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Dr. Pussyfinger Says No to Tomorrow
Three actors cram as many James Bond tropes into 80 minutes as humanly possible and hopefully save the world from annihilation at the evil hands of Dr. Pussyfinger. With a budget of one martini this semi-scripted semi-improvised homage recreates all your favourite scenes, characters and gadgets, and guarantees to leave everyone shaken and stirred.
M.A.M.I.L. (Middle Aged Man In Lycra)
Bryan Cook is a property developer who has accumulated a small fortune building leaking homes. He's a stressed out, self-medicating, self-loathing arse, killing himself to increase his bank balance while decreasing his golf score. When his business and life fall apart thanks to the global financial crisis, he joins a men's cycling group to relieve stress and get healthy. Ultimately faced with his own mortality, he makes a few startling discoveries in various cracks and crevices.
Phone A Friend
A hilarious mad mash-up of WALL-E, E.T with a smattering of 4G. The show is written specifically for primary/intermediate years 0-8 and serves as a fantastic foundation for children who aren’t yet totally caught up in our increasingly technology crazed world, but soon will be.
The Big Sad Wolf
Don’t believe everything you read. If you thought the Big Bad Wolf was all about blowing down houses, eating grannies, and being big and bad…think again! This hilarious ‘mash-up’ of all your favourite fairy tales, featuring Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and many more, will tell the true story of this sorry, star-crossed sheep in wolf’s clothing.
The Elves & The Shoemaker
When Ralf the Shoemaker is about to be evicted from his shoe store, it’s up to two mysterious night-elves, Elvis and Priscilla to save the day. The Elves & The Shoemaker is a modern update of the much-loved fairytale complete with songs and some very impressive Blue Suede Shoe dancing.
The Great Rugby Robbery
Riana – a young rugby hopeful – is accidentally entangled in the evil plot of some fed-up former French rugby players (from the RWC 1987 Final) to sabotage the latest RWC Final. Ooh la la! Can Riana save the Webb Ellis Cup from the French? Can she help the All Blacks win Rugby World Cup? Can she do both before the final whistle of this 50 minute show?
The Streaker
Ron Hewlett’s lost his job, his mortgage is overdue and his family’s on the brink of revolt. So when a local radio station offers a million dollars to anyone willing to streak naked at the Super Rugby final, Ron’s got nothing left to lose – except his pants. How far will Ron go for his family? And how far will he get?

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Gregory Cooper

Gregory Cooper s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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