her siblings have been estranged from their father, Andrew Undershaft, who now reappears as a rich and successful munitions maker. Undershaft, the father, gives money to the Salvation Army, which offends Major Barbara, who does not want to be connected to his "tainted" wealth.
Man and Superman Text disponibil online
Mr. Whitefield has recently died, and his will indicates that his daughter Ann should be left in the care of two men, Roebuck Ramsden and Jack Tanner. Ramsden is a venerable old man, John Tanner is an eloquent youth with revolutionary ideas. Ann accepts Tanner as her guardian, though Tanner doesn't want the position at all. She also challenges Tanner's revolutionary beliefs with her own ideas. Despite Tanner's professed dedication to anarchy, he is unable to disarm Ann's charm, and she ultimately persuades him to marry her.
Misalliance Text disponibil online
The play takes place entirely on a single Saturday afternoon in the conservatory of a large country house in Hindhead, Surrey in Edwardian era England.It is a continuation of some of the ideas on marriage that he expressed in 1908 in his play, Getting Married. It was also a continuation of some of his other ideas on Socialism, physical fitness, the Life Force, and "The New Woman": i.e. women intent on escaping Victorian standards of helplessness, passivity, stuffy propriety, and non-involvement in politics or general affairs.
Profesiunea Doamnei Warren (Mrs. Warren's Profession) Text disponibil online
Kitty Warren este proprietara unui bordel, dar a ascuns acest fapt ficei sale Vivie pe care, cu banii strânși din afacerea sa, a educat-o la Cambridge. Aceasta este oripilată când afla adevarul despre meseria mamei sale care îi explică că necazurile cu care s-a confruntat în tinerețe sunt cele care au determinat-o să se ocupe cu astfel de lucruri. Deși pare să înțeleagă lucrurile, vivie își va părăsi mama când realizează că aceasta își continuă afacerea.
O'Flaherty V.C. Text disponibil online
About an Irish soldier in the British army returning home after winning the Victoria Cross. The play was written at a time when the British government was attempting to promote recruitment in Ireland, while many Irish republicans expressed opposition to a war to defend the British Empire.
On the Rocks
About the social crisis of the Great Depression. The entire play is set in the Cabinet Room of 10 Downing Street. It is noted for its evidence of Shaw's political evolution towards apparent support for dictatorship.
Overruled Text disponibil online
Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction
A comic mock-melodrama, written to raise funds for charity. It has been revived occasionally, in tandem with other short works by Shaw or by other playwrights.
Press Cuttings Text disponibil online
The play is set three years in the then future, on April Fool's Day 1912, by which date the actions of the suffragettes are imagined to have led the government to declare martial law in central London. Because of potentially libellous satire of real politicians, the play was originally censored in Britain, but was soon performed in public with minor alterations.
Pygmalion Fragment disponibil online
Piesa este inversul legendei lui Pygmalion, căci aici ”opera” se îndrăgostește de creatorul ei, dar acesta nu răspunde dragostei sale. Un pariu între doi prieteni va duce la transformarea unei tinere florărese de mahala, cu mari carențe de vorbire și educație, într-o domnișoară cu un limbaj elevat și un comportament perfect. Dar în vreme ce în mahala fata era fericită și mulțumită de viața sa modestă, odată cu transformarea și respingerea dragostei, devine debusolată.
Sfânta Ioana (Saint Joan)
Based on the life and trial of Joan of Arc, the play dramatises what is known of her life based on the substantial records of her trial. Shaw studied the transcripts and decided that the concerned people acted in good faith according to their beliefs.
Shakes versus Shav
William Shakespeare arrives in Malvern, seeking the upstart Shaw, quoting lines from his own plays. Shaw appears and Shakespeare punches him to the ground. He starts to count him out, but Shaw leaps up and punches Shakespeare to the ground. Shakespeare bounds back too. They start to argue. Shaw claims that Macbeth has been bettered by Scott's novel Rob Roy, and "proves" the point by staging a fight between the ghosts of the two Scots, which Rob Roy wins.
The Admirable Bashville
Cashel Byron, a world champion prizefighter, as he tries to woo wealthy aristocrat Lydia Carew without revealing his illegal profession.
The Apple Cart
A satirical comedy about several political philosophies which are expounded by the characters, often in lengthy monologues. The plot follows the fictional English King Magnus as he spars with, and ultimately outwits, Prime Minister Proteus and his cabinet, who seek to strip the monarchy of its remaining political influence.
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
The play is set at "Fin de siècle 15-1600. Midsummer night on the terrace of the Palace at Whitehall, overlooking the Thames. Shakespeare tries to persuade the queen to create a national theatre.
