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Foreskin's Lament
The play catches Foreskin at a point of crisis. With one foot in the rarified world of the university and the other in the playing fields of his hometown rugby club, Foreskin (a rugby nickname) begins to find he cannot marry the two worlds. He admires the people in the team for their raw vitality but when these qualities begin to be undermined by personal and team ambition at the sacrifice of the individual and the spirit of the game, Foreskin finds himself unable to move with these changing values.
Me and Robert McKee
A writer and a banker, both Boomers and consummate liars with troubled histories, make a last-ditch attempt for money and redemption through a screenplay: and accidentally achieve the perfect ironic ending. Perfect for anyone who ever tried to write a screenplay - or teach creative writing.
Out In The Cold
Into the male dominated environment of a freezing works' cool-store comes a solo mother disguised as a man, desperate for a little extra money.
This Train I'm On
A lawyer and a writer, friends since childhood, are unable to maintain status quo in the face of marital and professional failure. Each in his own way struggles to survive as their worlds crumble around them. Infidelity, lost love, poetry and the law meet in this dark edged comedy.
Tooth and Claw
Oliver West's apparently successful career stumbles over the relationship between law and morality, legal ethics and social ethics. Love in the form of social responsibility has begun to trouble his mind.
The Rugby Council meets to decide whether the All Blacks should tour South Africa. Targets for comic satire en route include protestors, the Rugby mentality, political rhetoric, Maori pride, gay men, colonialism etc.

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Greg McGee

Greg McGee s-a nascut la data de 1950 in Oamaru, Noua Zeelandă.

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