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A Long Day's Journey Makes Things Right
Jamie really needs to tell his parents the truth about his frequent visits to Dr Richard before his impending marriage gets any closer. Unfortunately, his father’s vaunted psychic abilities have completely failed to pick up on this.
Catch As Catch Can
An alternative history of Othello, playing with our preconceptions of Shakespeare's characters. A worldly wise Iago is giving advice about women to a distraught Cassio, who cannot bear to see Desdemona married to Othello. But Iago's wife seems to be openly flirting with the General, and Desdemona isn't happy...
Chemistry Lessons
A Chemistry teacher is having trouble coming to terms with his impending matrimony, when he's suddenly swept into the middle of another couple's marriage problems. Once he's proved he's not having an affair with the wife or the daughter, he still has his own fiancée to sort out...
Fleas Can Bite
A saga of unrequited love, insanity and blackmail, populated by a strange collection of patients, professionals and friends.
Good For Something
Lizzie and Max meet regularly for a game of checkers during which they come closer together and are able to confide in and advise each other.
He Can't Tell You
Bernie's low because he's just been laid off, but Alice has some good news - his old friend Earl is going to call round! Except Bernie's not so sure Earl was a friend, and maybe he's not going to be so pleased to see Bernie... Things certainly don't pan out as they expected.
He Deserves It
George Potter dreams of building the low-cost housing his father never finished, but he's long on dreams and short of cash. Will he get the money from mean old banker Bailey, or will his childhood friend Frank help him out?
It's a Farce
A professional meeting between teacher Ernest and the head of his department, Janice, is misinterpreted as a clandestine romantic liaison. Unfortunately for Ernest, the misinterpreter is his wife's best friend who cannot help reporting her observations. Add in neighbour Bob, who has suicidal tendencies, and cookie 'therapist' Marcia who has arrived to offer Ernest a massage and we have a recipe for farcical mayhem.
Like it or Not
A young playwright waits to meet the star who may produce his play, but his fiancée wants in on the act. More than that, her father has planned a meeting with the actress, and it turns out her mother is going to have her own surprising encounter.
Mondo Pizzicato
Jimmy is relying on his brother Danny for financial support while he finishes his musical degree. Danny thinks he should marry Peggy, the girl who does their cleaning, but doesn't know that Jimmy and Peggy had a one night stand last week. Danny also doesn't know that their gay friend Freddy fancies him. All these secrets collide on the same day.
Not 2B
Amanda worries that her children, Tom and Laura, are too ambitious. Tom sets Laura up with a guy from his company, but the evening takes a few twists that no one was expecting. Luckily it all goes over Amanda's head, and she tells herself she's got a happy ending after all.
Oliver is a successful department store owner who is disenchanted with his marriage (his check book tells him so) and he's looking for an outlet for his affections. His roving eye falls upon Isabella, a newly arrived immigrant who - unknown to him - is the former girlfriend of his store manager - that same store manager who Oliver is trying to marry-off to his wife's sister. All the ingredients of a classic farce, played out in 25 minutes.
Speak Your Mind
Ever since her father died, Ruth has been concerned about her mother Mildred. Ruth's husband Richard has his worries too, as Ruth's reverence for her father's memory seems to cloud her judgment. An unexpected guest in the form of Richard's boss Harry turns a simple dinner party into a stage for confessions and accusations.
The More Things Change
James isn't telling Joyce everything, but mostly because she won't let him get a word in edgeways between her assumptions. When he takes his leave, she has to fill in the blanks with the help of Ralph, which lands Norah in a load of trouble she doesn't deserve.
The Psychotherapist In Spite Of Himself
Ronald wants to marry Janey, but he thinks she's worried about his acting career. He poses as a psychotherapist to see if he can convince her that he's a good actor - and ends up taking on her entire family's emotional problems in one very busy day.
The School for Scandal
Eighteenth century comedy of manners, abridged to one-act play length. Plots and intrigues abound to blacken names and ruin reputations, but when true love is expressed it awakens the good characters of some of the school's members.
They Do And They Don't
Old friends Ward and Lefty support each other in a loyal male bonding way, despite Lefty's affair with Ward's wife June, but their friendship is strained when demands from June and wayward daughter Julia, intrude.
Waiting for Julia
As Peter waits downstairs for his prom date, Julia, he strives to make a good impression on her parents -- even as they proceed to get drunk, vent their existential frustrations, cajole Peter, attempt to seduce him, and ultimately attack him. It's not a pretty sight, but it ends well.
We All Make Plans, Don't We?
Earl is devastated to learn that his very large investment in a financial scheme has been lost, when the scheme turns out to be a scam. His friend the vicar has also been swindled by the same scheme, in which he had invested the church funds. Earl's teenage daughter exacerbates Earl's distress with some news of her own involving the scheme's perpetrator.
Who's Hamlet
A young actor takes the role of Hamlet from his ageing father.

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