The Devil's Disciple Text disponibil online
The story of Richard Dudgeon, a local outcast and self-proclaimed "Devil's disciple". In a twist characteristic of Shaw's love of paradox, Dudgeon sacrifices himself in a Christ-like gesture despite his professed Infernal allegiance.
The Doctor's Dilemma Text disponibil online
About the moral dilemmas created by limited medical resources, and the conflicts between the demands of private medicine as a business and a vocation.
The Fascinating Foundling
Horace Brabazon, an elegant young man, enters the office of the Lord Chancellor, Sir Cardonius Boshington. After a scuffle with the clerk, he is granted an interview with the Lord. As an orphan, he expects the Chancellor to behave as the father of all orphans who are wards of court. He has a duty to find Horace a job and also to find him a suitable wife, someone old enough to mother him. Horace then leaves. Miss Anastasia Vulliamy, another foundling, appears. A Suffragette, who has recently been released from prison, she demands to be given a weak-willed husband whom she can dominate. Horace, reappears, having forgotten his walking-stick. Anastasia says he looks just like the kind of man she wants. Horace is reluctant to commit to a relationship, but when he discovers that she is a foundling like himself, he embraces her.
The Gadfly
a dramatic adaptation by George Bernard Shaw of Anglo-Irish writer Ethel Lilian Voynich. Arthur Burton is a devout Catholic who wishes to become a priest. While studying in Italy in the early stages of the Risorgimento he converts from Catholicism to radicalism, much to the dismay of his mentor in the priesthood. He travels to South America, and eventually returns to become a revolutionary writer under the pen name "the gadfly" .
The Glimpse of Reality
The play is set in Italy during the 15th century. It is a parody of the verismo melodramas in vogue at the time. Giulia, a beautiful peasant girl, tells a friar that she is about to commit a sin so that she can obtain the money she needs to marry her beloved Sandro, a fisherman. When she mentions Count Ferruccio, a notorious womaniser, the friar assumes that she has agreed to sleep with him for the money, and cheerfully comments that she could not sin with a better young fellow. But Giulia says that the sin is far worse. She has agreed to lure the Count to the inn with the promise of sex, where her father Squarcio, a professional assassin, is waiting to murder him.
The Inca of Perusalem Text disponibil online
The plot appears at first to be a fairy-tale like story about a fantastical "Inca", but it eventually becomes obvious that the Inca is Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. Inca meets the impoverished widow of a millionaire
The Man of Destiny Text disponibil online
The play is set in Italy during the early career of Napoleon. After his victory at the Battle of Lodi, Napoleon eats his meal, works on his plans and talks with the innkeeper Giuseppe Grandi. A lieutenant arrives with bad news. The dispatches he was carrying have been stolen by a youth who tricked him out of them. Napoleon says he will be arrested for dereliction of duty. The lieutenant says he can hear the voice of the youth who tricked him. A woman appears. She says that the dispatches were stolen by her brother. Napoleon is unconvinced. He orders the lieutenant out and tells the woman to hand over the dispatches.
The Millionairess
The story of Epifania, a spoilt heiress, and her search for a suitor.
The Music Cure
Lord Reginald Fitzambey, Under-Secretary of State for War, is in a distressed state. He explains to his doctor that he had bought shares in the "Macaroni Trust", knowing that the British army would soon be put on a vegetarian diet. Brought before a parliamentary committee for profiteering, he tried to explain that macaroni was a normal investment. Now he is highly sensitised to anything distressing. His doctor prescribes rest, and offers him opium pills. A woman starts to play the piano, causing Reginald to scream. The woman turns out to be famous pianist Strega Thundridge, employed by Reginald's mother at considerable cost, to play in the room for two hours to sooth Reginald's nerves. Despite the obvious fact that she's having the opposite effect Strega carries on playing. Reginald finds himself powerfully attracted to her, but when he tries to make a pass at her, she starts playing Chopin, which causes convulsions in Reginald. She then restores his vitality with a stirring Polonaise. Reginald, who adores dominant women, is now hopelessly in love with Strega. He begs her to marry him, so that she can dominate him completely. She accepts, having always dreamed of meeting a man who was utterly in thrall to her.
The Philanderer Text disponibil online
A lady and gentleman are making love to one another in the drawing room of a flat in Ashley Gardens in the Victoria district of London.”The lady is a young widow, Grace Tranfield, in love with the man, Leonard Charteris, who is the ‘philanderer’ of the title. Grace is shocked and disconcerted to find that Charteris, on his own light‐hearted admission, has been in a similar position with Julia Craven and others. The affair with Julia, in fact, has never been broken off. He maintains that it is not his fault that half the women he speaks to fall in love with him; and he is in full flight of cajolery when Julia Craven herself erupts on to the scene, attacks Grace, and announces her intention of staying until Charteris has given her up.
