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50 Shades of Winter
The story of two couples who come to the conclusion that they need to spice up their love life.
Amendment in my Pants
The short play takes place at the Minnesota Legislature trying to pass constitutional amendments about what goes on in people's bedrooms.
Gravitone, the Musical!
Captain Gravitone must stop the evil General Idiocy, who has teamed up with Siren Seductress Leather Alice to make the world "more stupider." Can Captain Gravitone make a difference?
Greatest Story Ever Edited
Gospel writer Chris has written her version of events - but the publishers say that the disciples are "too gay" and that they want a happy ending this time when Jesus does not die.
Happy Hannukwanzmas
Despre Scrooge McGrinch și Crăciun.
P C Street
A producer is told that the characters in a childrens play must be more politically correct.
Red Shirt
The sci-fi geek play takes place at a science fiction convention when a Red Shirt turns up dead. Can Captain Kirk, Yoda, Doctor Smith, astronaut Pete Carrol and Captain Starbuck figure out who did it?
The play tells the story of a family's travel through the maze of questions and fears after a mother's breast cancer surgery.
Snapped Shot
Un reporter este trimis să facă un interviu cu un bețivan și este influențat în mod ciudat de dtilul de viață al acestuia.
Tammy Flew And The Knights Of The Roundish Coroner's Table
During the swine flu epidemic a postman steals some of the vaccine.
True Scent
Katherine and her fiance, John are going to an exclusive wine party. Trying to get ahead she has told everyone that the fiance is a wine expert and can a wine simply by its aroma - but John is a school janitor and no wine expert.
1994 Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Kevin Carter's photo of a dying child with a vulture in wait brings him fame, but also controversy on when a journalist also has a duty to help a fellow human being.
Walking Track
Two co-workers make a New Year's Resolution that each lunch time they will exercise on the walking track. But will the all you can eat offer at the piazza restaurant prove to be too tempting.

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Greg Abbott

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