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Awkward Acquaintances
At her wit's end, a woman decides the only way to get rid of a clingy friend is to break-up with her like she would a boyfriend.
A man and a woman who are best friends talk about wheather they think the other would be good in bed to surprising results.
A follow-up to Kellett's first monologue show. From a Brittany Spears type to a housewife returning to school after her kids leave home, this is another compilation of 15 short monologues about the joys and sorrows faced by women ever since Eve bit the apple
A man and woman race to break up with the other first, realizing in the process that all they want is to be together.
A couple appears to enjoy fulfilling sex,only to have the woman declare that she loves another man and will never see her current lover again.
Identity Theft
A man and woman on a first date reveal a little too much about themselves when they get held up at gun point.
In Her Shoes
In Her Shoes is a 15-woman monologue show. From a waitress at Hooters to God herself, the show explores the laughs, the loves, and the discoveries of the modern woman
In The Middle
A happily married couple reacts to their single friends and their wild (and wildly different) dating stories.
A couple agrees to meet one year after their breakup to attempt to be friends.
Lie With Me
A mysterious salesman teaches a man and woman how to lie
Love, Lee
A mother and daughter bond over old love letters that have been returned to the mother from a mystery man.
Other Side of the Rainbow, The
A gay man surprises his female best friend by telling her that, out of curiosity, he wants to have sex with a woman. But when he requests that she be that woman she surprises him by having a request of her own.
Shadow Puppets
A man and woman on a date have to deal with the voices in their head.
Skirts & Flirts
It explores the intersecting lives of 15 present-day Los Angelinos and how, even in passing, they profoundly effect one another's lives.
Thousand Words, A
A 30-year-old guy arrives to his internet date only to find a 60-year-old woman waiting for him&but that's just the first of many surprises he has in store.
A mistaken phone call leads two strangers into divulging information about their current romantic relationships leading them to realize that perhaps they should be with each other instead.

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Gloria Calderon Kellett

Gloria Calderon Kellett s-a nascut la data de 1975 in , SUA.

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