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Fred's Shed
Fred is a loveable old character who tends to spend time in his shed, whiling away the hours. He is untidy and forgetful and one day he rediscovers his old Teddy. Together they experience a range of adventures using usual shed implements and junk that happens to be lying around. He reminisces about playing cricket, imagines he is the imprisoned Count of Monte Cristo, becomes Fred Holmes when the lights go out and pretends he has found a deserted pirate ship. Fred forgets why he originally went into the shed but it doesn't matter as he feels he has spent a productive day, essentially playing.
Hidden Agenda
A slightly absurdist comedy set in a conference centre; the nature of the conference is vaguely to do with leadership and working as a team. The six characters set about their tasks as a group but along the way we realise that each of them has their own aspirations and ambitions. They are not deliberately uncooperative but they do miscommunicate, misunderstand each other and behave quite dysfunctionally. They attempt several seemingly pointless tasks, regardless of their relevance or value, and succeed only in confusing themselves.

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Greg Elliott

Greg Elliott s-a nascut la data de in , Australia.

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