The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet Text disponibil online
The play is set in the American West. Blanco Posnet, a local drunk and reprobate, is brought before the court accused of stealing a horse belonging to the Sheriff. He been found walking along a road out of town after having left his brother's house in the early hours of the morning. The same night the horse had gone missing from his brother's stable. His accusers assume he has sold or concealed the horse. Blanco says they can't convict him without evidence that he ever had the horse. He also says he was owed some jewellery belonging to his mother, which had been bequeathed to him, but his brother had refused to hand it over. Even if he did take the horse he did so as payment for the debt his brother owed. Unfortunately he was unaware that the horse was merely being stabled by his brother, but belonged to the Sheriff. His brother, a reformed drunkard who is now a church Deacon, lectures Blanco on morality and judgement, but Blanco ridicules his brother's view of God.
The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles
East Asian princess Prola and a priest Pra, decide to join with two European couples in a sexually communal "superfamily" to create a utopian community on an uninhabited island that has just emerged from the sea in an obscure outpost of the British Empire. They produce two mixed-race children, Maya and Vashti, who are intended to blend the qualities of the East and the West. The children have ideal refined sensibilities, but lack common sense. Issie, a British clergyman, arrives on the island, dropped off by pirates. He is drawn into its idiosyncratic mores, eventually enthusiastically embracing the polygamous lifestyle by mating with Maya and Vashti and producing two children. This causes scandal in Britain, leading to a proposed invasion of the island to impose conventional morality. However, English politicians decide that the best course is for England to declare its own independence from the British Empire. At this point the Angel of the Lord appears, declares that the Last Judgement has come, and makes most of the characters disappear because they are useless. News arrives from Britain that large numbers of British politicians have also disappeared, along with most doctors.
The Six of Calais
It is a historical comedy about the conflict between Edward III of England and his wife Philippa of Hainault over his plans to punish the leading citizens of Calais for resisting the 1346 siege.
Too True to Be Good
A talking Microbe complains that he is beginning to feel ill, since he has become infected by the sick Patient whom he himself infects. The Patient is the daughter of Mrs Mopply, whose children have been dying of the illness one by one. The Patient feels that her life is empty and pointless. When her nurse Susan and the nurse's boyfriend Aubrey are discovered attempting to steal the Patient's jewels, the Patient is delighted. She suggests that they should sell the jewels and pretend to kidnap her so that she can experience life away from her stifling home. The three leave. The Microbe tells the audience that the actual plot of the play is now over, and that the rest will just be a lot of talking. The three escapees arrive at a fort in a jungle, at an outpost of the British Empire governed by Colonel Tallboys. Susan pretends to be a Countess, arriving with her brother and maid. They soon discover that the real ruler of the area is the seemingly diffident Private Napoleon Alexander Trotsky Meek. When rebellious natives attack the fort, the Colonel merely paints a watercolour, leaving Meek to confront them. The trio now find that they too are infected by boredom, as life in the wild tropics is as empty as it was back in Britain.
Why She Would Not
A tramp called Henry Bossborn rescues a young woman from a robber in the woods. He learns that she is Serafina White, the granddaughter of an elderly businessman who runs the largest timber merchants in the country. As a reward, he asks for a job in the business — but on his own terms. She agrees. Soon he has transformed the business and increased its profits. He has also started his own property-development company. He knocks down the old mansion in which Miss White grew up and replaces it with a new super-efficient modernistic home. He expects to marry her and move into the new house. She is unhappy with the changes and refuses to marry him. He explains that he is serving the "life force" which demands renewal, but she is unwilling to fully accept this, and agrees only to friendship, not marriage.
Widowers' Houses
A poor but aristocratic young doctor named Harry Trench and his friend William Cokane are vacationing at Remagen on the Rhine. There, they encounter fellow travelers: Mr Sartorius, a self-made businessman, and his daughter Blanche. Harry and Blanche fall in love and become engaged.
You Never Can Tell Text disponibil online
The play is set in a seaside town and tells the story of Mrs Clandon and her three children, Dolly, Phillip and Gloria, who have just returned to England after an eighteen-year stay in Madeira.The children have no idea who their father is and, through a comedy of errors, end up inviting him to a family lunch. At the same time a dentist named Valentine has fallen in love with the eldest daughter, Gloria. However, Gloria considers herself a modern woman and claims to have no interest in love or marriage.

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George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw s-a nascut la data de 26 iulie 1856 in Dublin, Irlanda.

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